Honesty Is Such A Lonely Word

Gel very kindly bestowed on me the Honest Scrap Award.


Thanks very much, Gel!!

In return for the award I have to write 10 honest and interesting facts about myself.

Mmmm, where to begin…..

1. I don’t like it when people talk about me, even if it is well meaning, especially if they say things like :’I am really worried about you so I was talking about you with so and so the other day.’ I don’t like the state of my life being pondered by people I barely know.

2. I nursed an orphaned baby wombat back to health when I was 16. It was during the school holidays so I could be with him all day long. I didn’t tell my Mum because I know she wouldn’t have approved. He slept in my closet at night. Trouble is, wombats like to dig and can actually dig through carpet and floorboards. The floor of my closet was full of holes. I told my Mum we had termites!

3. I was the Spelling champion in High School for 6 years running. They called me Little Dic (a bit cheeky, I know), short for Dictionary. My favourite word to get me over the line and beat Marybeth Yates who thought she was all that, was verisimilitude.

4. I lied to a priest when I was 7. In the confessional booth. I hadn’t committed any really good sins and with my penchant for drama and an urge to repent I told him I had stolen Louise MacDonald’s brand new ladybird pencil case. He made me say two Our Fathers and four Hail Marys. Louise lost the pencil case four days later.

5. I am good at keeping secrets. I have some secrets in my cache of secrets that are 20 years old.

6. I like a lot of arthouse films but sometimes watch more mainstream romantic flicks like Knocked Up and really enjoy them. However, I would never dare tell my film buff friends. They would scoff.

7. I am really interested in other people’s fetishes. I love to hear about people who sniff shoes or steal underwear off washing lines. I think I have a fetish about fetishes.

8. Every week I read the Adult Services Classifieds in the back of the local paper. I wonder which ones are made up and which ones are real. My favourite this week is:

Aussie Katherine

Guaranteed affection

Supermodel looks

Busty and playful

9. I hate it when interior designers on TV (or in real life) go on about what a fabulous space this is. It’s a room, goddamn you, it’s a room.

10. Sometimes when I read the work of my fellow bloggers (especially their fiction and poetry) I am blown away by how good it is and I get a little tear in my eye then spend all night wishing they would get the recognition they deserve.

Anyone else feel like revealing some interesting and honest tidbits today? Please accept this award if you do!!

25 thoughts on “Honesty Is Such A Lonely Word

  1. Busty and playful….. that sounds kind of sweet, like a golden lab puppy.
    As for interior designers, we hate ‘wow’ factor. Try mediocre w**k factor, that’s more honest.


  2. KATE:
    It does sound playful, doesn’t it? LOL.
    What about ‘This space has real WOW factor?’ I might have an apoplexy on that one!!


  3. >>It’s a room, goddamn you, it’s a room.<<

    I feel the same … that thing in my garden is a FOUNTAIN, not a ‘water feature’.

    But, I do like the fact that Australian estate agents usually sell and rent homes, rather than houses.


  4. A few thoughts:

    1) That’s probably because most people take pleasure in other’s failures and problems. Schadenfreude.

    2) Reminds me of that scene in Pink Floyd’s The Wall movie in which a child Pink tries to save a dying rat’s life. That always got to me.

    3) Spell check is where it’s at for me.

    6) I know how that is.

    9) I remember when I heard a guy refer to his bedroom as his “sleeping space”. Ever since I’ve felt compelled to pronounce “space” with a extremely heavy lisp – like Syvester the cartoon cat – when it’s being used in a context like that. “Open space”, “green space”, etc. It’s my way of pouring contempt on that particular word usage.



  5. Does everyone lie to priests at confession? The one at school kept saying and… and… and… a bit more I was copping to covetting my neighbours wife.


  6. Knocked Up!!! Really??? Haven’t seen it but looks like that stuff that 12 yo boys would like. But who am I to talk — i like South Park!

    a wombat!!! Really???? I’d be freaked out. Did you return him to the wild? Did your mum really believe it
    was termites??/

    btw, i’m praying for y’all out there. i cannot believe that someone intentionally set fire….i’m so sorry.


    Oh, the water feature gets me too. That has given me a good giggle. 😀

    And then there’s the break-up version –
    ‘I need more space…’ What is it with all the space?

    It’ll be my pleasure to do your meme.

    I haven’t thought of The Wall for years, but you’re absolutely right. And the use of space is far too ubiquitous for my liking. LOL.

    Totally with you on that one. It is something I do get huffy about. I guess I’d rather people spoke to me rather than about me!

    Oh, you’ve cracked me up with that one. HAHAHA. I used to go through the ten commandments and see which ones I’d broken before going to confession. I almost confessed to adultery once, even though I didn’t know what it was and I was only 7. Somehow I think I was missing the point….

    It was actually a good movie. I was prepared to hate it but I liked it. I am a HUGE fan of South Park. I can quote tracts of it. I love its irreverence. Cartman is without doubt, my favourite character. LOVE it!

    I did return my little Snuffy to the wild. A wildlife rescue service helped me. I bawled my eyes out but he just joined the other wombats, happy as Larry. I think my Mum did know…..
    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    I absolutely feel the same way about you. One day, my dear friend, we’ll have our moment in the sun!!!!

    Boy ,do I have some mouldy old secrets for you. I’ll pop over.

    You should have seen him. He was adorable. It was impossible not to fall in love with him. I wanted to keep him forever but he belonged in the wild. Such a little darling.


  8. Caring for a wombat is just how I envision you!
    Now the fetish about fetishes part is intriguing! What is one person’s fetish can be another’s norm. Not that I have any fetishes…
    You were so open here. Love it.
    Yes, it IS a room!
    I’m a keeper of secrets, too. In fact, a magnet I think.


  9. I loved that you nursed a wombat and told your mother you had termites, that you had lied to a priest and I think the same way about #10 when I read your blog!


  10. GEL:
    That’s what I mean about the fetishes. What’s normal to one is abnormal to another. So intriguing. I really enjoyed doing this. It was fun. Looks like you and I have many secrets hidden away. One day when I know it’s safe I’ll turn them into stories.

    Can you believe I lied to a priest? The audacity. 😆
    I think I was too cheeky for my own good.

    You would have done it too. I know you would. I couldn’t have lived with myself if I’d left him all alone. Wombats are my favourite Australian animal!!!


  11. Joe and I pride ourselves with being very honest and forthright people. Unfortunately, it is a lonely place to be, on too many days. There was a doc. on CBC the other night about liars. According to the commentary, we ALL lie. I do not agree. I don’t lie and I don’t consider not saying anything, a lie, when it’s to save a person’s feelings from being hurt. To me, lying is an absolute untruth told intentionally.

    Hugs, G


  12. Aw Selma, I love the wombat story. Did he make a lot of noise at night or did he quietly go to sleep? Somehow I imagine they would be noisy little devils and snorers…did he snore?


  13. I have only one secret left, and I did tell my husband it. It’s about my mother – she has asked I never share it. However, when I die, it will be in my memoirs because it DOES directly have to do with me. So no, I will not take it to my grave. It’s something I wish I could speak out about now, but out of respect for her, I can’t.

    Number 9 about the interior decorators cracked me up. It’ reminds me of A Knight’s Tale where he says, “It’s called a LANCE, HELLOOOO.” “It’s called a ROOOOM, HELLLOOOO.” *snicker*

    Number 10 – you’re a gem. 🙂


    I agree with your definition of lying. I think I read that study too. I try not to lie and always admit when I’m wrong but sometimes I will stretch the truth to spare someone’s feelings. Bad habit of mine.

    He sort of snuffled like a child does when they have a blocked nose. So I called him Snuffy. Such a dear wee thing!!

    Some secrets weigh heavy on me, I must admit. I wish I could tell them but the promise I made to the giver of the secrets binds me.

    That is funny about ‘The Knight’s Tale.’ You are definitely a gem yourself!!


  15. KAYT:
    You would have done the same thing. I can’t save every animal in the world but I can do something to help the ones who come across my path. You should have seen him Kayt – beyond adorable!


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