Top 5 Road Trip Songs

Haven’t done one of these for a while.

Here are my top 5 songs about getting in the car and just drivin’, baby…..


STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, Interstate Love Song

TOM PETTY, Runnin’ Down A Dream

CANNED HEAT, On The Road Again

And just for the sheer gloriousness of it all


LOVE IT! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m just going to jump in the car and take a little drive….

14 thoughts on “Top 5 Road Trip Songs

  1. Get your mother running!

    My favourites:

    Thunder Road, Springsteen.
    MFC, Pearl Jam
    Keep the Car Running, Arcade Fire

    and because we all need something a bit sultry…
    I am the Highway, Audioslave.


  2. My favs:

    Here I Go – Whitesnake
    Ride The Wind – Poison
    The Long Road – Pearl Jam
    Highway To Hell – AC/DC
    500 Miles – The Proclaimers


  3. OH YES baby to STP’s Interstate Love Song!!! I also LOVE Springsteen’s “Rosalita” to kick off any road trip. Gosh, I love a good road trip!


  4. NAT:
    I love all your choices. I was going to include Thunder Road which is just such a fantastic song. And the Audioslave track…..FAB. Your lists are always the best!

    I am laughing about the inclusion of The Proclaimers because we played that for a joke on a road trip once and had such a good time singing it that we include it every time now. I think it’s so catchy!

    STP is such an awesome band. I also love Rosalita – so full of joy!

    Oh yeah. I am a HUGE Stones fan. Currently my fave song is ‘Under My THumb’ but it changes every week!

    I will certainly check it out. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. So fun! Loved all of those. I used to think there was something wrong with me that I like to just get in a car and DRIVE… seems I’m not so off the wall as I thought. 🙂


  6. JOE:
    I liked your song. A great driving tune!

    I am the same. I used to drive around a lot when I was younger. I still dream of driving through America in a Mustang.


  7. Route 66 is one of my fav songs of all time. I love the version by the Stones and also Nat King Cole. Great choices here Sel. Happy trails!!!


  8. You have some nice choices here. But my favorite cruising song is “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears For Fears. Try it sometime!
    Also, just about anything by ZZ Top.


  9. Hi TIMOTEO,
    I agree with you about the Tears For Fears song. It definitely does the job. ZZ Top do it too. They have that real driving bass beat. Thanks so much for visiting!


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