Garden Rainbows

rainbow lorikeets

Nick took this photo today of rainbow lorikeets visiting the garden. They are so tame you can almost touch them. They like seeds and supping on the nectar from the camellia flowers.

They travel in pairs and twitter and fuss with one another as if they are an old married couple.

When they fly their wings make a high-pitched whirr soft as a silken Chinese fan.

Their colours are so bright it is as if they have been painted by Cezanne. How proud they must be to possess such beautiful plumage.

How fortunate I am to have their radiant lives woven in to mine if only for a moment. It almost hurts to watch something so lovely and to smell the clear blue sky on their wings. It is a wondrous sight indeed.

17 thoughts on “Garden Rainbows

  1. Oh my goodness! These are gorgeous birds! What a feast for the eyes and right in your own backyard. Thanks for sharing this photo Sel.

    Hugs, G


  2. We have some very colourful birds visit our garden too but nothing as spectacular as those. Well done Nick on capturing something so beautiful.


  3. You Ozzies have all the really cool animals!!!

    It’s simply not fair!

    (By the way…animals, by and large, do not exhibit a sense of rhythm and beat. Except for parrot family members….)


  4. Oh my gosh, they are absolutely stunning! I don’t know what I’d do if I saw something as beautiful as that in the wild….in person. Jodi’s right, we have nothing like that in America, that’s not in a cage.


  5. beautiful and birds can be so relaxing to watch. nothing so beautiful here but we do have a hundred or so humming birds zooming around our patio. trouble is they rarely slow down enough to see their colors. when they do stop for a few seconds they have some very nice coloring.


  6. NAT:
    I completely understand about not liking birds as I’ve had birds fly at me. It is very freaky. The Australian magpies tend to attack during spring. That is scary. But the little lorikeets are peaceful, jolly little fellows.

    One day I am going to go on a birdwatching holiday through America because you guys have some stunners. I like the Carolina wrens, the red cardinals, the bluebirds, the tanagers and many more. I wonder if you get more of the parrot family in places like Florida? I’ve never really looked. You should see some of the birds in places like Indonesia. Stunning colours!

    I couldn’t believe it because usually they stay in the trees. Sometimes I see them flying in flocks through the park and it is like someone is painting a rainbow through the sky. Gorgeous!

    Nick did well. He loves his birds and animals. He wants to be the next David Attenborough!

    I wonder if it’s to do with the types of trees you have around. I also think the lorikeets like to be around water because they are in plentiful supply down the south coast of NSW. Gorgeous creatures if a little noisy at 5AM!

    They are such cuties. You can’t believe the colours when you see them up close!

    A friend of mine used to have a King Parrot who used to nod his head in time to music. He particularly liked Dave Brubeck. True story!

    There is an element of wonder about seeing them. When I lived in the UK I never saw a parrot in the wild. Even now I still do a double take and say : ‘Did I really see that?’


    I have never seen a hummingbird in Australia although they may get them up north. It’s probably too far for them to migrate. I would be beside myself if I saw hummingbirds in my garden. They are creatures from fairyland, I firmly believe that. How wonderful!!


  8. I’m so jealous! All we seem to get is sparrows! The occasional blue-tit, robin or chaffinch does brighten the place up a little … but I do wish cardinals or lorikeets were native to Britain!


    They are the most gorgeous of creatures. You can’t help but smile when you see them!

    I love the honeyeaters. We used to get them here but there has been a turf war instigated by the Noisy Miners and most of the tiny birds have gone. I really miss those little guys…

    We don’t seem to get too many sparrows here. I think the magpies scare them off. They are little cuties too. i love the cardinals too. Their colouring is extraordinary!


  10. MELEAH:
    I think Nick did well with it. He said his hand was shaking because he was frightened the birds were going to fly off!


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