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There is a blogger from the UK I have recently started reading. I enjoy her insights and in particular, her fiction. Vic from Little Bits was interviewed recently by one of her fellow bloggers and asked if anyone was interested in being interviewed by her. I thought it would be fun, so I said I would.

Here are her five questions –

1. Best book you ever read and why?

This is a hard one. There are so many. There is a book that sticks in my mind all the time, though, because the writing is extraordinary. It is The Little Friend by Donna Tartt.Β  Donna Tartt is a much lauded writer and her first novel The Secret History has been published in over 20 languages. It was rumoured she received a one million dollar advance for The Little Friend yet many people claim to not like it as much as her first novel.

I think it is an outstanding novel. It is a mystery novel, but to me the plot is secondary to the wonderful characters. The family of eccentric aunts and the main character, 12-year old, Harriet, could have been formed by Harper Lee herself. I love this novel and think Tartt is a genuis.

It was a fast, fresh, airy day. Low clouds raced across the sky. The grass – which needed cutting….was sprinkled with violets…..and the wind rippled through it in erratic currents and eddies like wind on the sea. Wisteria tendrils undulated from the screen porch, delicate as seaweed. (p.57)

2. When and why did you last have butterflies in your stomach?

Last night as I was thinking about my boy starting a new school. But like most attacks of the butterflies, I was worrying about nothing. I have found it’s when I don’t worry, when I’m complacent, that the bad things happen.

3. Christmas chocolates or Easter?

CHRISTMAS. There are Aussie chocolates called Cadbury Favourites that I buy every year at Christmas. I have been known to eat the whole box. I also love chocolate-coated peanuts and sultanas. Mhmmmmm.

4. Why is self-expression so important?

For so many reasons.

Because it allows us –

To truly know ourselves.

To make sense of the world.

To experience pleasure. To experience pain.

To celebrate creativity.

To emphasize the importance of individuality over conformity.

To continue to believe in dreams.

5. Why do doctors leave the room when you change if they’re going to see you naked anyway?

They leave the room so they can press the record button on their video camera or else watch you through the peephole they have made in the enormous print of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers that hangs in their office. Or maybe they are giving you the chance to hide your granny undies (the only ones that were clean) in your handbag.

That was fun. Thanks, Vic.

Vic also gave me this award which I am really touched about.


Thanks again!!!

If anyone would like to be interviewed by me, please feel free to say so in the comments. That would be a lot of fun!

17 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything

  1. The words on self-expression are excellent. As for butterflies in the stomach, I’ve had them quite often when posting something that is sure to get people going.


  2. i love it. oh, yes, i want to interview you at some point! i am going to check out that book…loved the excerpt and love Harper Lee. is it still hot>>>


  3. I’m glad your son’s first day went OK.

    I had butterflies this morning when I went off to meet three Twitterers for the first time. I almost walked straight past the pub. But I didn’t and it was lovely to see them. But yes, I think you are right – things go wrong when you least expect them to, not when you anticipate it.


    I know what you mean. There is that moment, isn’t there, where you go ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’ You usually present quite a balanced view, however, so I don’t think you have that much to worry about.

    You should read some Donna Tartt. Really good stuff. It’s still hot. The temps aren’t quite as high, but it’s very humid.

    I get nervous meeting new people too. It can be very daunting. I’m glad it all went well for you.

    I had a weird situation in a doctor’s office once. It was about 20 years ago and I had a shocking case of tonsilitis. I felt half dead and could barely talk. The doctor was a bit pervy looking and handed me a gown saying I should take all my clothes off. For tonsilitis in the middle of winter. I was so shocked I threw up on his shoes!!

    Hahaha. I have the odd pair, truth be told!!!


  5. One Lovely Blog Award…?

    A bit obvious don’t you think Selma? I mean it’s not hard to see that there was only one blog award… lovely or otherwise… I may be a bear, but gosh, I can count you know.

    A bit demeaning I think… pointing out the obvious like that.

    One lovely blog award… it’s not like you had dozens there and we needed assistance in determining just how many there was. You know, we aren’t all here thinking to ourselves… “Gosh, that’s a lot of blog awards Selma has there… I wonder how many there are… oh look, it says 24 Lovely Blog Awards…. ah that was helpful.”

    No I’m sorry Selma, pointing out the bleeding obvious was entirely unnecessary. One blog award… big deal.

    P.S. Perhaps you might like to revise your thoughts on self expression now. Well self expressing bears at least… tehe.


  6. I’m thinking of the Michael Parkinson/Muhammad Ali interview of years ago. Ali had recently written his autobiography, and, to just about every question Parky asked him, he replied ‘Read my book!’


  7. I’m always tempted to participate in these things but other people asking me questions makes me nervous. But you’re not other people, you’re Selma, so I’m game.

    Loved your answers especially the last one. I’ve always wondered the same thing myself.


  8. One of the most interesting interviews I’ve read in a while. I saw one with the new dope in charge of my company and couldn’t stand it after about 2 paragraphs. And that was supposed to be about “important” stuff. I’d rather hear your opinions about things that aren’t supposed to matter, like creativity and favorite books, any day.

    Feel free to interview me any time. I love talking about myself and holding forth on my opinions ad nauseum. Who doesn’t?


  9. BEAR:
    You know, you’re right. I should have gotten the 24 Lovely Blogs Award. What’s up with the one?? Self-expressing bears are the best kind!!

    Hahaha. That vomit must be well-crusted by now!!

    I remember that interview. It drove me crazy towards the end. It was only surpassed by the Meg Ryan interview. What a nightmare that was!

    It will be my pleasure to come up with some pertinent questions for you. I’ll email you soon!

    My former boss did an interview on radio last year and it was just about the most boring thing I have ever heard. Some people really just have nothing to say for themselves. It will be my pleasure to interview you. Now you’ve got me thinking…..


  10. I’m game for a few questions if you like. πŸ˜‰

    The doctor one got me rolling. It made me laugh when they were trying to keep me “decent” while I was giving birth.



  11. ROSHAN:
    Ooooh, I’ll need to come up with some good ones for you. I’m on it!!

    I think staying decent while giving birth is fairly impossible. I adopted a few positions a contortionist would be proud of. That is a funny story. I will come up with some well-considered questions for you. What fun!

    Self-expression is important, especially in these difficult times. We’ve got to stay in touch with who we are.

    Glad to provide a giggle. It’s not all glamour and diamond-studded G-strings in the city of Sydney, let me tell you. πŸ˜†


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