Farewell, Michael.

And thank you for this song as performed by the delectable, delicious Mr. Cornell. One of the few men in this world I would consider running away with.

We won’t ever forget the music.

15 thoughts on “Farewell, Michael.

  1. He sounds a bit like Jon English in parts, especially the chorus.

    I hope now the Memorial service is over they will now let Michael RIP. I think that may be a bit overly optimistic though as I’m sure the media aren’t done with all the rumours and complete fabrications yet. And of course his father still has some mileage to get out of this for his own self promotion. Shameful.


  2. I was not a fan of Michael Jackson for many reasons (for a start, I think he talent was overrated) but he will certainly be missed by many. May he rest in peace. Peace was something he certainly didn’t have, here on earth.


  3. I’ve never heard of Chris Cornell before. Hmmm…. will have to check this out further.

    As for MJ… I’m okay with true fans being sad, but where were all these people while he was living? Why don’t people care when the artists are still around? It’s sad, sad, sad.


  4. MELEAH:
    Me too. He can put his shoes under my bed anytime!

    OMG – he does sound a bit like Jon English. Only the Aussies would get that one. Do you remember that show ‘Against The Wind’ about the convicts? He was brilliant in that. I also saw him in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and he was fantastic.

    I hope they leave Michael alone now. That father of his scares me. I saw an interview Louis Theroux from the BBC did with him a few years back and there was something deeply unsettling about him. It explained a lot about Michael’s behaviour in the later years. Gave me the shivers.

    There was so much hype surrounding him. We were talking about him last night as we watched the memorial service, mainly about how much he had changed stylistically. We preferred him in the early days when he was much funkier, but the pop sensibility he developed gave him a much larger fanbase. I wasn’t a mega fan but his music did play a part in my childhood, so I’d like to remember that!

    He’s mine, I tell you, Although I would settle for Eddie Vedder. However, I know I will be beaten to Eddie by Nat who blogs over at From Nat’s Brain. I’d have no chance there! Aaaaah – so many rock gods to choose from. Quite the visual feast!

    EMPLOYEE 3699:
    Absolutely. I am drooling on the keyboard right now!


    Chris Cornell was the lead singer of Soundgarden and then Audioslave. I have had a thing for him for years!

    I agree with you about MJ. Where were all those people in the past few years? I think he was very much alone towards the end. You wonder if he had received more support from family and friends if it would have changed things. I think he experienced the awful price of fame. Nick said to me :’ He had everything but he had nothing.’ I think he was right!


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