Lifting The Spirits #7

Coffee. The roasted richness of it. The astounding aroma of it.


The sweet, intense character of it. The dark, golden crema.

Why do I love it so?

Is it because I am titillated by the fact that King Charles II tried to ban coffee houses in 1675 as ‘hotbeds of revolution’ ?

Or is it because my favourite barista is so cute that I become all Cher-like and wish I could turn back time? My barista has a tattoo from the Book Of Kells on his forearm. He surfs and writes poetry. He remembers my order without asking and I get all gushy and girlie as if he has remembered my birthday or a significant event in my life. It doesn’t really matter that he is young enough to be my – much younger brother. Not my son – OK. For the love of all things macchiato, not. my. son.

Which came first? My love of coffee or my love for the barista? It is one of life’s riddles.

Nonetheless, a good, properly-made coffee is a definite spirit lifter.

[Image by arTisTinDaMaking at Deviant Art.]

24 thoughts on “Lifting The Spirits #7

  1. HA! Yes Selma- flirting girlishness- that is iindeed the ticket! Jealous husband notwithstanding- I must do much more of it.

    As for coffee, I am a lover. I had hepatitis A some years ago and couldn’t drink coffee for ahwile, now I must be careful- a max of 1 cup a day. it’s better really, it makes me appreciate that one cup so much more. Heaven with a nice slice of cake (the richer the better) or a scrumtious piece of dark chocolate. Yummmmmm.


  2. I love coffee too BIG TIME! 😉 I also like to dwell on the reports of it’s health benefits not the “other stuff” . So what’s wrong with a racing heart anyways LOL…

    Hugs, G


  3. I don’t drink much coffee but this made me smile a lot. First, I didn’t know that about Charles II, and second that little bit about the barista is so beautifully written, absolutely gorgeous.


  4. Hi Selma. I have been cutting down on coffee, but I have a bag of vanilla macadamia nut flavored Kona coffee. I have a cup about 3 times a week. Reading your post makes me want to brew a cup in the morning. I usually don’t drink a whole mug, but the few sips with a couple of drags on a cig. sure do make the morning wonderful . Great picture !!!


  5. I’m more of a tea drinker but I do love the smell of a nice cup of coffee.

    I’m giggling at your flirtatiousness with the barista. You go girl 😉


  6. Ahhhhhh coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my mug (not cup lol) of coffee in the morning – if I don’t have it I feel lost. For awhile I couldn’t drink coffee and I missed it. There is something comforting about the whole ritual of having coffee. I should be drinking more green tea but haven’t gotten around to that – I should! And with this really hot weather I also enjoy a cold coffee too!


  7. Selma can you send that barista my way – I haven’t met one yet that would fall into the same category as yours!


  8. Don’t want to sound picky, but shouldn’t that be ‘baristo’? Or, does that sound too much like gravy powder? 🙂

    I’ll see if I can find the post about the coffee bar in Wooloomooloo my friend Su-Lin discovered last year …


  9. This made me laugh….nothin’ like a cutey patootey barrista…and a narly one at that.

    Today, as I was working in my office, this really gorgeous guy showed up…..turned out he was the “sprinkler system guy…” So, here’s the conversation…

    sprinkler guy: “hi….I just need to check your sprinklers…..”
    me…. “they’re pretty arent they?”
    sprinkler guy… “yes there are. most people don’t even what they are for….”
    me….. ” no worries here….I know how they work….”

    and off he went…!



  10. addicted…totally addicted. my last, women and song…gone gone gone. My final instructions when I die….cremate me, mix in a little potting soil, dig a hole by the ocean, add one small Banyan tree, me, the soil and water with a cup of coffee every morning.


  11. LAURI:
    Sorry to hear about the Hepatitis A. Still, one cup a day is better than nothing, especially with a dark chocolate accompaniment. I encourage all women to flirt with younger men. It is a win-win situation for all parties 😀

    The health benefits are there, aren’t they? I think anything that helps you cope with the rigours of the day has to be a good thing. I would find it very hard to bring it up!

    Poet, surfer, java/magician…I like that. You really do have a way with words!

    It does look good, I must admit. Mhmmmmm coffeee…..

    Apparently there was so much outrage surrounding Charles’ decision that he revoked it very quickly. Funny thing was, he was right all along. There were a lot of his detractors planning revolutions in the coffee houses at the time!

    Ah, a kindred spirit. Good to know there is the cute barista factor in the Northern Hemisphere too!


  12. PUNATIK:
    Your coffee sounds absolutely divine. I admire your self-control, I would have devoured that bag in no time at all. I can just imagine the beautiful aroma…..

    Why not, I say. It’s just a bit of fun. Makes the coffee taste better too 😉

    I can picture you with that barista. Perhaps I should suggest to him that a little trip might be in order. Hehehe.

    It probably should, although it could be one of those feminine nouns that can be used with either gender. I’ll need to consult the old Italian grammar rule book for that one. I remember that post you did. The coffee looked fantastic!

    The funny thing is that there seem to be more women customers than men in that little cafe`. How strange….

    You devil, you. Just as well we don’t work together. Can you imagine the hijinks? It would be great fun. A friend of mine has a thing for her pool guy. I have never seen a pool cleaner than that one. Sometimes I ring her and invite her out to lunch and she says in a very dramatic stage whisper : ‘I can’t. The pool guy’s coming….’ It is hilarious!

    I hope your wish is granted, I really do. Some gardeners put coffee grounds on their trees. They do seem to enhance growth. Who would have thought?


  13. This whole post was a spirit lifter indeed! We are never so old that we can’t enjoy a flight of fantasy and an appreciation for something/someone fine! 🙂


    Sorry about that. My mistake.

    Couldn’t agree more. We are never to old to have a bit of harmless fun, are we? 😀


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