One Wish


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If I found a bottle on the beach and I cleaned the seaweed and sand off it and a genie appeared and said: You can have one wish but you don’t have to worry about world peace or hunger or the environment or finding a cure for cancer and AIDS  or finally pulling the plug on FOX news because I have done it all for you…..this wish is about you….what’ll it be?

One thing.

I wouldn’t need to think for long.

I would wish to be a songwriter.

What joy there would be in writing a song that became a part of people’s lives. That took some of the tapestry from your own life and wove it with care into the lives of others.

More than any other art form, songs have marked my life. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, good times, bad times – the music is always there. There are so many songs I love, so many I couldn’t live without. To be the creator of such a powerful, life-changing, sustaining force must be gratifying indeed.

The money and the stretch limos would be good too…..

17 thoughts on “One Wish

  1. ahhhh….one wish from the genie..lots to ponder there…song writing would be great but for me, just one published story is all I ask. If I get that I’ll write a song about it and dance a jig. PS Fox can be unplugged by one little push on the remote.


    I have every confidence you will get s story published. Just keep writing and don’t give up. You have very good insights. It will happen. Oh yeah, i forgot about that little button on the remote 😆

    I wrote quite a few songs in my misspent youth but they were rather cliched. To me songwriters are like poets , they are very concise and precise. Oh well, maybe in my next life……


  3. I spit coffee all over my monitor. Unplugging FOX news… hee hee hee. Um, yeah. I do like that genie you found.

    Songwriting has amazed me from the beginning. To tell a story in lyrical style set to music… ahh, now THERE’S magic for you. It would be awesome to find myself wandering the grocery aisles, singing along to the popular music played overhead and think, “Oh, my friend Selma wrote those words!”

    I’d tell everybody.


  4. KAREN:
    That genie would be awesome. I agree with you about the magical aspect of songwriting. How do the greats do it? Imagine being able to write a song that means something to millions of people. That is such a gift. With my luck though, I’d be destined to be the muzak in elevators. Hahaha.


  5. Songwriters have an incredible talent, one I can never hope to emulate. I think a lot of people could write lyrics but it’s the music itself where the real talent comes in. I don’t know about you but every time I’ve ever tried to make up a tune, it always ends up sounding like a song I already know 😦


  6. I don’t think it would be a difficult transition for you Sel. YOu could be a songwriter, right NOW!!! Your writing is often so lyrical. Sometimes, it seems that there is music with your words already.

    If I had one wish….to never have to worry about money again. Materialistic perhaps but it’s what I’d ask the genie for at this time.

    Hugs, G


  7. KAYDEE:
    That is the tricky part, for sure. I think writing the melody is a bit of a natural talent. A guy I went to school with went through the music program with me at school. He didn’t do all that well at the theory or exams or anything like that but boy, could he write a melody. He works as a songwriter in LA now.

    Not to worry about money would be such a relief. I hope that someday soon that wish comes true for you. It is an incredibly draining stress to have in one’s life. Fingers crossed!


  8. me too, I love music and would love to be able to write songs but at last, I have no talent in that

    without music, life would not be as bearable, you are right about the power of music and lyrics

    love the pic that you chosen


  9. NAT:
    Can you imagine how it feels to write a really memorable song? There must be nothing like it!

    If only…..that would be awesome!

    I agree with you completely. I would find it very hard to get through life without music. It helps so much. That photo is great, isn’t it? I am constantly amazed by the fantastic pgotographers out there!


  10. Now ROSHAN, you know you’d get sick of all those busty blonde women hanging off your arm and pandering to your every need. Besides, how many bunny tails can one person stand? 😉


  11. That ending line.. lol! Beautiful wish you made – Sometimes I play with song writing – I just can’t write music a flying fig. I need to make a friend that can. Maybe you should do the same – find a buddy that writes music to your words…. dreams do come true, if we let them. 🙂


  12. Hi TEX,
    It is definitely the music that is the hard part. I guess that’s why many lyricists write with partners. It would be nice if this dream of mine came true!


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