My life has gone to the dogs this week. Literally.

My neighbour’s dogs have been barking non stop. These particular neighbours and I no longer get on. It was all due to me not being able to cope with the all-night parties their three twentysomething kids (who still live at home) had while they were on holiday over the Christmas period. I know it’s odd and selfish of me, but at 4AM I actually like to go to sleep.

Anyhoo, the dogs are barking now. Howling. Clawing at the fence when I hang out the washing. It is what I imagine the Hound of the Baskervilles must have sounded like on the moors, except there is no Sherlock Holmes to save the day.

Nick calls them Cujo One and Cujo Two. He believes he has seen them frothing at the mouth. He suspects they might have rabies.

I have asked my neighbours to do something about it but they just look at me blankly. That is their passive agressive way of telling me they hate me.

I have tried to go all Dog Whisperer on the dogs. Shouting over the fence in a calm, assertive tone that I am the pack leader and they should listen to me. Nick has said in a very authentic Cesar Millan impression that he is not being mean, he is dominating.

It may surprise you to know they are still barking.

Two of my other neighbours had enough this afternoon. There was a lot of shouting and door slamming. The dogs were quiet for about four hours but started barking again when their owners went out. I am keeping fit by running out into the backyard and banging on the fence with a broomhandle.

I think on Monday I’ll be calling the Council.

19 thoughts on “GONE TO THE DOGS

  1. You SHOULD go to the Council! Neighborhoods and buildings are supposed to be domiciles for ALL the residents, not just the ones with annoying pets. Good for you for trying to handle it with your neighbors before ratting them out, but there comes a point when you have to stand up for yourself in order to live in peace. Good luck with that . . . I’m looking forward to seeing how things go!


  2. I always feel sorry for the dogs in these cases. Sounds like they aren’t being well taken care of if they bark and bark. Frustration sets in for them when their needs are being met.

    Neighbours from hell, yes…I remember it well. The stories I could tell you Sel, enduring disasters on both sides of where I lived for YEARS because I loved my house so much at the time and didn’t want to have to move. Peace finally came about but not until some mighty hassles and many phone calls on my part. And many, MANY sleepless nights.

    Good luck Sel, sending good vibes your way. Hugs, G


  3. >>He believes he has seen them frothing at the mouth. He suspects they might have rabies.<<

    I think that’s a good case for calling the RSPCA … or even the police.


  4. OH my….that is horrible. I too feel sorry for the dogs. I fear they will get hurt by someone annoyed by the barking — like someone poisoning them or the like. It is not their fault. Don’t those owners know that??? ANd where are the owners when the dogs bark like that!?!?!? Surely they cannot sleep through it. I’m so sorry, Selma.
    Would sending anonymous muzzles from America help????


  5. sounds like everyone’s suffering in this equation except the neighbours.

    I’d call bylaw or animal control for sure, it’s just not right.


    It’s true – there does come a time when you have to stand up for yourself. Not saying anything can lead to weeks, maybe months of misery. I love dogs and I hate to complain, but them barking like that just isn’t right.
    I am really glad you visited. Nice to meet you!

    I also feel sorry for the dogs. They are big dogs in a tiny back yard. Sometimes they are left alone for 12 hours at a time. It’s not fair on them.
    Neighbours from hell – tell me about it. I am thinking of learning the bagpipes or the tuba just to get them back. 😉

    The rabies part is Nick’s overdramatising of the situation, but I have seen them frothing at the mouth. They are extremely aggressive. I shudder to think what would happen if they got out into the street and a little kid was walking by.

    Sometimes the owners are out but sometimes they are actually there. I don’t know how they stand it. The Council were called about a year ago by someone else. Now it’s my turn!

    Thanks for those links. I can see my neighbours could be in trouble with this one. Mostly, I’m concerned for the dogs.

    It isn’t right. No one minds the odd bark here and there, but 24/7 is too much to bear. I’m going to start howling at the moon at this rate. 😀


    I realise we have met before. It’s L, isn’t it? I think we originally met through one of the writers sites – maybe Writers Island. It’s been too long. How have you been?


  8. Oh my gosh, I would be having an absolute cow if I were you. I love-love-love all animals, and L’arango is right that it isn’t the dogs’ fault, but I treasure quiet at home like nothing else. I don’t know how you’ve stood it.


  9. Oh my…. that would drive me insane. I wouldn’t have lasted as long as you! I go nuts if Bexar is barking for 2 min. – I can’t imagine such irresponsible people like that!


    I truly sympathise. It is so unpleasant to put up with constant barking and leads to a great deal of resentment. I’ll let you know if I come up with a solution.

    I actually have a strong tolerance for noise, coming from a noisy, musical family; but also from 15 years of being a teacher. Let me tell you, some of those classrooms are noisy. However, I am like you – I just want a bit of peace and quiet when I’m at home. Is it too much to ask? *wistful sigh*

    It’s not on, is it? The irony is, I am sure they would complain if we made a lot of noise. They’ll be sorry when I get my bagpipes. 😉


  11. I don’t know how things work in your area but in mine people get into trouble pretty quickly for lack of animal control. Call the council or the cops because chances are there are laws about this sort of thing.


  12. that would drive me INSANE and it reminds me of a Seinfeld episode when Elaine couldn’t get the dog next door to stop barking. She hired Newman to ‘get rid of him’. LOL


  13. ANTHONY:
    It is a total drag. Hopefully, it will stop soon.

    I’ve called the Council and am not sure if they have done anything yet. I might be imagining it, but the dogs do seem quieter. Here’s hoping…

    I remember that episode. It was hilarious. I just love Seinfeld. The other day I saw that episode where George leaves a message on his girlfriend’s machine that he later regrets and he and Jerry go over to her place and try to erase it. It is so funny I almost wet myself. 😀


  14. Ack…annoying dogs with thoughtless owners. Been there, done that. Ugh!

    In our case, they finally moved out. Hope you find a peaceful solution soon!


  15. Good Lord, I hope this gets resolved soon. It may be a strange suggestion, but you could do what I did once:
    Offer a few toys to the neighbors for their dogs, if they will allow it. I know you’re probably thinking, why would I “reward” them with toys for their dogs? But I’m not suggesting a “reward”, just a practical(although only temporary) solution. If the dogs have toys, they’ll keep busy.
    (NO rawhides, as that must be supervised, or the dogs could choke), A “kong”(about $4 american dollars–I do not know the equivalent amount in Australia) can be filled with peanut butter or some cheese, and the dogs will spend all day trying to retrieve the food from within–they must sniff and lick(impossible to bark while doing so!) to get to it. After a few hours of this, they’ll be very tired. And hopefully, they’ll go to sleep! 🙂

    And yes–call the Council, too!! Good Luck, Selma.


  16. GROOVY:
    I wish ours would move out. I’d be dancing in the streets. Here’s hoping!!!

    The dogs have been better. I know a few other neighbours called the Council. It’s a shame people just can’t act with a bit of courtesy in the first place!


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