Hug A Tree Today


Trees are innocent and wise at the same time.

They offer us shade and cleanse our air.

Birds dance the quickstep along their branches.

Sometimes possums spit.

At lunch today we did a snap poll on the ways people relax.

Some people watched TV.

Some people chatted online.

Others read or cooked.

The healthy ones did yoga.

The not so healthy ones drank.

All of us agreed that a walk in the park, a spot of weeding, or just sitting in the garden under the trees was a tonic in itself.

So hug a tree today.

It really will lift your mood.

26 thoughts on “Hug A Tree Today

  1. I liked this! If it wasn’t for all the snow I think I would go out and hug a tree! I got your e-mail I looked around but everything seems ok. I think I will make a test comment on my last post to see if it works. It’s the wordpress gremlins at work again!


  2. I’m back – i was able to comment on the last post, instead of a submit comment I have “post comment” – so I don’t know what happened!


  3. LOVE the new look and the new header pic! Very nice on this white wintry day.

    Is that your sweet boy? What a 24K smile!

    I love, love, love trees. I used to tell my ex husband if I died an untimely death, to bury me right under the biggest tree they could find…and that so I might become a part of that tree.


    I just felt like a change blog wise. Glad you like it. I am a fan of trees. Just sitting beneath the spreading branches of a tree for a moment lifts my mood.

    Sometimes we all need a feel good post. I know exactly what you mean!

    The gremlins are out again for sure. I’m glad you got it to work. I’ll try it again shortly.

    I am so glad you liked them. It’s even better if they work. YAY. I’m moving away from my honorary title of techno-dork!

    I used to love getting the sledge out when i lived in the UK. So much fun. But I agree, you can’t beat the garden and the trees!

    That is my boy, Nick. He loves his trees. He was in the middle of doing something when I asked him to be in the photo and he didn’t hesitate. A lot of kids his age (12) have a very strong sense of environmentalism. Hope it’s not too late for them to save the world.

    I would also love to be buried under a tree. To become part of the tree would be a very favourable end to it all.


  5. As someone who has spent more than thirty years in the environmental restoration business, I guess it’s fair to say I got a “thing” for trees (well…all of Nature, actually).

    What a beautiful boy!


  6. JONAS:
    I am sure that you have seen some beautiful sights and some terribly sad ones in your line of work. I’d like to say how grateful I am to you and those like you who attempt to make it better for all of us. Thank you.


  7. Hi S, When you have a chance,please stop by and read the Write a Book Challenge PAGE. I have given credit where credit is due. I also hope you will share your book idea there as well. I’ve got 2 on the burner!!!

    Hugs, G


    I’ll be there shortly. It’s very exciting!!!

    I think it might be. It’s a mutual hugging moment. πŸ˜€


  9. Trees also ground you. They are true friends. πŸ™‚

    I read all the other posts I’ve missed while I’ve been nursing my family back to health, and tomorrow I’m sending my computer in to be overhauled. I’ll be out for about 7-9 days, although I’ve scheduled posts, including an answer about “Why do you blog”, which should come out around Fri night sometime.

    I’m so sorry your friend is going through the changes of ownership to renting her house. Renting sucks. I’ve been renting the past 5 yrs., and it just is not the same. I’m so sorry she has to go through that. I hope she sees many blessings to help boost her during a challenging time.

    I just loved the story of Spring. He sounds like he was a real sweetie. πŸ™‚

    And I hope to have a submission for that delightful prompt before I go offline!


    I hope all the family are feeling much better now. You must be feeling a little tired.

    I’ll look forward to all the posts you have scheduled and hope your computer comes back spick and span.

    Truly, renting does suck. It really isn’t the same. But it is possible to make anywhere your home as long as you have your family and things around you. That’s all the counts in the end.

    Spring was a fantastic dog. I’ll need to check in and see what’s happening with you!!!!


  11. You read in my blog how we saved the tree in Flower Lane, and I think we’re winning the fight to save the trees outside the Central Car Park … they want to put an ugly two-storey car park there.

    I have to admit, I chopped one down the other week … a funereal conifer in my garden that I ‘inherited’ from the previous owner, that was blocking a lot of sunlight into my neigbour’s garden. But, I’m replacing it with a Japanese maple …


    Well, sometimes they do get diseases or other things and have to go. I have a Japanese Maple in my garden. Beautiful trees!!!

    I love ’em too!!


  13. I love nothing more than going out into the garden and working. I even enjoy weeding. Just being out in the fresh air, digging in the earth and planting new life is manna for the soul. I have recently planted about 35 trees. I hope they survive the current heat wave AND water restrictions.


  14. ROMANY:
    Being out in the garden is the best. A friend of mine lives in the Southern Highlands and has an orchard. It is a magical place – the smells, the colours. One day I would love to have an orchard of my own. I hope your lovely trees survive the heat!!


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