It’s All About Love

Today is Earth Day.


On this day as much as I love the trees, the birds, the sea creatures, the rivers, all the animal and plants; I want this day to be about people.

People who cut down trees in the Amazon because their children are starving. People who overfish our seas because they have been fishermen for generations and cannot compete with the big trawling companies. People who work in factories producing goods made from plastic that break after two weeks and end up in landfill. People who work in the same factory that spews industrial waste into rivers. People who send their children to work in sweat shops for less money in a week than what it would cost us in one day for coffee. People who shoot endangered animals for their fur, or their tusks. People who are just trying to survive on this earth that is theirs as much as it is ours.

I am angry for those people because much of the time they are demonised, blamed, maligned for destroying ecosystems, being polluters; but they are pawns at the hands of the multinationals who don’t care how much of the earth they destroy or how many people they destroy along with it as long as their profits are up.

I am angry at governments who, regardless of their orientation – left wing, right wing, somewhere-in-the-middle-wing – do nothing to stand up to these multinational companies who continue to do as they please. We all know why the world is in the state it’s in – it’s the unequal distribution of wealth and power. Until that changes what chance do we really have of saving the earth?

I know an organic farmer who has a farm two hours south of Sydney who grows the most fabulous produce but can barely scrape together a living due to supermarkets screwing him hard for the cheapest price possible on his produce and then turning around at the last minute and saying they decided to import their oranges from South America instead.

That same farmer is watching as his fellow farmers are bullied and pushed off their land by big agricultural companies planting genetically modified crops that will probably damage the ecosystem irreversibly. What does the government do about it? Nothing.

Yesterday I saw a news article about diamond miners in Zimbabwe who have been sacked from the mines because the government has taken it over. I guess they were lucky to get away with their lives because many of their co-workers were shot or ripped apart by dogs. Now those former blood diamond miners are panning for gold, which is one of the most environmentally damaging things you can do, but they are starving. What choice do they have?

I love the earth. I want it to last in a healthy state for as long as it can. But I love people too. The everyday, ordinary person just like me. I want them to have as good as life as they can. So on this day where we remember to care for our planet, I want to say Save The People Too.

Earth Day. It’s all about love. It’s what the world needs. It’s the only thing that there’s far too little of.

Save the planet

Save the people too

14 thoughts on “It’s All About Love

  1. You’ve brought up some extremely important points (and ones often ignored) on this very significant day. So much of what is wrong in the world is fueled (no pun intended) by greed, isn’t it? 😦

    On a happier note, I wish you a Happy Earth Day and smile to consider all the good things that ordinary people are doing to make this a better world. We all make a difference. πŸ™‚


  2. Happy Earth Day Selma.

    In the US they are trying to pass legislation that would force even the little farmer like me to have to plant their genetic altered crap/use pesticides in my yard. It’s insane, and yet, it’s really happening. 😦 And yes, it has EVERYTHING to do with greed.


  3. Ah, this is wonderful. I have had similar thoughts about veganism. You know I have horrors about the ways animals are raised and slaughtered for food in the US – but I also have horrors about the ways people beat the crap out of each other over the issue. People who care vehemently about “cruelty free” clothing and food – but who are so horrendously mean to other people about the topic!

    Yes, yes, and yes. Selma, I’m so proud of you!


  4. You said it all, and you said it beautifully. It IS about the people, not just the Earth. I want my planet to be healthy, and that includes the people who share it with me.

    Yay for you, Selma. Happy Earth Day to you and yours.


    Everyone does make a difference. It’s a long, hard road but we will get there. Happy Earth Day, dear G!

    That’s just not right. You should be allowed to plant what you want on your own land. This kind of thing really gets me going. How dare they dictate to you like that. I hope there is something you can do.

    I have horrors about animals raised for food too and I think raising public awareness is the best way to tackle it. However, organisations like PETA, while they do good work, can be very fanatical. I had a guy from PETA have a go at me the other day for wearing leather boots. Look, my boots are about ten years old and yes they are leather but I always shop with ethical companies or buy vintage – yadda yadda yadda. It annoyed me that he went on and on about it and didn’t even listen. I nearly kicked him with my leather boots. πŸ˜†
    I’m proud of you too. You inspire me!

    Oh, absolutely. Except maybe for the so-called financial whizkids who have caused our economic meltdown. Take them to the most damaged, polluted parts of the planet and let them fend for themselves on a dollar a day. Now that would be interesting…..

    It does, doesn’t it? I wish it didn’t have to be that way. So many people suffer needlessly. My dream is that it starts to change in my lifetime.


  6. An important message. I suppose what people really need to be told is it is isn’t the planet that is at risk – it will survive until the sun burns out. It’s us!!


  7. Excellent post, Selma. We need to take care of the planet, but also fight to end poverty and provide people with the right opportunities to subsist without harming the environment.


  8. You make good points, Selma. I’m in agreement with you. It’s not just about the trees and wildlife ~ people matter too.


  9. MELEAH:
    Sometimes I just think we forget about the people who need help too. I just wanted to remember them. Happy Earth Day, hon!

    That’s the thing. The planet will survive without us but we won’t survive without the planet. Happy Earth Day!

    I worry about poverty. It just doesn’t seem to be improving. I think it is a great impediment to the environmental movement. Everyone should have a chance at a good life. That’s where we should start, I think.

    We are blessed by the earth. I’ll continue to fight in my quiet way (or not so quiet way) for her!

    I think we are all connected – people and nature. It’s about all of us. Happy Earth Day!


  10. bravo!!!! i am late in reading but the topic is once that can be ranted on in this fashion any day of the year… excellent piece sel….


  11. PAISLEY:
    It is a rant worthy topic, for sure. I think the people who need our help are overlooked a lot. Help them and many of the environmental issues we face will be sorted too. Sometimes I think we are tackling it back to front.


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