Rainy Days

Yesterday I deleted my writing prompts blog Search Engine Stories. I felt sad about it in some ways because I enjoy writing to prompts and loved reading the stories of the other writers, but it had just become too time-consuming for me.

Anyhoo, deleting the blog has left me with over 200 prompts that still need to be turned into stories. So I thought I’d write a story every Friday based on one of the prompts. These prompts are real search terms used to get to this blog.

The prompt I am using today is PHOTOS OF YOU AND ME IN THE RAIN.

Here is my story…..


[Image by kovalvs at DeviantART]

I know now why it didn’t work between Eric and me. It was the rain. Every photo we have from that time was taken in the rain; even the one that guy took in the park as we were walking away.

It rained a lot when we were together. Unprecedented wet weather, it said on the radio. The skies were grey for months. I don’t remember seeing Eric under a blue sky once.

Even though it rained a lot we never seemed to have an umbrella. We walked a lot through dark, wet nights, sitting shivering in restaurants or huddling in doorways waiting for the worst of it to pass.

Eric wore jeans that dragged on the ground. They left muddy stains on the living room rug. I scrubbed them clean but it took them days to dry. I couldn’t open a window due to the heaviness of the rain. I smelled the dampness of the rug for days, cursing Eric’s scruffy style.

We needed a life raft after all that rain. Dazed on endless roiling skies. We needed a photograph taken on a sunny day where the yellow light fell soft as summer, making our skin glow, reminding us that one day the rain would end and the sunshine would return.

When photographs are looked at years later they hold stories – maybe secrets – that weren’t immediately apparent. The image captured on that day, frozen for good, reveals so much with the passage of time.

The rain, the rain. It fell around us like a second skin. Confining us to closeness. Making us exchange secrets we should have left unspoken.

There were no sunny day scenes. Eating ice creams on the beach. Playing frisbee in the park. Posing with silly straw hats by the river. It was just us, stripped bare while the rain fell.

We sat in cafes, in bars, discussing the minutiae of our lives. There was no hiding from the truth in the rain that beat on the roofs like the steps of a little chicken.

When the sun finally came out we were unprepared. Our skin was pale in the bright light. The distractions were overwhelming – birdsong, children running in the street, flowers opening their faces to the sun. We found there was nothing else to say.

The last photo I have of Eric shows him walking away, doused in sunshine. He is smiling. There is no rain. It is my favourite.

13 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. lovely tale, love the last image, it’s sad to know some relationships never last, still it’s always nice to think back and browse through photographs


  2. Great story Sel and excellent ending. I like this idea of using up the prompts. I am sad to see SES ending but I understand your decision. We had a great group stopping by though! 🙂

    Hugs and Happy Weekend, G

    PS: Take care of yourself Sel. I hope the sunshines brightly on you,in the days ahead.

    Things here are on the upswing. I am being cautiously optimistic. Monday is a BIG D day coming up. Fingers-crossed, ok!!!


  3. wow. just wow. This gave me the chills.

    Im sad that you had to delete your other blog too, but, I like that you will continue to share the stories with us over here! xoxoox


  4. TOBEME:
    Thank you for reading. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

    I was looking through some old photos the other day and saw some with an old boyfriend of mine. In every photo we looked like we were poised to make a quick getaway as if we were uncomfortable standing together. Maybe our subconscious mind knows things aren’t going to work out long before we realise.

    Cheers, hon. I really appreciate you saying that!

    EMPLOYEE 3699:
    I’m going to do a spooky one next week. With a bit of magic. And yes, there are about 200 more to come!

    It’s true. The weather is an extremely powerful force. It often influences my mood.

    I miss all you guys already and I feel bad writing to the prompts I’ve got left but it was just a time thing running that other blog. Not enough of it. I couldn’t develop it the way I wanted to.

    I’m glad things are improving for you. That is brilliant!

    I love it too. I’m like the Garbage song – ‘I’m Only Happy When It Rains.’

    Maybe he’ll come back when it rains…. now there’s a thought. Hope you’re OK, hon.

    It’s a lot more work with two blogs. I didn’t realise. I don’t know how people do it. I am definitely not organised enough!


  5. In a way Selma this is better. Now even those of us who were in Search Engine Fiction can come this side and find your prompt and write a story at our own blogs and you don’t have any extra work.

    Lovely story BTW, and fantastic photo- where do you find all of these lovely photos?


  6. LAURI:
    Well, I would love that. You could even check your own search terms. I’m sure you could find some good prompts there.

    I get most of the photos from Deviant Art. You should go and have a look. There is some fantastic stuff there. Also a good place to find inspiration.

    Thanks for the link. I will definitely check it out. I am working on finishing a novel. I hope you finish ‘I Had A Little Robin’ because it was really good. I’d love to see it in a bookstore one day!


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