Wanna See What’s In My Bag?

I found this meme ages ago and thought I would do it for a laugh today.

It’s all about sharing the contents of your handbag/purse with your fellow bloggers.

Here are the rules:

– Dump the contents of your bag/purse in a pile

– Take a photo of your handbag andย  of its contents

– Explain what lurks inside

– Tag others if you wish to

– Answer 5 questions

Here is my bag –


I want to say that usually I am not into name brands at all but my mum brought me this Tommy Hilfiger bag back from her last trip to San Francisco and it is the best bag ever. Lots of compartments, soft fabric, plenty of space. At first I hated it, but now I love it.

Here are the contents of the bag –


Starting at the top:

* Green shopping bag


* hair clips

Next row:

* Lollies

*One of Nick’s matchbox cars (he’ll be glad to get that back)

* the golden snitch (bet Hogwarts was wondering where that went)



* bag of lucky rocks

Next row:


*Little Britain fridge magnetย  – Yeah But, No But (because you never know when you’ll need to pin something to a fridge)



* ventolin inhaler


* religious medals I found in the street

* mobile phone (so old and crappy it’s like talking into a tin can in a hurricane)

The rest of the stuff:

* lipstick

* Easter chick (because it’s Easter every day where I come from!)

* keys with keyring that says Alaska. The Last Frontier

* goat’s milk soap (don’t ask me why. It does smell nice)

* lovely Zebra card from my friend Lauri in Botswana

* glue stick (because you never can tell when things will fall apart)


1. Describe the contents of your bag/purse….

Some essentials but mostly a lot of stuff that has made me say over and over again : How did that get in there?

2. What’s the most important thing in your bag?

Probably the wallet. No moola, no fun!!!

3. What’s the most embarrassing thing in your bag?

Probably the fridge magnet, followed closely by the Easter chick. Maybe I can explain myself by saying I am a kleptomaniac with a liking for totally unnecessary items.

4. What’s the smallest thing in your bag?

The bits of broccoli left in the shopping bag.

5. Is there anything illegal in your bag?

Yes, but it’s inside my wallet. He he he.

Now that you know even more stuff about me that you didn’t want to know, I ‘d like to tag the following people because I’d love to know what’s in their bags.

Meleah Rebeccah

Ms Karen


Romany Angel



Come on girls, show us what you got!!!

16 thoughts on “Wanna See What’s In My Bag?

  1. VIC:
    Seems crazy doesn’t it? My son had both in the car as a result of something he was doing at school. Things from the car usually get transferred into my bag and stay there for ages. I really need to learn to go through the contents more often. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I think I need a golden snitch in my purse. Now, my purse is going to be disappointing. There really isn’t much in it…


  3. lol – mine would be so boring:

    A wallet

    A brush

    Tube of lipstick

    I used to be a big purse kind of girl in my 20’s, but went to compact size somewhere along the way. Occasionally I’ll swap everything over to a bigger one so I can throw diapers and wipes in there to double for a diaper bag. I think my reason for doing this was watching all these moms with their diaper bags and heavy purses on their shoulders thinking… “I don’t want to be lopsided when I’m 80…..”


    Fun tag!


  4. HA! I recently got a new purse, so the contents are pretty boring. Buuut… I COULD snag my old one and see what I left behind in it…

    But I just looked at the clock and realized that if I don’t get going, I’ll be late for the latest meltdown in the kindergarten classroom.



  5. Okay, I’m feeling totally discriminated against right now because I’m a guy and don’t get to carry a purse.

    No, not really. After all, I could always carry a “man bag”.

    Actually I’d rather not even be asked about the stuff I carry. The things I’d admit to are a total bore and the stuff that’s interesting I’d never mention.

    Let your imagination run wild.


  6. NAT:
    I’m embarrassed I have so much in there. My Mum always says :’Cluttered bag, cluttered mind.’ I think she was right. LOL.

    I remember those huge bags. I thought the same thing. Surely, you end up being lopsided carrying that around day after day. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Prevent that Kindy meltdown at all costs. You can show us later!!!

    Actually, you’re right. This is a very sexist meme. A lot of men carry bags these days now that we’re in the age of the metrosexual. I know a couple of guys who even use moisturiser. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    Surprisingly enough, there was no garbage this time. I was having a clean week!


  7. Oh Selma…do you even know what you’re asking? Huh…I just bought a mammoth bag the other day and haven’t yet had a chance to swap everything over. That means I can cheat right and ditch all the lolly wrappers, old tissues and assorted lint BEFORE I take the photo right?

    My bag is so heavy with all the rubbish I cart around it’s a wonder I’m not in a back brace.

    You’ll feel a lot better about yours when you see mine. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Usually, journalists carry a ‘Correpondent’s Case’ … (called a ‘busy bag’ by my family) sometimes, even, when they’re ‘off duty’, especially if they’re photographers, too.

    What’s in them depends on ‘the job’ … but mine usually contains:

    Notebooks, pens, Netbook, camera, camcorder, voice recorder, business cards, spare memory cards, MP3 player, wet wipes, Swiss Army knife, diary.

    No wonder most of us have a distinct list to either port or starboard! ๐Ÿ˜€


  9. I want a golden snitch in my purse!!! Depending where I am going and what I am doing I can go from teeny tiny purse to a backpack! I pretty much change purses every couple of days – I love them and my favorite are made by “Puma”. I am such a girl! Right now if I would look quickly I have my agenda (have to keep track of all those appointments!), make up, mints, crackers, water bottle, gum, a couple of lip glosses, wallet, EPIPEN, IPOD, cell phone, sunglasses, dental floss, ADVIL and Pepto Bismol.

    Selma, when I saw the glue stick I was trying to figure out what that would be for…


  10. ANTHONY:
    I can see you with one of those nice satchels in a sort of deep brown. Very dashing. ๐Ÿ˜†

    I can’t wait. So looking forward to it!!

    WOW. That’s a little mini-office in there. So professional. I am really impressed.

    Nick was using the glue stick for a last minute thing at school and I took it home with me. Well, it was in the car with me. Next thing – it ended up in my bag. Or I could be someone who glues little notes to buildings as I walk along. Little messages for people in the city. Actually, that would make a really good post….


  11. MELEAH:
    I will look forward to seeing what’s in your purse. I am sure it will be very organised and neat!!!

    I’m just playing around with the look, but cheers! The glue stick is just crazy. The things you find in your bag!


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