Lifting The Spirits #4


{Image by Eruwyn at Deviant Art}

Wings of white. It is impossible not to be cheered by the sight of a butterfly.

There is poetry in their movement. There is dance.

They seem so fragile, so vulnerable. There is the fear that they will be eaten by a large bird or blown so far out to sea by a hostile wind that they might never make it back to land.

There is another fear that we are damaging their ecosystems beyond repair and that soon they will be a thing of the past. A creature of myth like unicorns.

Yet they go on. Tiny but tenacious. Fluttering but not foolhardy.

No matter where I go when I see butterflies I always hear people exclaim :

Look at the butterflies. Look at them fly.

There is joy in their voices and a sense that maybe the world still has a little bit of magic left.

The most beautiful thing I have ever heard a complete stranger say about a butterfly was :

They are little flowers flying in the sky.

There are those who think of butterflies, in particular the whites ones, as messengers from the spirit world. Many people speak of seeing a butterfly passing by briefly at a funeral or when thinking of a loved one who is gone.

At my grandmother’s funeral there was a delicate blue butterfly that stopped to observe the mourners squeezing into the church for a moment. Her wings were the colour of the plates my grandmother put her famous spongecake on. She did it because the strawberry jam and cream in the sponge contrasted perfectly with the sky blue plates. She was a food stylist before it became fashionable. That butterfly was a cheerful message on a sad day that Grandma was fine and still with us in spirit.

We have lost several of our beloved goldfish over the years. We bury them in the garden next to the gnome whom Nick believes protects them. On the day we buried our dear Fatty and then our even dearer Seb, a white butterfly came each time as we cried and said goodbye, hovered for a minute, then was gone. Whenever we see a white butterfly now we think of our dear fishies whom I swear were more than creatures of water. There was an inexplicable connection there.

Butterflies. Gracing the air with tenderness and light. They always lift my spirits.

20 thoughts on “Lifting The Spirits #4

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the things that lift your spirit–you are lifting my spirit with you!


  2. I got some good footage for my ‘Wild Butterflies’ video the other day; lots of white ones on it. I’m not going to edit it till October-ish, though … there’s a bit of summer left yet.


  3. the butterfly is truly one of gods mystical creatures. My father believed a touch of a butterfly was a message that God wanted to talk to you. Maybe, but to me the butterfly is a message from God telling us that we can transform in beautiful beings if the effort is there. Beautiful post.


  4. Wonderful post, Selma.

    Thanks DavidM

    “Literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to man.” — Vladimir Nabokov


  5. There are two things I have always been fascinated with and both are winged creatures – Angels and butterflies. My very first blogging name was Madame Butterfly.

    Beautiful post and beautiful picture.


  6. MAMA ZEN:
    I love that story too. 😀

    Oh, I am so glad. It is so good to hear from you!!

    Glad I could help.. I know how much it helps me to write these posts. It’s a bonus if I can cheer other people.

    I did think of you as I wrote this post because I know the significance of butterflies for you. I will write something for your prompt this month – I promise!

    It is my pleasure!

    I love both of your beliefs. The touch of the butterfly has really got me. Perhaps we can transform into beautiful beings if we do try hard enough. What a lovely thought!

    That quote is fantastic. I wouldn’t have thought Nabokov would be passionate about butterflies. You just never know what moves people. Thanks for including it in your comment!


  7. KAYDEE:
    I love the angels too. I didn’t know your first blogging name was Madam Butterfly. It suits you. Angels and butterflies really do keep the magic in life alive!


  8. This piece has such a light touch feel to it, just like a butterfly. It also has a depth. I like the very idea that white winged butterflies carry such meaning.


  9. PAUL:
    I have a lot of gnomes hiding behind bushes. One of them I have had for over 20 years. They are like old friends. A lot of people make fun of them, but I love them!

    Oh, absolutely. There is a kinship, for sure!

    I do feel there is a hidden depth to a butterfly. How does the saying go? ‘Never judge a butterfly by its flutter’…..

    I’m completely with you on the wraith-like aspect. It’s like only part of them exists in this world.


  10. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for:

    It Could Happ drsmx crt jhgyut 9980 321rsc xiz bitc rt.

    I wrote about 2 experiences with the spirit world.

    Hugjhrt, G


  11. love them as well, for their ability to fly, for their constant beauty and the way they make things seem so much prettier


    I am going to write a romance, I think. Me. Can you believe it? I got the idea the other day. Will work on it over the weekend!

    They do make things so much prettier. Such gorgeous little creatures!


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