The Big 5-Oh-Oh!


This is my 500th post.

When I first started blogging I didn’t think I would have 100 ideas for posts, let alone 500.

Without you, dear readers, 500 posts wouldn’t have been possible, so a million thank yous to you all for reading.

Writing 500 posts got me thinking about what other things I have done in my life 500 times.

Here’s some of them:

* drunk 500 cups of coffee

* drunk at least 500 litres of wine

* got out of bed 500 times

* seen 500 sunsets

* cried 500 times

* laughed 500 times

* puked 500 times (must have been all that wine)

* said the ‘F’ word 500 times

* apologised for saying the ‘F-word’ in polite company 500 times

* went to 500 parties

* walked 500 miles

* walked 500 more

* sang 500 songs

* ate 500 ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches (with pickle)

* read 500 books

* said Good To See You and meant it, 500 times

* gazed in awe at 500 storms


It’s quite a grand and significant number.

What have you done 500 times?

[Image by AleLaTriller at Deviant Art.]

17 thoughts on “The Big 5-Oh-Oh!

  1. Congratulations!! Quite a wonderful acheivement and we are all so happy that you’ve done it. Your posts are always insightful and beautifully written. They get my brain thinking in a new direction and help me appreciate things around me that little bit more.
    Thank you! (X 500 please)


  2. Um… That’s good Sel, but, if we ever get to the point where we celebrate “My umpteenth post done in my flannel PJ’s on a winter’s evening in front of the fire after having a lovely roast dinner with my family… and the cat farted” then I’m outa here.

    { Bear hugs }

    (Congratulations…500 Bear hugs… tehe)


  3. LAURI:
    I am really grateful for you saying that. Blogging has benefited me enormously not just for the friends I have made but because it has allowed me to develop my writing style. 500 posts came much easier than I thought!

    Awwww, thanks for those 500 bear hugs. Actually, that post with me in my PJs was going to be my next series of posts with a different animal or person farting every time. How did you know? 😆

    How lovely to hear from you. I really appreciate you saying that!


  4. Congrats Selma !!!!!!
    I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward to the next 500. I am at 123. Hopefully the well will fill up a bit so I can post something of substance.


  5. Congratulations you clever girl. I think I would have been up around that mark except I deleted quite a few posts that quite frankly were rubbish if i do say so myself. Now you on the other hand always write so beautifully and I look forward to at least 500 more….AT LEAST.


  6. Congrats on 500 posts!!!!! It is going take me forever to get there! But on the other hand there are a lot of other 500’s I have done!
    – learned 500 new Italian words
    – taken at least 500 pictures in the past month!
    – eaten at least 500 bananas!
    – biked 500 miles this summer!
    that is just some that I can think of at this hour!

    Can’t wait to read 500 more!


  7. (Sings)

    ‘ …. and I would walk five hundred miles …’

    (No, I won’t post the video again!!)

    Like you, I thought I would run out of ideas … but, remember ‘If you pick something up, however small, you’ll find it hitched to the whole damn’ universe’

    Which I’d attribute, if I could remember where I saw it.


  8. And you have touched 500 people with your words, your beautiful all powerful words.

    Actually it should be more than 500 by now, you spread the love through your writing, I absorb it completely, and in turn spread it out to others; it just multiples by itself.


  9. That’s quite a list Sel. Congrats on this milestone!

    Hugs and thanks for your kind words re: Mitzi, most appreciated. We are healing, day by day…



  10. PUNATIK:
    You’ll get to 500 in no time. And I can’t wait to read every single post!

    It will be interesting to see how far I can get. I have at least another 500 in me, I think!

    Some of my posts really were a load of old cobblers, but I didn’t have the heart to delete them. It’s all part of the process, I suppose. I hope you let us know when you get to 500. It can’t be too far off!

    You have biked 500 miles. WOW. That is impressive. I used to eat a lot of bananas too. They are such an energy boost. One of my favourite treats to date still is a proper old-fashioned Banana Split. You can’t beat it!

    I have found that, you know. There have been many times where I’ve had an idea and have thought :’No one will be interested in reading that.’ But lo and behold, they have been. It’s been great!

    Awww. You are such a sweetie. XXXX

    Thanks, G. Just take it day by day for now. Hugs to you.

    Now that’s what I call the lucky 500. The moments that make life worth living!


  11. congrats! I think it takes a lot of effort just to write 500 posts but it was easy to consume your words – fiction or real. I admit I read your stuff and doesn’t really comment. but I do enjoy every words you placed here

    I love the list of 500 things you have done, at last, I never did got into coffee or wine or ham cheese tomato sandwiches but I can cross a few off the list that you have


  12. LISSA:
    There is no need for you or anyone to comment every time. I am just thrilled you are reading. I am the same with you – I read everything you write and just enjoy it. It is always a treat!


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