All That Bodes Well

I wrote this based on an excerpt from a poem by Christina Rossetti called A Ballad of Boding.

There is a new writing prompt site called Carry On Tuesday which is using  lines from poems as prompts.

This week the objective is to use these lines somehow in your story or poem –

There are sleeping dreams and waking dreams

What seems is not always as it seems.

Here goes…..

There are sleeping dreams and waking dreams. Sometimes the two intermingle.

For over twenty years now I have been dreaming of you. You are the man of my dreams who only comes to me in dreams. When real men hurt me, taunt me, flail me, hang me out to dry – I turn to you. You are constant, caring, uncomplaining. When I close my eyes you are there.

I call you Michael. I don’t know why; I haven’t named you after anyone I know or have known, but somehow your name fits.

You are a romantic creation. A mixture of chivalric myth and fairytale. I know that a real man could never be the half of you, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming.

In dreams we lead a comfortable, happy life. We have a house by the sea and a dog named Max. Our friends and family adore us. We walk in sunlight. We laugh. There is no conflict or betrayal. No treachery. No tears.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking of you when I am poring over a file at work. It is sobering to think of you during the day. I realise then that you are my fantasy, that you will never be real. And I feel so alone.

I know I am a prisoner to my dreaming but I cannot stop. In over twenty years you have not disappeared. For so long you have cancelled out the threat of reality’s draw. I cannot give you up.

Today I couldn’t tell if I was awake or dreaming. I saw you. You were drinking coffee in the little cafe where the walls are painted blue. The owner calls it My Blue Heaven, just like the song. I saw you right there in front of me. My Michael come to life. And I was afraid.

I thought I was hallucinating. Losing my mind. Or that maybe I was dreaming that I was dreaming. I dared not look at you twice. In case you were gone.

I ran out into the street, my breath exploding into horrible gasps. If you were real you could no longer haunt my dreams. If you were real you were lost to me for good.

Miss, you called out behind me. You left behind your bag.

It was your voice. The voice I knew. Ripping me to pieces.

You handed me the bag. I took it. I could not look at you. I could not see the real you. A leaf fell. Landing between us. A maple, curled at the edges, dark as ginger cake. I took it as a sign that what seems is not always as it seems.

There you were dressed in the colours of my wishing. My head was throbbing with disbelief. This is not happening, I thought just as you spoke.

Everything’s going to be all right, you said, holding out your hand. The dream of you fell away, coating the road with light.

Everything had changed and everything had stayed the same.

17 thoughts on “All That Bodes Well

  1. Lady, you are a good writer. And I know I should use more flowery or descriptive words, but the truth is that you’re just GOOD. You do the right things technically, but you also tap into the Right Things.


  2. Yes, you are amazing. I read this piece and the Duality one and I was spellbound by both. I have no words today – tired and my back hurts.

    But I wish I had your gift for thinking of wonderful things about which to write – magical ethereal things. I’d love to be lifted aloft a bit when I write but I can’t.

    I guess it’s good that we are all different.


  3. This is fantastic! I loved reading this story, it was riveting. Especially liked how you ended it, perfect. What a gift you have Sel, bravo!!!


  4. WOW, what a absolute joy to wander through. I loved how the dream world and the real world collided in the end. Great offering for the prompt.


  5. wonderful, dreams becoming reality, just the idea is wonderful, I like to think it ends even better and that he turns out to be that great man she wants to be with, is that wishful thinking?


  6. Oh My God. You are freaking amazing, and CRAZY talented.

    “I realise then that you are my fantasy, that you will never be real. And I feel so alone.”

    UGH! I feel like that all the time out here single and dating man after man that fall short of my ideal guy……


  7. A maple, curled at the edges, dark as ginger cake you never fail to disappoint me….there is always that beautiful glittering phrase that i feel you’ve written just for me…


    That is the best compliment I could ever get. That’s what I’m after, really, to be able to tap into the right things. Cheers, hon!

    EMPLOYEE 3699:
    I do get some stories published here and there but it is a tough market to crack. I will persist though – I like telling the stories too much to stop now!

    I’m sorry to hear your back is still bothering you.

    I guess all the magical, ethereal things help me from focusing too much on the grim aspects of life. It is good we are all different. Keeps things interesting.

    Thanks, hon. I’m really glad you liked it!

    I really appreciate you stopping by. I am fascinated by the world of dreams – lots of interesting stories there. I really like this prompt site. Such a good idea!

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic? I think it’s important to keep dreaming, no matter what; but sometimes it would be nice to know our dreams could come true. I appreciate the visit.

    That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? I thought about doing that but then wondered if it was too over the top. I like to think that is what happened too!

    I always like to have some treats on offer 😀

    I know. So many people I know feel that way. Sometimes it’s hard to cling on to hope. But maybe dreams do come true….

    So glad to hear from you. I think many people feel that way. Maybe we’re all dreaming of similar things!

    It’s good to have a happy ending sometimes, isn’t it? Warms the cockles of the heart, so to speak. Thanks for visiting!

    I love your prompt site. It is an idea that stimulates creativity. You will definitely see me every week. Thank you for starting it!

    LOL. It might just work, you never know. Thank you for stopping by!

    I did write that image for you. It fits you well!


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