And So It Begins

Possibility. The air shifts with it. It is a word only those who wield the greatest magic use.

Usually, there are moments that remind me of everything else.

Not this time.

This time it is different.

Not just for America, but for the world.

Some of you may remember an Aussie band called INXS.

Their singer, Michael Hutchence, often wrote some quite striking lyrics.

This is from their song, Dancing On The Jetty

“Watch the world argue

Argue with itself

Who’s gonna teach me peace and happiness?”

Now I know…….


[Image : ABC NEWS]

29 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. Yes indeed Selma. I ,too , sitting here in Botswana, thought there is something shifting . The speech was magical. He has a way of being firm and forgiving and at the same time making you feel that everything is going to be just fine. That’s something from this perspective where the diamond collapse has everyone on edge.


  2. LAURI:
    I am so excited. It is a wonderful moment in history. What a privilege to be able to witness it!

    They love Obama here. My hubby works in the city and there was a party in the streets today. Amazing!!


  3. It was truly an amazing, history-making day. I am always a “sucker” 😉 for a good ceremony, the water-works start so easily. Watching the swearing-in got me all choked up. Best wishes to Barack and family. I hope they have 4 years of peace, growth and renewal in the beautiful White House.

    Hugs Selma. Lovely tribute here…


  4. I can’t tell you how much I revel in the positive responses to Barack Obama’s inauguration from around the world. America had strayed far from its ideals. We need the support and encouragement of good-hearted people everywhere to help us find our way.


  5. TR:
    A long, cool, refreshing sigh all round!!

    I also love a good ceremony. I was having a little tear too. I share your sentiments!

    It does restore your sense of hope, doesn’t it? Quite incredible!

    Oh absolutely. It is a huge moment in history.

    His global popularity is unprecedented, I think. He has so much to offer. I certainly can’t deny it. Go Mr.O!!!!


  6. Our new president’s strength of character, his compassion, his intelligence gives me hope that the United States can pull out of its troubles and despair and see a much brighter day ahead. My heart overflowed watching President Obama sworn into office and I wept.


  7. Please, please let his words be turned into actions. In Britain, we were fooled by the charming words of Tony Blair … please don’t let him be another Blair!

    I think it says a lot, though, that he insisted on re-taking the oath of office because it got fumbled the first time.


  8. Hi Selma. Your post brought to mind another INXS song.
    “And the sun comes like a God, into our room”
    Times are difficult. Nothing will be resolved immediately, but I’m getting…” A new sensation…A new sensation… Right now !


    Mine too. It rolls so beautifully off the tongue!!

    I am really glad for you. It is such an incredible moment in time!

    I was bawling my eyes out. Loved every minute of it. My sister, who lives in North Carolina and actually campaigned for Obama, kept emailing me, saying “did you see this and did you see that?” It was brilliant!

    I hope he follows through. Only time will tell, I guess.

    Hutchence really did write a great lyric, didn’t he? What about ‘Never Tear Us Apart’? That song gets me every time….

    Hope’s back. And she’s riding up a storm!!!


  10. As someone who campaigned for many months for now-President Obama(I just looooooooooooove saying PRESIDENT Obama!!), I can tell you, the battle was loooooooong, but sooooo worth it.
    Even the air seems crisper, and the mood–even in the somewhat-still-red-state(it’s very conservative in most of this state) of Georgia, is happier…People are smiling more. Even in this incredibly rocky economy, people are focusing on the “brighter side” of things. This single event has been a truly empowering thing.
    Props to your sister, for her support, Selma!


  11. ANTHONY:
    I hope so. But of course, you never really do know for sure. I remain confident.

    Definitely. Perhaps this is a catalyst for change for all of us!

    My sister had an Obama poster on her front window and it was egged many times, but she pushed on. She has never been so passionate about an election. In previous elections her reaction was always :’I don’t care who gets in. Politicians are all the same. Whatever.’ But this time it was different. Noticeably so. I am proud she got so involved.

    it’s certainly a lovely place to live. You never know what might happen….

    I think I am, but I’ll join you in that prayer!!


  12. It is so wonderful to see people all around the world has gained as much hope for the future through our new president as most of us Americans have. I was not particularly in favor of Obama for many months, was more of a Hillary Republican, but I do hope and pray he can help turn us around.


  13. I have to come back and respond, even though it’s old news. Your response to mine cracked me up – I confess reading your post and blinking, thinking, “I have no response for this.”
    Maybe that’s what I should have said. Thank you for not taking offense. 🙂


    You know, hon, I think too many people let differing views come between them. I don’t like when that happens. You are a friend of mine and that’s the way it is. And you are entitled to express your opinion. No worries whatsoever!


  15. Remember Voltaire? :

    ‘I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it’


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