A Hundred Miles Or More


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How long does it take?

To get to where you’re going.

Days come as fast as they go, like dreams, or figments of imagining.

Plans, wishes, hopes gather in the bottom of glasses as focus shifts to children’s tears and washing blowing in the wind.

How long to sing this song?

One day. One day.

How long?

You could start walking at birth and not get there by death.

Is that the plan?

Is that the fate of man?

Sometimes I wish to be free. The comings and goings, the ups and the downs – I am worn to someone who isn’t like me.

When nobody is around I sit in the garden. I just sit. Nothing more. Sloth is a deadly sin, I think; but sometimes it is all I am capable of.

I sit and think and grow afraid that the road will beat me. That I will never get there in the end. Then I grow angry with myself for daring to feel disenchanted when so many, so many who have no choice have much, much less than me.

This life, this bella vita, has a gentleness, a joy, a tenderness to it that is there even when the shadows pull at our feet. So we must walk along that road with our heads held high. Looking to the sun, looking to the sky. The old, unbroken road – it’s all part of the purpose, I’m told. So we walk, even if it takes a hundred miles or more.

19 thoughts on “A Hundred Miles Or More

  1. “Sometimes I wish to be free. The comings and goings, the ups and the downs โ€“ I am worn to someone who isnโ€™t like me.”

    I can SO relate to the lines above Selma. I wish I had some hopeful answers. I hope they come, for all of us. I’m sick of the waiting….Beautifully expressed.

    Hugs, G


  2. Roads are good … if you stay on the right (or, left, it you live in UK or Australia) side of them.

    But walking … why did your remarks put me in mind of those two geeky Jocks ? ‘I would walk five hundred miles/And I would walk five hundred more … ‘


  3. as always your words leave me wondering…I have days like you described where I just don’t want to do anything but sit and stare, sometimes when I think of those unfinished projects and things I wanted to do, they all seem so far off, as if I should just put them to sleep…

    the title of this post reminds me of one of my favorite movie, “Northfolk”, the part I’m reminded of is when the boy wanted to be flown a thousand miles in exchange for information, it’s quite an intriguing film, if you get a chance, rent it


  4. Yes, I do the sitting and staring bit too.

    I try never to think of life as a road or route or going anywhere anymore. I always did and occasionally drift to it now. But it is liberating just to be – just to exist really at the time in which you find yourself. I do that more and more.

    It has its downside of course – not good for planning holidays or even being organised about shopping – but I feel happier for it.


  5. Hmmm… I’m ok to go on any road, regardless what type, how long, etc, provided I always have someone to nag at. Husband, fortunately for him, gets to play that role – yeah right! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Life is the Long Road. You don’t where you’re going, where you’re headed or what’s at the end of the line. All you can control is how fast you go, how much time you take to smell the roses and enjoy the scenery. And hopefully you will have someone along for the ride. But we all eventually get there….to whatever it is that awaits us.


  7. EMPLOYEE 3699:
    I’m just glad you stop by. Thanks so much, hon!

    I’m afraid so. We have just had a long weekend in Australia due to the Queen’s Birthday holiday and everything was a bit quiet – so I got to thinking. That can sometimes be dangerous ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m sure there is. We’ll walk that road together and everything will be fine!!!

    Sometimes the waiting gets to you, doesn’t it? But we will get there in the end, G. I just know it!

    Just one of those moments, that’s all. You know how it is!

    Oh no, not The Proclaimers! I remember when they first came out, I laughed and laughed. Still, it is quite a catchy song!

    I think that sometimes we are overwhelmed by everything we need to do and we just need to sit for a minute. That sounds like a great movie. I’ll see if i can get a hold of it!

    I think to just be is a very good strategy. Causes much less stress and anguish, I should think. Very good point!

    You do deep and profound much better than I ever could. Awesome!!!

    It’s true. It’s the journey that counts, isn’t it?

    You are a true character. Actually, you are right. The road is much easier to travel with someone to nag!

    That was a very poetic comment, hon. I really, really liked it. I hope that whatever awaits us is what we truly want!


  8. Having thought about it a little more:

    Most of us travel a road. Even when you get somewhere, think ‘This is where I’ll stay’, buy your house; sell your car … BUT the road is still there …


  9. I love every word of your thoughts here! Tis an incredible journey that we are on, one that cannot be measured in standard ways.


    And I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more….
    Lalala. Trala lala. It is so catchy it’s going to be stuck in my head for days.
    When I wake up, well I know I’m gonna be…

    Oh absolutely. I love lazing about in my PJS – I know you do too. There’s nothing like it!

    It is an incredible journey and I do think it’s important in the dark moments to remember that. The journey is often more important than the destination.

    Cheers, hon.


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