Nothing But Weeds


Some things are very therapeutic. Like pulling weeds in the garden.

Forget gardening gloves, trowels, forks. Just get in there with your bare hands and rip the weeds out.

Clods of earth fly as I grit my teeth. Little bugs run. Birds fly down to have a look.

It’s raining a bit but I don’t mind – makes everything much more fresh and earthy.

I feel like a farmer. Or a pioneer.

Maybe I’m an artist, clearing the canvas for the flowers to grow.

Why don’t they recommend weeding for stress and anxiety?

There is nothing like clearing a patch of land for planting. The earth crumbles beneath my fingers like cake.

I can picture already how it will look. The new life in the garden. Making the day pretty. Already my mind has cleared.

Dirt under the fingernails.

Much cheaper than therapy.

16 thoughts on “Nothing But Weeds

  1. Now, that’s something that should go in your ‘questions’ thread. When does a flower become a weed? My father once pulled up all the foxgloves in my garden, on the grounds that a) They’re wildflowers and b) I didn’t plant them. therefore they’re weeds!

    Hey, I’ve got alyssums, lobelias, campanulas and goodness knows what else that I didn’t plant.

    However, shepherd’s purse, dandelions, daisies … KILL!! And yes, it does feel good!


  2. Weeds can represent a whole lot of things we need taken out of our lives. But I really do like that image of being an artist (which you are) and clearing the canvas for a new work.

    Excellent post, and yes, pulling weeds IS cheaper than therapy and is more productive than solitaire on the computer. (hiding face in shame).


  3. I agree too. For me, a good round of cleaning “hits the spot” at times too. 😉 gardening though, is so much nicer. I wish we had a garden now, sigh….

    When you can, I have a brand new monthly prompt meme over at MPP. Hope you will participate Sel and spread the word PLEASSSE…..and thank you!

    Hugs, G


  4. Hmmm…. maybe I’ll try that when my sciatica relaxes. I have to admit, I hate any form of gardening. ANY form. My mother is constantly on my case about it, but I can’t help it. There is nothing charming about the BUGS out there.


  5. Hi Selma,
    Now why would I love this line? “Maybe I’m an artist, clearing the canvas for the flowers to grow.” 🙂
    Many people I know use “garden therapy.” I’m glad it helped you.


  6. Right here with you. Before I was so concerned about actually growing stuff to eat in the garden, I used to let the weeds grow so I could have massive weeding sessions. I have come up with some of my best story ideas while pulling up nutgrass. (Weeding is kinda the housework equivalent of editing, you know.)


  7. EMPLOYEE 3699:
    I love to weed on a Sunday. It gives me such a strong sense of achievement. I love to go out and look at the garden afterwards and just sigh!

    Oh no, not the foxgloves!
    You are so right – it is so satisfying to rip out those weeds. I often feel I should be accompanied by some of the old Batman verbs. RIP. SLICE. DIG. PULL. 😀

    No need to hide your face in shame. I play chess on the computer and always lose. That nasty, smug little computer chip beats me every time. It is mortifying.

    I will definitely spread the word. No worries there. I am also writing something as we speak. Will probably post it in about a week.

    I am not bothered by bugs. It’s a result of living in Australia. Seriously. You get used to them. If you didn’t you’d be screaming every five minutes. Hope your sciatica clears up soon!

    You know, I love saying ‘Right On.’ I say it quite a lot myself. It is a very descriptive phrase. Gardening is indeed – RIGHT ON!

    I’m sure you must do a bit of gardening in your neck of the woods. You must have some gorgeous native plants!

    I have no idea. 😉
    It definitely is therapeutic. It settles the mind!

    Absolutely. I come up with great story ideas while weeding or scrubbing the tub. Works every time!


  8. “Maybe I’m an artist, clearing the canvas for the flowers to grow”

    I like to think that for you too.

    My mother is a HUGE gardener and she is always telling me that I should do it with her, because it will help me relax! But, since I am so terrified of bugs I think it might make me more stressed as soon as I feel or see one crawling on me! LOL


  9. MELEAH:
    Bugs do crawl on you. But you can get fantastic gloves these days that go right up to your elbow. However, I know it can be gross to see things scurrying about. It freaks me out sometimes too!


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