God Is A Bullet Point

There are days when only bullet points will do –

  • thank you to everyone who gave me such support regarding the post I wrote about my mother. Part of me feels guilty for writing it in the first place, but I needed to get it out
  • I have been a bit flat for the last few days. We never really stop needing or wanting our parents approval, do we?
  • I just think life is too short for petty disputes. They waste so much time. I wish pettiness was a punishable offense.
  • My son got all As (and a B in Art) on his first High School Report Card. His primary school teacher from last year told me he would probably fail High School due to lack of application and laziness. I feel like sending her a copy of the report(but that would make me petty, wouldn’t it? Haha)
  • After attending the Parent/Teacher Interviews last night it has reinvigorated by belief in public education. Yes, there are teachers out there who give a damn!
  • I have realised there are a lot of good people out there (in blogging and non-blogging land) and I am grateful to have them in my life
  • It is so wonderful to sit in the garden watching the birds, letting the sun soak in
  • Writing and movies do a lot to soothe a savage heart
  • Chocolate should be listed as one of the greatest discoveries in the history of the Earth, ever!!

I think I love bullet points. Such a handy way to organise cluttered thoughts.

However, normal posting (bullet point free) will begin anon.

Hope you’ve all had a good week.

24 thoughts on “God Is A Bullet Point

  1. I’d rather you used a numbered list then my response would stay in order and be easier to relate back to the points… but here goes anyway.

    Yes there are some very dedicated people.
    When I do that the bird poop soaks in.
    You’ve written a movie? Well done.
    And that need doesn’t necessarily cease after their passing.
    I missed that post… sorry.
    It would be petty.
    Send it anyway.
    Can I punish you?
    Chocolate coated Bears are on the top of that list list.

    Keep happy Selma.


  2. The great dicovery was that chocolate can be sweetened. Unsweetened chocolate is very bitter.
    🙂 DavidM


  3. As a staunch believer in government education I am completely with you. There is something slightly distasteful to me about private schools, must be my working class background.

    Yeah to your son!!! BIG Congrats! And you were worried for him. Just goes to show you how much of a waste of time worrying is.

    Chocolate is supposed to be drank, bitter, with chillies in it if we are to be true to its roots.


  4. I’m not sure I should admit this: even though I’ve had a computer since 1993, I still don’t really know what a “bullet” is or how to use it. Would not mind at all if someone would explain it, but I have an idea the explaination should be simple enough for a six-year old to understand. makpoet@aol.com


  5. I’m not a great fan of bullet points … they remind me too much of the dreaded ‘Death by Powerpoint’, where some corporate neddy uses them as a framework for rambling on for hours about stuff you knew already.

    But, they also make me think of the Monty Python ‘Spanish Inquisition’ sketch ‘Our two main weapons are fear, surprise, and the authority of the Pope … our THREE main weapons are … oh, Hell! Let’s go out and do it again, shall we?’

    b), 2 and secondly … 😀


  6. Are you kidding me! Send a copy of that puppy to that primary school teacher poste haste. Petty-shmetty! That kind of an opportunity is the Universe’s way of saying, “Go ahead, have a little fun. You – and your son – have earned it!”

    Oh, how I long for a garden…or a beach…nature…

    …and as far as your mom. It will be okay, Selma. I know your head knows this, but just gently remind your heart that your mom is behaving in the only way she knows.


  7. Such a good list Sel. Yes, the sun always shines, whether we notice it or not. Yes, there are some VERY good teachers out there (I met so many on one of my previous jobs as Education Officer for the Humane Society), yes it’s great when we can prove a negative person was wrong (re: your son’s report card, yahoooo….) and YES chocolate IS the world’s greatest invention.

    As far as positive, encouraging people, I never have to go further than Sel’s place to find the very best example of one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. 😉

    Hugs, G


  8. I agree with Stephanie – do send that nasty elem. teacher a copy of your son’s report card. Nothing makes me angrier than arrogant teachers who spew such dire pronouncements on children – history has shown us how very often they are wrong.

    I liked your bullet point post, and found some good stuff listed there – especially chocolate. Nothing cures a funk like a bit of good chocolate! 🙂 I could so relate to your struggles with your Mom and yes, no matter how old we become we still long for our parent’s affirmation. Personal victory comes in attaining the awareness that we are good and we are successful, whether we ever hear it from them or not.


  9. Sometimes it’s not that the rose isn’t capable of blooming, but that it can’t bloom in the environment it is planted in. That’s what your son’s success says to me – some people completely ruin the environment… like your son’s ex-teacher. I wouldn’t send the report card to her though – I would send it to the school board (or however it works with your school systems). That woman should NOT be teaching children. Is that petty? I don’t think so – she is still in a position of power to mold young minds – frightening.

    Bullet points are awesome – sometimes it has more impact to not put the extras on. My oldest daughter is very much a bullet point kind of girl at times – just say it and let’s move on. It’s refreshing. I find this post very informative, yet personal. Perfect.

    I wonder if the innate need for approval from parents stems from the need of God’s approval, our ultimate father… of course, then that would require us to believe in God, which, of course, not all do. So if God does exist (which I believe) and this is true, then I wonder if perhaps your title is more profound than we think – He is THE bullet point.

    Hmmmm… interesting thoughts you provoke in my head today….. and I meant to be light and facetious. Alas, no. Well, except the chocolate. Which, after having some for the first time in two years (temporary allergy), I have to say…



  10. hey selma, honestly i’m glad i read this post before the one about yr mom. that stuff hits really close to home, and that crazy need for parental approval doesn’t seem to ever go away, even for those of us who CONSCIOUSLY CONSTRUCTED OUR LIVES TO NEVER GET THAT APPROVAL. nuts, isn’t it? yr list was life affirming. i’m with stephanie – send a copy, and let yr son seal the envelope.


  11. Bullet points are cool. I would add beer to be another one of the greatest discoveries in the history of the Earth, ever!! For hot days like now, I need beer. Gonna get some tomorrow.


  12. Hooray for your son!!

    Do you know how many really gifted people have been branded as lazy and not applying themselves? Simply because they’re bored and the teacher is frustrated in his or her inability to find the method that the child learns best by?

    Good for him, and good for you.

    I can’t tell you enough how marvelous you are, and I’m so glad you are wise enough to take the time to soak up the sun to recharge.


  13. I’ve shared my natural distrust for teachers before… good ones are few and far between. Glad the boy got some good ones. (And a big high five well done for him.)


  14. I’m glad to hear about your son’s good marks. Yes there are alot of good people in the blogosphere. Some , including you Selma , help keep me going…Thanks


  15. Bullet Points RULE.I have done my share of those kinds of posts.

    “I have been a bit flat for the last few days. We never really stop needing or wanting our parents approval, do we?”
    Sadly, No.

    CONGRATS to your son for doing such a fabulous job in school!


  16. I love the bullet point! I should do that! I have too many cluttered thought in my little head right now that’s why I haven’t really been around – battling my own demons right now – you know what I mean!

    Anyways I am so proud of your son but I would have liked for him to have an A in art (art being my favorite subject LOL) Good for him for doing good and I would mail a copy to that teacher I had that happen to me once too and believe me I went back and showed the teacher my university diploma. I remember saying to her that although she thought I was not university material and was wasting my time applying not only did I get accepted I graduated with honors! I seriously can’t wait to get back to school in September – I think that is the only thing that is still keeping me going and sane!


  17. I’ve had a rethink…

    DON’T send a copy of the report to that teacher… she will only see it as confirmation that, despite a student’s shortcomings, she still managed to get him up to the high standard needed for success at High School. When it’s clear to all of us that he achieved the high standard despite her and her lack of effort to help him.


  18. First, Congrats to you and your son. That teacher from long ago who was ridiculously WRONG, as well as hateful, was showing more about herSELF than any true commentary on your son. God Bless You, Selma. Your magical writing is once again, uplifting–you have a great ability to “bounce back”. Stay healthy and resilient. Oh yeah, about chocolate–what you said.
    I’m getting back to checking in with you, daily. Feels good!


  19. BEAR:
    I will always keep happy getting comments from you. And you’re right – chocolate coated bears are the best, I do love a caramello koala ( and yes, I know that technically a koala isn’t a bear, but well, you know what I mean….)

    I do like a bit of a bullet point myself. Sort of efficient and orderly – keen on getting the job done!!

    Totally with you. It’s my working class background too. The least we can do as a society is provide our children with a good, free education. I’ll probably be accused of being a socialist for saying that, but there you have it.

    I had chilli in chocolate once and it was surprisingly nice. Don’t know if I’d make a habit of eating it, though. 😯

    Bullet points or dot points are itemised indented material. They are usually used to list things or emphasize things. A lot of people use them in an office setting when highlighting items. Office memos often read in this way –
    Procedure For Ordering Office Supplies:
    • check supplies cupboard
    •Fill out acquisition form
    •Send part A to Supply Room
    •Send part B to office manager
    The dots before each item are the bullet points.
    I only know what they are because a former boss of mine was mad about bullet points. He used them so much they lost their impact!

    I do love the Spanish Inquisition sketch. We are all Monty Python mad in this house. My favourite skit at the moment is the Twit Races. Have you seen that one? Hilarious.


  20. STEPH:
    I long for the ultimate. A garden by the beach. A friend of mine lives on the south coast in a street behind the beach. She has the beach right on her doorstep as well as a fabulous garden. I keep hoping she’ll ask me to move in.

    I would love to send that report to the teacher. I’ll wait till I’m in a cheeky mood….

    I didn’t realise you used to work for the Humane Society. That just confirms your awesomeness. You would have been so good at that job!

    I don’t understand why some teachers are the way they are. Surely they want all their students to do well? I just don’t get it! I really like your comment about personal victory. So wise.

    It’s funny about the title of this post, really. I got it from that old Concrete Blonde song “God Is A Bullet.” I like your point though. Maybe it’s not the devil that’s in the detail – maybe it’s god. Now you’ve gone and done it – you’ve got me thinking. It is an interesting concept to ponder, mind you…..

    A man after my own heart. I definitely did not consciously strive for parental approval but I do wonder if the need for it is so innate that seeking it is unavoidable. I love your punk attitude – I’ll get my son to address the envelope too!!

    How could I forget beer? As my husband says – ‘Most of the food groups right there in one bottle. What’s not to love?’ 😆

    There is a lot of truth in what you say. I’ve seen a lot of kids who were previously labelled as lazy or difficult blossom with the right teacher. I know it from experience because I used to get all the ‘difficult’ kids in my class when I was teaching. Most of the time they just need someone to believe in them, to show them that they’re worth something. Aaaah, it is nice to sit in the sun and chill. You are so right!


  21. NAT:
    I agree. There are so many bad ones that when you come across a good one you almost can’t believe it. Shame teaching is so undervalued as an occupation. If the pay were greater, we might attract better teachers. But as I always say to Nick: ‘It could be worse, it could be the Catholic nuns teaching you, my boy.’ I still have nightmares about Sister Assumpta and her vice like grip!

    Awww, hon. You are always so kind. You keep me going too. What a lovely thing to say!!!

    I do like a bit of a bullet point. I think the change of schools did Nick the world of good. I am pleased he did so well. I think he surprised himself!!!

    It is so great to hear from you. Bullet points definitely come in handy when the mind is a little cluttered. If a lot’s been going on, bullet point it, I say!! Hope you are OK XXXX

    You crack me up. Knowing her, that is definitely what she’d think. LOL.

    We have to bounce back, don’t we? I was listening to a lecture by a Buddhist monk on the radio today and he said hopelessness is a lack of courage. He said that most of the successful people in the world are very courageous and give things a go even if they are worried they’ll fail or things won’t work out. I really like that philosophy. It doesn’t hurt to learn from negative situations or to try new things, does it?


  22. DAVID:
    How could I have missed you?
    Sorry about that. You are right, unsweetened chocolate is gag worthy. So is cocoa. Cocoa smells so chocolatey and delicious that when I was a kid I thought: ‘Right, I’m having a big spoonful of that.’ But it was bitter and ‘orrible. Never again. Ick.


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