Lifting The Spirits #6

Light on the water. The fall of light.

light on water

When the wind is up the light seems to scramble over the water like crabs. Ripples that aren’t really ripples but dipping fingertips, form. The water seems solid as if kingdoms lurk below.

Yellows, ambers, blues edged with white drop. Trees catch the light and throw it so the colour scatters. The light plunges deep below the surface then catapaults upward. Elasticated rays are flung like arrows.

The light on the water soothes a weary mind. Textures jump, buckets of radiant paint spill. Ever-changing, yet familiar, it lulls.

The fall of the light on water. Another thing that lifts my spirits.

6 thoughts on “Lifting The Spirits #6

  1. Sigh . . . what a lovely description, Selma. I can hear the water rippling and the trees rustling. I can see the colors as they scatter . . . just wonderful. Thank you!


    You are very welcome. I do love watching light on water. It is incredibly calming!

    Thanks, G. A big hug back to you!

    Aww, thanks hon. XXXX


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