For A Moment

I’ll be taking a moment today to think of the people affected by the terrible events of 2001.


And giving thanks for each day I can watch the sunlight on the water.

9 thoughts on “For A Moment

  1. Amen to that Selma. An event never to be forgotten and hopefully never to be seen again.

    This is a horrible memory that will live with all of us who remember that day, forever.


  2. It is quite amazing how as soon as I watched the live footage of the ceremony at the site today the feelings just came back. What a horrible day that was, and still not well understood I’m afraid. Will the truth ever be revealed?


  3. “I’ll be taking a moment today to think of the people affected by the terrible events of 2001.” Selma

    May the departed rest in peace; may the survivors live in peace.

    And God bless all the emergency workers, firefighters, the police, the ambos and the ordinary heroes who did good on that terrible day.

    Lest we forget



  4. TOBEME:
    The changes have been global as well. I think there is a lot of fear out there. It worries me quite a lot.

    It’s very sobering to think about it. Sometimes when I see movies set in New York and I see the twin towers I realise that they’re not there anymore. There are no words that adequately sum up the loss.

    Love you too XXX

    I don’t know if the entire truth will ever come out. There are so many conflicting reports, conspiracy theories and so on. It’s endless. God bless those who were lost on that day and all their families and friends. The past 8 years must have been a living hell for them. It’s so terribly sad.

    Thank you for mentioning the unstinting courage of all those emergency workers. My heart breaks for what they and their families went through. They won’t ever be forgotten.


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