Thanks Are In Order

A while ago I won a competition over at The Random Memorandum.

I won this groovy bag

RM 1

Full of lovely, smelly things

rm 2

And this torch which I don’t get to use even though it is one of the best torches I have ever had because Nick has decided it looks like a light saber and has claimed it as his


Can you believe that parcel came all the way from Chicago? I am stilled amazed by the mail.

Thank you, Linda. It was such a treat to get your lovely pressie. And I am carrying one of your cards in my wallet.

I also want to thank Geraldine for this lovely award.


I am really grateful.

Thanks to you both. You really brightened my day!

8 thoughts on “Thanks Are In Order

  1. Love those jute bags … I get them with Press kits, etc. and they’re great for shopping. Means we don’t have to buy those ‘green’ bags from the supermarket.

    As for light sabres … I got one in my goody bag from Gatorland years ago. Works like a military chemlight, but you can turn it on and off, rather than just toss it when it’s expended. I still have it … and it still works!

    The Force is strong in this one! πŸ˜€


  2. paul and nick are right: i know light sabres, and that’s a light sabre if ever i saw one. congratulations on yr win, selma!


  3. Wow, that’s quite the bag of goodies! And coming all that way intact, I’m impressed.

    You always brighten my day too Sel, thanks and many hugs, G


  4. PAUL:
    That’s exactly what Nick said!

    It’s all natural – even the bag. I love stuff like that!

    I think that even Darth Vader would be happy with that torch. Use the Force….

    Cheers, hon. It’s a done deal. That torch is Nick’s. I’ll need to go back to the old Ever Ready I keep in the car.

    What impressed me was that Aussie Customs didn’t open it. They usually open everything. And then proceed to lose it or break it.


  5. Always cheer-y to read your posts, Selma. I’m waaaay behind, so I’m scrolling down, reading in reverse-order(most-recent-to-most-past) to get caught up with you! Peace, yo.
    Luv ya!


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