Just Plug Me In…

The news from the Apple store is that I finally get my power adapter tomorrow so I get my laptop back. It has been two torturous weeks. Will all of my stuff still be on the hard drive? Will the new adapter also go on fire? Will I spontaneously combust with excitement?

I will be nervous to find out, but I can’t wait to plug that baby in.

I will begin to post regularly again tomorrow and will visit all of your blogs. It has been tricky to do so because Nick has needed this computer to do a huge amount of school assignments. Schoolwork schmoolwork – I need to blog!!!

See you in the morning….

15 thoughts on “Just Plug Me In…

  1. I take it the computer was still under warranty?

    Otherwise, you could have just gone into PC World (or the Aussie equivalent) and just bought a suitable (not necessarily an Apple one) off the shelf.

    My backup is my Asüs eee (my neighbour doesn’t mind me ‘leeching’ off his wi-fi providing I don’t do it too often) or the free internet café at the local library.

    Welcome back, anyway.


  2. Oh wow, you are made of tough stuff. I could never last two weeks without my laptop. Well, not at home. It’s OK if I am on hols and preoccupied. But I need my daily internet fix.

    It wold have made a good excuse for your son to use for his homework. “My mother is an internet junkie and needs a long daily fix, so I just couldn’t.”


  3. YaaaaaaaaY!!!!!!!!! 😀

    So. Did they honor the warranty?

    Do ya’ll have year round school? Or are you out when we are in? Hmmm…. never really thought about that before. *scratches head in confusion*


  4. what a tedious week or so it must have been.. i know i cannot stand being without my computer,, i feel as if i will spontaneously combust!!!!

    i know i will be glad to have you back!!!!


  5. Hope it all comes back safe and sound, and that Nick is better from the flu bug.
    The same thing happened to my laptop power cable, even though they denied any problem with it, if your hard drive is kaput they’ll have told you.


  6. Oh I hope you still have everything on your hard drive Sel. You almost feel as if you’ve lost a limb when you are computerless don’t you? I’m glad you will both be reunited tomorrow.


  7. I hope everything is still safe and sound. I really don’t understand computer fixing folk – don’t they use computers? They are always so keen to rub everything off. I’ve had it done twice. I’m sure I wrote the world’s best novel one of those times and the computer guy wiped it off. Dang him! I’d already cleared space for the Nobel Prize…. (HA!)


    The computer wasn’t under warranty but the adapter was. And do you think they wanted to replace it? Hell, no! But it’s back, and it’s good as new. YIPPEE….

    I should have written a note to that effect. It was almost a matter of life and death 😉

    You are so sweet and lovely. Awww. Thanks, hon!!!

    They did honour the warranty. They had to. I think they could see my head was about to start spinning round and my eyes were turning red.

    We don’t have a big break now like you guys do. Our summer break is at the end of December and includes all of January. However, we have a two week break starting on July 10, so that’ll be nice!

    It is amazing to me how much my lil ole computer has become a part of my life. I have missed her sweet little apple smile!

    I just read on Google news that some of the iPhones are overheating too. WTF? Sounds like something’s being made very cheaply in China by ten year old kids to me.
    Hope wee Moofus is better too. I, on the other hand am feeling lousy. I’ve got the chills and they’re multiplying….I think it’s raw garlic time!

    Reunited and it feels so good. Everything is still there, thank God, including Nick’s English project. I am so glad about that because it took him two weeks to do it. YAY!

    The same thing happened to me. Years ago I had a Booker prize winner just sitting there and some computer geek just wiped it. I could have been living in the south of France now if not for him 😀


    It gave me a fright too because it was almost midnight and I was half asleep. I dread to think what would have happened if I had gone to bed without noticing. Scary stuff!


  10. Hi MELEAH. I almost did. The only thing worse would have been if i also had to give up chocolate. Heaven forbid!!


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