Thanks Are In Order

A while ago I won a competition over at The Random Memorandum.

I won this groovy bag

RM 1

Full of lovely, smelly things

rm 2

And this torch which I don’t get to use even though it is one of the best torches I have ever had because Nick has decided it looks like a light saber and has claimed it as his


Can you believe that parcel came all the way from Chicago? I am stilled amazed by the mail.

Thank you, Linda. It was such a treat to get your lovely pressie. And I am carrying one of your cards in my wallet.

I also want to thank Geraldine for this lovely award.


I am really grateful.

Thanks to you both. You really brightened my day!

8 thoughts on “Thanks Are In Order

  1. Love those jute bags … I get them with Press kits, etc. and they’re great for shopping. Means we don’t have to buy those ‘green’ bags from the supermarket.

    As for light sabres … I got one in my goody bag from Gatorland years ago. Works like a military chemlight, but you can turn it on and off, rather than just toss it when it’s expended. I still have it … and it still works!

    The Force is strong in this one! 😀


  2. Wow, that’s quite the bag of goodies! And coming all that way intact, I’m impressed.

    You always brighten my day too Sel, thanks and many hugs, G


  3. PAUL:
    That’s exactly what Nick said!

    It’s all natural – even the bag. I love stuff like that!

    I think that even Darth Vader would be happy with that torch. Use the Force….

    Cheers, hon. It’s a done deal. That torch is Nick’s. I’ll need to go back to the old Ever Ready I keep in the car.

    What impressed me was that Aussie Customs didn’t open it. They usually open everything. And then proceed to lose it or break it.


  4. Always cheer-y to read your posts, Selma. I’m waaaay behind, so I’m scrolling down, reading in reverse-order(most-recent-to-most-past) to get caught up with you! Peace, yo.
    Luv ya!


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