Red-Headed Trollop

It’s Friday Fiction with Tex again this week. Don’t forget to visit her.

This week it was Tex’s turn to suggest the prompt and she chose red-headed trollop from one of her search terms. You just never know where those crazy search terms are going to turn up.

With a big thank you to Paisley’s Secret Secret blog for giving me the idea for the story.


I’m not a virgin anymore. Is underwhelmed a real word? Because if it is then that’s what I am – underwhelmed.

My deflowering lasted all of 25 seconds. Do people even say deflowering any more? It sounds so puritanical. It’s a euphemism, right? I don’t like euphemisms. They seem so underhanded, like the meaning is lurking somewhere other than right in front of you. You are a sanitation engineer. No, you are a janitor. You are having a happy event. No, you are pregnant. You are pushing up daisies. No, you are dead and buried. You have been deflowered. No, you have been fucked. For 25 seconds.

I like Eddie. Or should I say liked. The fact is that since Eddie’s 25 seconds of glory he has been avoiding me. He was frightened I would tell all of his too cool for school friends that he couldn’t even last a minute, so do you know what he did? He has branded me a slut. It is all over the school. The best form of defence is attack, right? Well, that’s what he did.

I am angry because there is no way I would have said anything. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing, either. I didn’t know if I should moan or gasp or move about a bit. It was all virgin territory. Ha ha. Get it? Virgin territory. Sometimes the wit just pours out of me. I am so mad that he had to make stuff up just to counter his embarrassment. I wouldn’t have said a word. I like Eddie. Liked.

Apparently I’ve done it with over 20 guys this term alone. Lil’ ole me – straight A student, Manga fanatic, treehugger. I didn’t know I had it in me. Must’ve been the Vitamin B complex I was taking to build me up after my cold.

I wear an A cup and I am a slut. Sometimes I don’t shave my legs for two weeks. I have never had a brazilian wax. I am still a slut. I don’t smoke in the toilets or drink wine coolers out of sports bottles in History class. I sponsor a child in Africa with the hard-earned cash I earn babysitting. I am still a slut.

Georgia Harding (who I thought was a friend of mine) said it’s because I have red hair. Apparently, redheads are frivolous and unpredictable. They will steal your man when you’re not looking just like in the old movies, smoking French cigarettes out of mother-of-pearl holders and wearing tight dresses with splits up to the thigh to reveal their fishnets and garters.

My hair is red, there’s no denying it. Auburn Flame, my Mum calls it like she works for Revlon or something. I think it’s just a euphemism for carrot top. Eddie said he liked my red hair. He used to roll it between his fingers and marvel at the colour. He compared it to autumn leaves or the glaze on an apricot tart. I felt like a heroine in a Thomas Hardy novel under his admiring glance, but now I just feel like a trollop.

Can you believe someone called me a trollop? Are we living in the age of Moll Flanders with fops and bounders and women’s breasts spilling out of their corsets? What am I supposed to say when someone calls me a trollop? Freshen your drink, guv’nor?

I had always imagined what the first time would be like. I wasn’t expecting a 21 gun salute but I was expecting that the guy would talk to me afterwards. Lou Ann says that sex turns everything to shit. She’s right. I thought I would be a girlfriend now, not a slut. Definitely not a trollop.

Lou Ann says it will all die down when the next victim comes along for the cool kids to pick on. At least I can take comfort in that. But it is going to be pretty hard to top the red-headed trollop and her 25 second lover. Maybe we’ll go down in history.

* Image by lans bejbe at DEviant Art.

13 thoughts on “Red-Headed Trollop

  1. What a rollicking romp Sel!!! (no pun intended)

    And many a truth spoken too.

    I love red hair, always have! WHO KNEW. ;<)

    Hugs, take care, G


  2. TOBEME:
    I am really glad you liked it. Not my usual subject matter, I know, but fun to write nonetheless!

    It was a bit rollicking. for sure. Oh, those High School days of burgeoning sexuality. I AM SO GLAD THEY ARE OVER!!!!

    I wrote that one for you. There is one in every story. You always find them. Never cease to amaze me!

    A similar thing happened to one of my friends in Year 11. She refused to sleep with her boyfriend because she was saving herself for marriage and he started a rumour that she would ‘do it’ with anyone. It ruined her reputation and caused a lot of stress. To this day he remains the only guy I have ever punched in the face!


  3. You punched a guy in the face!!!? hahaha fab.

    I enjoyed this – I so remember those days of “who’s done it with who”. Not that I was part of that but it always amused me.


  4. KATE:
    So glad you liked it. I enjoyed writing it!

    I did. He made me so angry with all the lies he told about my friend. I gave him a big bruise on his jaw and I realised something – it hurts your hand when you punch someone. Owww. still, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. He was a ratbag!


  5. so glad you found some inspiration on secret secret!! and it turned out to be the perfect story… too bad it is also a common truth,, one they make sure you don’t know about until it happens to you!!


  6. Oh that would make me mad too. Stupid, stupid rumors! So glad you punched him in the face. I had a friend that girls were swearing she was gay just because she was tall, thin, and was an “A” cup too – ridiculous what kids do to each other. She was devastated and it caused a huge rift in the female population. I’ve always wondered if the bullies ever feel badly in later years? It’s been my experience that they seem to forget there was any animosity whatsoever.

    You’d think they’d remember SOMETHING.

    So well written with many truths. I wonder if girls figured out it wasn’t like what they show on TV if they’d tell the guys to go fly a kite.


    I really love ‘Secret Secret.’ I don’t think I’ve ever told you. It’s raw, it’s full of emotion, it’s blatantly honest. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I weep. There are so many stories there. I sometimes wish people would let us know what happened later – if they stayed with their horrible boyfriend or made the difficult decision they were facing. We need a follow-up section!!

    Your point about the bullying really struck home for me. Lisa Marshall bullied me right through High School. She was a total bitch and quite malicious – even stole one of my English essays and tried to pass it off as hers. I met her a few years later and she was nice as pie to me, wanted to have coffee and all that. I asked her if she remembered torturing me all those years and it hadn’t even occurred to her she was upsetting me. I told her if I ever saw her again I would run her over or burn down her house or something. I was THAT mad. I was completely incensed that she couldn’t even acknowledge what she had done. You know what she did? Cried like a baby. Wimp!!

    I wonder that too. If teenage girls knew the possible ramifications of having sex would they be as keen? I think many would tell the guys to go kite-flying!


  8. Wow, this is way more interesting than my story, but if you’d like to find out what actually happened, I’d be up for explaining! Not to the general public, but if you left me your email or something, so I could contact you… Yeah…

    I really enjoyed this story. It was very well written, and you took a single sentence, and saw an entire possible story behind it! Fantastic! =]

    sincerely yours,
    brunette muse


    Oh, it means so much that you commented. WOW. Thank you so much for being the inspiration for my story. You have made my day. I really appreciate you taking the time to visit!


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