Things That Make Me Happy

Pelicans on the Bay

Walking along the bay this morning I saw pelicans gathered as if discussing news, life and love. Just as humans do. They ruffled their feathers and opened their beaks at seagulls cheeky enough to fly close.

People stood, watching, as awestruck as tourists in the Louvre when faced with a real Monet or Renoir.

A collective decision was made not to shuffle or cough or breathe. Dogs were told to sit. Little children put fingers on lips as if keeping a secret.

But it’s no secret, I thought. The beauty out there. It’s just waiting for us to look. There it is every day right in front of us. Do we see it as often as we should?

I looked around at the faces gazing out to the water. Every single one was smiling. The pelicans shook their tail feathers; merry little gentlemen dancing a routine.

Laughter broke out. Children clapped.

The pelicans flew off in a single line, their large wings strangely graceful.

The crowd dispersed. People chatted to strangers as they sometimes do after a trip to the theatre. There was a feeling in the air that could only be described as joy.

Pelicans on the bay. One of the things that makes me happy.

34 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Fantastic. It is good to stop for a moment and see the beauty that is all around us. You are right, so often we miss it as we rush out the door to one thing or another.

    Thanks Selma, for your support and kind comments. Thank goodness for the internet spanning an ocean so that we could have “met”.


  2. LAURA:
    That is what you call blog power. I have met so many cool people that way. I have been thinking of you and hope things work out. So great to hear from you!


  3. ‘A wondrous bird is the pelican
    His beak can hold more than his belican.
    He can stow in his beak
    Enough food for a week
    But I’m damned if I see how the helican’


  4. selma, you tread a very difficult line between the sweet and the sentimental but never lose yr balance. i am very hard on writers who walk that line but you always get a pass from me. quality outs.


  5. I see beauty everywhere and especially at this time of year. As busy as life gets it’s so important to take a moment to just “be”. It helps to recharge your flagging batteries just to look around and breathe.


  6. Every day I try to make it a point to notice. Even when I’ve had the day from hell at work – which is pretty much every day these days (that’s why I’ve been such a bad blogging buddy lately). Usually the things I notice are nature related. Even in the heart of this big city, there’s plenty of awesome nature to see when you take the time.

    You gotta love those cheeky seagulls!


  7. NAT:
    They’re fleeting moments, but they’re cool. Pelicans are amazing birds. They sort of look ungainly on land but when they fly they are very elegant.

    I haven’t heard that one for years. That is fantastic. 😆

    So true. When I’m looking inward too often I miss all the action on the outside. I know exactly what you mean.

    Woo hoo. Some of my friends actually call me a sweet, sentimental bad ass. Glad I can tread that very fine line without committing to either side!

    Couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit and look around. Just drinking it all in. I love to do that!


  8. STEPH:
    You live in such a beautiful area too. I bet there is an abundance of wildlife. Sorry to hear about the bad days at work. A lot of people are feeling that at the moment. Hope things improve soon!


  9. I see pelicans nearly every morning and they make me very happy too. I always think to myself, ‘his beak can hold more than his belly can.” And when they are soaring they are like the ships of the sky, magnificent.


  10. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: when it comes to hard-hitting investigative reporting, pelicans can’t be beat!

    P.S., Sweet entry…beauty truly is all ’round.


  11. I love pelicans- they’re a bit like chameleons, you can’t quite believe that nature made them. BTW Travelrat- love your poem!
    Lovely post Selma, as usual.


  12. I love pelicans, too. I like to watch them come in for a landing in their lines–they look like pteradactyls.

    I. Need. The. Beach.


  13. When I was young I was scared of pelicans. I thought they might scoop me up and fly away!!! LOL. They are such interesting birds Sel and this group does indeed look like they are having a conversation. Lovely feelgood post. Thanks Sel!!! 🙂


  14. These are the moments that give beauty and meaning to life. You are right that we are so often distracted and in a hurry and fail to notice such gifts. I love how they leave everyone smiling… the best medicine!


  15. Selma,
    Thank-you for sharing this wonderful moment! There is so much beauty and joy if only we take the time to see it as you did!


  16. There is just something about you that makes me smile when I take a moment and think about people. I am not giving a compliment, that is for passing fancy. I am speaking truth as I see it. You Selma, are something truly special. I will not forget you, ever. Just thought I should mention. People don’t mention things do they? When they really, really should. So, I am, and I have. Done.


  17. PAUL:
    Ships of the sky is such an appropriate image. I think they are amazing birds. There is strength there, but also cuteness.

    Absolutely. And with those beaks they truly deserve the name ‘Scoop.’ There is beauty all around. Thank God!

    Travelrat has the best poems.
    It’s so true – you look at pelicans and think – WOW, you’re not an obvious choice for a bird. Amazing.


  18. ANTHONY:
    We just have to keep looking. There is so much to see!

    There is something prehistoric about them. Almost otherworldly. Get thee to a beach, woman!

    That would be the starting point for a great children’s story. A little girl scooped up by a pelican who then has lots of adventures. Awesome!

    Completely agree with you. Humans are same old, same old 😆


  19. JOSIE:
    I have never caught so many people smiling at once in a public place. It was fantastic!

    It’s all there. just waiting for us to notice it!

    Everyone was grinning away. It was quite touching, actually!

    What a truly lovely thing to say. I am really, really touched. Thank you so much, hon. That has made my day!


  20. what a beautiful observation. makes me think of many times i just stopped to look and listen and feel. so necessary. puts things in perspective — i read this and then your green eyed monster post. i can identify, starting a business with no money in these weird (horrible) economic times. your post brought me back to my run in the park yesterday morning, a beautiful sunny cool spring morning in new york city. thanks. it’s good to go back there with your help as i lay about reading blogs instead of working! cheers.


  21. LISSA:
    I love those moments. They really make life worth living!

    Cheers, hon.

    I really appreciate you stopping by. Spring in New York. Sounds like heaven. You’re right – those moments when we feel unencumbered are the best. It is nice to be reminded of them. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!


  22. Not trying to one-up you or anything, but I found a great photo of a pelican, which I’ll post tomorrow morning (our time). Plus a few pelican thoughts and encounters.


  23. I think you’d do a better job than I would. It would be nice to inspire you to write this story. If you do, I know it would be magical. 🙂


    Love that pelican. He is adorable. You are a much better photographer than me. I am an aim and shoot kind of person. There’s usually a bit of blind luck involved. 😆

    I might just write that story. It has really captured my heart!


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