Rest In Peace


My mother-in-law died yesterday.

At 3AM she got up to use the bathroom. On the way to back to her bed she told the night nurse in the nursing home where she lived that she thought she was going to go now.

The night nurse, Louise – a kind-hearted, caring angel in human form  – sat with her and held her hand until she died.

I was able to talk more openly with my mother-in-law than I ever have been able to with my own mother. She was a warm, compassionate, good-humoured, caring person.

All of her children loved her deeply. She had friends aplenty in the town she lived and was regarded as a bit of a character. Everyone I ever met who knew her had a kind word to say about her.

I remember being surprised years ago to learn that her favourite novel was Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte; surprised because she was a woman who liked the footy and the bingo and a glass of beer in the afternoon. It didn’t seem to fit that she would like a novel so full of romance and tragedy, but I know that she read it over a hundred times and often spoke of Catherine and Heathcliff.

I will miss you, Joy Mary. You were a light in this world.

Here is a poem by Emily Bronte, just for you.

With all my love XXX

“I’m happiest when most away

I can bear my soul from its home of clay

On a windy night when the moon is bright

And the eye can wander through worlds of light –

When I am not and none beside

Nor earth nor sea nor cloudless sky

But only spirit wandering wide

Through infinite immensity…”

*Image by raetard at DeviantArt

26 thoughts on “Rest In Peace

  1. i am sorry for your loss selma,, i can see how much you loved her,, and what an important branch she was in your family tree.. best wishes to you and your husband and family,, i know the grief will be great,, but the memories you have of her will last a lifetime…


  2. What can I say? You’ve said it all, and so beautifully.

    I’m so sorry she’s no longer with you; she sounds like she was a lovely lady.


  3. Selma, so sorry. Joy Mary seemed like a brilliant light. How dark it must seem. What a lovely tribute. . . and I am so glad (as you must be) that she had an angel holding her hand as she passed. You are lucky to have had her in your life and she to have you.

    Did she ever tell you why she loved Wuthering Heights so? I know what moved me…but I’d love to know why she did.


  4. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Give the boys a hug from me, and take one (or two) for yourself.

    This was a beautiful tribute to someone well loved. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.


  5. That’s a very nice tribute. It is difficult to see a loved one go.
    The poem is awesome. I have not read it before but it will go in my storage of treasured writings. thanks
    When I get to heaven I’ll have a beer with Joe Mary.


  6. Sending many hugs. Sounds like a lovely lady just went to be with the angels. May her journey to the other side be filled with light.

    You are in my thoughts Sel. Hugs to your husband and son too.


  7. I’m very sorry Selma and please pass on my condolences to your hubby too. I’m glad you had such a good relationship with her….she sounds like someone I would have enjoyed spending time with.

    Big hugs….


  8. I’m so sorry Selma. But how wonderful that she had a lovely kind person to hold her hand while she went. I’m sure it means much to know that she could face the end so bravely and forthrightly.


  9. JASON:
    Thank you so much. It struck deep with me too.

    Thanks, hon. She was a lovely person.

    She is at peace now and that is very important. She really was a key branch in our family tree. I will miss her a great deal.

    She really was lovely but she was so ill. I’m glad she’s not suffering anymore.

    Some of those nurses should be given medals. What an incredible role they play. I never really asked Joy why she loved Wuthering heights so much but she always did say that Catherine and Heathcliff were meant to be together. Maybe it was to do with true love transcending everything.

    Thank you so much for the hugs. The boys (especially Nick) will love a hug from their dear Ms Karen!!!

    I really appreciate that!

    If you ever get the chance you should read some of the poems by the Brontes. They really are very good. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you.


    There will definitely be lots of light around her. I know that for certain. Thanks, hon!!

    I am really grateful for your kind thoughts. Thank you!

    You would have liked her. I just know it. Thanks for the hugs!!

    Thanks so much. She was a great lady!

    I appreciate that, hon!

    I do appreciate your kind hugs. Thanks, hon!

    She was worthy of a lot of love. I was lucky to know her. In fact, I feel blessed to have known her!!

    The nurse’s part in all this has just blown me away. It’s the ultimate act of kindness and grace, isn’t it? The image of it just keeps appearing in my mind. Wow.

    I know you know, hon. Sending hugs right back to you!!!


  11. I’m so sorry Selma, my deepest sympathies. I’m giving you a very very big hug and pass my condolences to your hubby.


  12. I feel very bad for being so late on the scene here. I am really sorry for you both. I know you were expecting it but it comes as a shock nonetheless when it happens.

    She sounded a wonderful woman. You definitely got lucky there having such a great mother-in-law.
    Big hugs xx


  13. TBALL:
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind wishes and the lovely hug!!

    Please don’t feel bad. We were expecting it but of course, when death comes it is a shock. She was a lovely lady. It is a blessing she is now at peace.


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