Some Days Are Diamonds

I have had two really good days in a row.

Two good days at work.

Nick has had a hassle free start to the term with the teachers clamping down on the bullies.

I have slept well, eaten well and been anxiety free.

My neighbours (those of the barking dogs) even said Hi to me as if I was a long lost friend.

My husband’s shop has picked up in trade despite the recession and threat of swine flu.

I should be happy to be getting a breather from all the stresses and strains, right?

Yet I remain suspicious that the planets are conspiring to hit me with something bad. That something will emerge from the dappled afternoon light and wrap its tremulous, sticky fingers around my throat.

It’s conditioning, I think. This lack of trust in the good. In a world gone mad with pessimistic subtext it can be hard to bask in full frontal joyfulness.

My sister always says: Enjoy the good times, cause they never last.

I wonder if thinking in a half positive way like that actually ensures the good times will end. I wonder if always leaving room for a negative possibility to show up means that it walks right through the door.

I wonder mostly about this taint in my heart that feels more comfortable with storm clouds overhead than pale white wisps of heaven in the blue sky.

I think I need an attitude readjustment, a grease and oil change for my psyche. Maybe I need to allow myself to believe that it’s all right for things to go well; that perhaps my bad luck has run its course and the karmic wheel has turned with a positive spin in my direction.

Something has shifted. It’s as if the teacher finally got around to cleaning all that laborious text off the blackboard and has just left it there waiting for someone to write something. Something new.

Something like –

It’s a good day today.

And that’s O.K.

27 thoughts on “Some Days Are Diamonds

  1. doesn’t it all seems like bad things has to happen in order for the good ones to show up or vice versa? I think those who always thinks on the bright side of things are the lucky ones


  2. Oh Sel, I hope they keep coming…I really,really do! I am still an optimist at heart, in spite of too many bad days,months,years…I believe that good things can and do come to good people, even if it seems like forever before they get there. You deserve lots and lots of good days and things to come to you Sel. Enjoy each one as it comes your way and watch the positive vibes and energy attract even more to you. That also works I believe.

    I am so happy to read this post! πŸ™‚ Hugs, G


  3. It is very interesting how many of us do not trust that the joy will last! Joy can be continuous, it is all a matter of perspective.


  4. Sooooooo many of us are like that. And there’s that whole theory that like attracts like and aligns with be careful what you wish for you may surely get it — ok that’s the last of the cliches.


  5. Trouble is, there’s so many sayings about like: ‘He who can see light at the end of the tunnel is about to get hit by a train’

    Over the last few days, I’ve seen glimmerings that things are about to get better … I’ve felt pretty low over the last couple of months, because three of my best markets collapsed on me. But, I’ve had some good offers lately, and I hope something comes of them …

    Now, all we need to do is get that miserable Scottish git out of No 10 !!!


  6. LISSA:
    I agree. I would love to be like that, always being able to see the positive. I’ll need to retrain my brain!

    I think that deep down I am an optimist. I do believe in the greater good, you know? It’s just that sometimes it’s hard to see it. Here’s to happy days for all of us!

    Definitely the right context. I couldn’t agree more. Great to hear from you, hon!

    Perspective is everything. I know many people who from an outsider’s point of view have unfortunate lives, yet they are very joyful people. I must learn to trust the good times.

    Oh, me too. It is all in the way you look at things!

    I’m sorry to hear about the markets. It stinks when that happens. You are such a good writer though that I’m sure something else will turn up. However, the uncertainty of it all is no fun.

    Those miserable Scottish gits have a lot to answer for. Hehehe.


  7. One of my mottos is: Life is not meant to be hard; it’s meant to be enjoyed, challenges and all.

    Sending you more positive vibes πŸ™‚


  8. Full Frontal Joyfulness! Woohoo, you are a spectacularly good writer with a beautfiul vision and a gorgeous prose style. Existence itself is a miracle. Time is the only real commodity and it is plentiful supply. Have another fantabulous day full of tiny miracles like unexpected flowers blooming, and another and another. Woohoo, full frontal joyfulness is such a wonderful phrase. Someone should write a song,


  9. Selma I’m so pleased things are finally getting sorted out for you. I do think attitude counts a bit. I have this odd belief that my bad luck comes in threes and it always does. I become so happy when the third bad thing happens as I know I am free and only good is on my way for a time- and it always works like that.

    I do think too that some people think they don’t deserve good things. Please don’t think that Selma because you deserve all of the good the world is waiting to give you.


  10. DAOINE:
    I love that motto. How wise you are. And what a good Mum you must be. XXX

    I am sure you could turn your hand to songwriting if you so desired. It would not surprise me at all if you wrote a hit. So glad you liked that. It actually might be quite good on a T-shirt!

    That is interesting about the threes. I know quite a few people who do that. Like you, they are relieved when the third thing happens.

    I guess with me it’s not so much that I don’t think I deserve good things, it’s just that things don’t work out so often and I like to be prepared for the worst. But it really is no way to live. I’m going to stop doing it!


  11. Selma, like what everyone tells me – everything happens for a reason! Everything that is happening will all fall into place and you’ll have that aha moment and go : Today is a good day!


  12. I’m the same way… hard to accept the good for what it is…

    Hoping you found a way to enjoy the respite in the storm. (If you did, can you show me how ok?)


  13. I will say this: when i was younger, even immediately following some serious trauma, I always had this innate faith in life in general. …and things were generally okay. Good even. Up to 90% of the time. It was when I started to become …afraid of the unknown that there was a palpable shift in my experience. It was like as soon as that happened within me, my outside experiences mirrored it. I have yet to return to that place of complete trust in the Universe, but I’m working on it really hard, because I know first hand that that is the secret to good things coming your way.


  14. Your sister’s saying is a belief, not reality. There are people who enjoy day after day of good times…. but remember, that everything has an opposite, and needs to be explored or else you can’t appreciate. It’s kinda sick the way the world works, but there it is. πŸ™‚

    Glad you had some great days. Everyone needs them. πŸ˜€


  15. and may the day roll on into another and another….and if you hit a glitch….a yucky mournful day…..just stand in the wind and let the breezes blow through your hair. they pass too.


  16. TBALL:
    I think that too, but sometimes it can be hard to find the reason. I know you know that more than most, hon. How are you? I’ve been thinking about you.

    I think when you’ve gone through difficult periods it can be hard not to think like that. I am working on retraining myself!

    Oh, I do know what you mean. It’s so hard to really enjoy things as we wait for the next mini-catastrophe. I have no secrets to reveal, I’m afraid. Just glad it’s happening!!

    Wow. I used to think like that too, except I had forgotten that I had. Is it aging that changes that view? Negative experiences? I want it back too. Working on it right with you!

    Oh, you put it so well. There is a kind of sickness to the way the world works, but it is impossible to appreciate the good without the bad. I just need to remember that.
    Thanks, hon!

    You are so right. Live in the now. It really is the only way to be. You just never know what’s going to happen, so worrying is a waste of time!

    Oh, I love that. I can imagine I’m Cathy from Wuthering Heights and just stand in the wind and rejoice. What an awesome concept!


  17. Every moment, every human being has capacity to shift their perception of coal to diamonds. One’s authentic, intrinsic value is timeless and everlasting.


  18. LIARA:
    Couldn’t agree more. Coal to diamonds is a lovely thought!

    That is so exciting. Your first Mother’s Day. Awwwww…..


  19. I love diamond days. However, even when there ARE bad days and trials and stress, it SO HELPS to stop, take a deep breath and focus on your blessings. You CAN maintain a positive mindset on cloudy days – and when you can’t do it on your own, it’s OK to ask for help. πŸ˜€


  20. GROOVY:
    You are right, Groovy. I think it is really important to be able to ask for help on the bad days because feeling alone does make the bad times much worse. Thank you for your great advice!


  21. I love the phrase:
    “Full-frontal joyfulness.”
    Spectacularly great!
    Am going to be scrolling down, reading about 20 of your previous posts, as I am WAY behind in my Selma(and the other 6 blogs I read regularly!)reading!
    Peace, woman.
    I’m one of those folks who always looks on the bright side.And yeah–it IS good to do so!! ; )


  22. LISA:
    It definitely is good – where possible – to look on the bright side. I am honoured you are reading so many old posts. Hope you like ’em, hon!


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