Just One Little Hour For Earth

As twilight fell I saw a solitary bird perched on top of a telegraph post. He looked like he was painted there so still was he. The sky draped behind him in dark pink and periwinkle waves.

I wondered about him on his own. Was he experiencing loneliness? Or did he need some time out from the nattering of the flock? Maybe he wanted to drink in the remains of the day.

He knew the ways of the world, that bird. I could tell. He could throw together metaphors we humans haven’t even thought of yet.

Once, when the glory of flight went to his head he might even have attempted the secret quest of all birds – to fly amidst the stardust. He might even have got close to making it – soaring, ascending, transcending into the inky navy satin darkness; feeling like he was a god among birds, a veritable phoenix.

Inevitably, he would have been forced to descend to earth; taking comfort in the trees, the flowers, the nourishing seeds, the companionship of a warm wing. He would have skimmed the edges of sea and sky until his feathers absorbed the blue; a creature not just of the trees, but of the entire earth.

On this Earth Hour when the lights go out all over the world, that lone bird might poke his head out from under his wing in the maple tree he calls home and notice that the stars are glittering. Dreams might be rekindled. Hope might flare in his tiny heart that maybe these humans who can never understand his ethereal metaphors might be on the road to getting it right.

Please celebrate Earth Hour.


It’s worth it.

22 thoughts on “Just One Little Hour For Earth

  1. just imagine the metaphors a bird could come up with. they must have 100 different words for “flight”, just like the eskimo tribes and “snow”.


  2. That was beautiful, and my dear, I do believe you’ve been taking metaphor lessons from the birds, because those were wonderful.

    We’ll be joining the party and shutting down this evening. All the offspring will be gone, so Killer and I will have a quiet, candle-lit hour to ourselves.


  3. Very beautiful story to enjoy Sel.

    We are IN for Earth Hour! Here’s to a billion people participating. 🙂 Voting with a light switch.

    Hugs, G


  4. It’ll be dark at my place in Chicago. For the birds, and the bunnies, and the deer, and the trees, and the oceans, and all other manner of anything related to my beloved Gaia.


  5. Beautiful, as so many of your posts 🙂 Thank you Selma.

    We too will be shutting off our lights for an hour. The kids are excited to drag out the flashlights.


  6. Hello from SpeedyCat ! … I have to say that turning off lights is nice, but most use 10 times the power I do, and drive cars / trucks that are not getting high mileage. Seems a bit like a go green sticker on an SUV.


  7. JASON:
    You know, they probably do. I remember reading about all the Eskimo words for snow. So incredible.

    Hope you enjoyed your evening of peace and quiet. I actually really enjoyed the quiet. We played cards by candlelight (I lost, of course). Nick has become very good at poker. I think he was hustling me!

    Turning off lights for an hour may not seem like much, but every little bit helps to raise awareness. I am all for it.

    That would be a nice result, indeed!

    You are the best. XXX

    Isn’t it funny how much the kids love it? Nick went around the house lighting all the candles, dubbing himself the Lightmaster. He wants to do it every night!

    Thanks, my dear friend!

    That is true to a certain extent, but I do think every little bit helps to raise awareness. Those SUVs are a blight on the landscape, for sure. They are so dangerous on our narrow city streets. Make their owners take the bus, I say!


  8. Do you know, I haven’t seen any mention of ‘Earth Hour’ over here? Although I did recently read an article about how people knew and learnt more, because, with the availability of light, reading no longer necessarily stopped when darkness fell.

    However, I am strongly against unnecessary light; I’m having an issue with the Council at the moment as to why our street lighting is on all night, even though we’re in a quiet, dead-end street … and one of the lamps shines right through our bedroom window.


  9. It was encouraging to see quite a few lights uphill last night, switching off at 8:30. We drank some wine and sang in the dark LOL. Actually, true! 😉

    Hope you have an extra-special, simple wonderful, scrumdillyious week, Sel. How’s that for a wish!!!

    Hugs dear, G


    It was very peaceful. We all really enjoyed it.

    They say the greatest amount of energy usage comes from the CBD and all the lights in offices and shops left on overnight. I would be annoyed about the streetlight shining into the bedroom. Good luck with the Council. I know how slow they are to act.

    That sounds like a great way to spend Earth Hour. Nick went through a stage of saying scrumdiddlyumpcious. I think it was after he saw Mary Poppins. LOL.


  11. I would have observed it but it was my birthday and we were out at a restaurant – so I guess we kind of did in that our lights were all off.

    The birds here are very noisy. British birds are much quieter!!!!


  12. At first I thought Earth Day was enough, until I learned about the lights out thing. That’s something that actually helps the earth, so I think it’s worth doing.

    Birds are always nice to see. Some people are bothered by all the pidgeons around here but I like them. My sister is an avid bird watcher, which surprises the hell out of people because you’d never know.


  13. ANTHONY:
    Too right!!

    Hope you had a lovely birthday. You’re right, the Aussie birds are quite noisy. LOL.

    Things like that are very tricky with babies. Your baby will probably enjoy it when he or she is older. Thanks so much for visiting!

    Happy Earth Hour, hon!!!

    Not to worry. To be honest, I would have missed it too if not for my son!


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