I’m starting a new thing every Sunday. I read some fantastic blog posts every week. Some make me laugh, some make me cry; all make an impression on me.

Every Sunday I am going to list my Top Ten Favourite Posts of the week. They won’t be rated from highest to lowest but will all be posts that have stayed with me for some reason. Some of them come from blogs I have subscribed to and comment on regularly, others I have come across on news sites or via random surfing of the web.

So here they are –

1. Hilly from Snackie’s World has written a post entitled Project 2,966 – Remembering John Andreacchio. I read this today and five or six hours later I am still crying about it. There really are no words to describe the sadness.

2. Julie Zickefoose has written of the potential destruction of the habitat of the beautiful Cerulean Warbler through mountaintop removal mining in her post entitled Tear That Mountain Down. It broke my heart to read this. How can we bear to possibly lose these little birds?

3. I have just started reading Margaret & Helen’s blog. They are elderly ladies who have been best friends for 60 years and they just tell it like it is. You have to include this blog on your reading list – it is hilarious but also quite thought-provoking. Read their thoughts on US healthcare reform in their post A Buttload of Moolah.

4. Petrea at Pasadena Daily Photo spoke of her sorrow over the deliberately lit Station Fire in LA County and the destruction of the landscape in her post Mourning. The horror of this spans the globe. There is a fire burning on the south coast of my state right now that was deliberately lit. There really are some people in this world for whom there is no hope.

5. Ben Cruachan – Natural History is one of my favourite Aussie nature blogs. Check out some beautiful Australian flora in the post Springtime On The Avon#3.

6. Vic from Little Bits wrote a great post on appreciating the simple things in life which I also thought was a nice portrait of life in London. It’s called The Simple Things.

7. Who doesn’t love kitties? The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee gets me every time. Love that Charlene Butterbean and this post called Arthur and the Bean. Now that really is a cute overload.

8. Miss Britt wrote a very wise and moving post about dealing with emotional pain – about facing it, about accepting it, about knowing that eventually it will end. I needed to read that this week. So badly. How did she know? It is called In Which I Quote Dora and the Bible and Reassure You That I’m Fine. Basically.

9. I love the photography at Today Is Pretty. Sheri talks of the change of the seasons and of a little phoebe that comes to visit her same time every year in her gorgeous post Autumn Calling. I am in love with that photo.

10. Last but definitely not least is Lauri from Thoughts From Botswana who wrote such a moving post about being a white woman living in Africa that I have been thinking about it all week. You have to go and read it. You just have to. It is called Does Africa Have A Song For Me?

I hope that if you have the time to check out these posts that you enjoy them as much as I did.

I’ll fill you in on more of my favourites next week.

15 thoughts on “SUNDAY TOP TEN

  1. It was really difficult to write the 2,996 post this year but I am glad it got some recognition (for the sake of the project) so thank you. πŸ™‚


  2. Your blog list is probably even longer than mine Sel! ;<) This is a great idea and I plan to check out at least a couple of your favs here. I can't get "hooked" though; Im already online waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long each week. Can you relate!!!!

    Hugs, G


  3. Selma what a lovely idea, I might steal it for my blog too. I read so many inspiring posts around this internet.

    Thanks so much for including my post, that was lovely of you. I’ve read most of your 10 favs, I’ll read others tomorrow.


  4. I’ve read some of these Selma but have to stop for the moment…you know how real life tends to beckon. Thanks for the tips though….if anyone else does this you are sure to feature often I can guarantee it πŸ™‚


  5. NAT:
    I love them too. They are absolutely hilarious. I actually do laugh out loud when I read them!

    Your post moved me so much. Thank you for writing it!

    I hear ya. I read so many blogs it’s a little bit insane. But I love them all so I just can’t stop!

    Your post resonated with me so much. I would love if you did this too because I do love to read things that have meant something to other people. That’s one of the things I enjoy about blogging!

    Oh, I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like I am chained to the computer. Thanks for your kind words!


  6. This is a wonderful idea Selma. Sometimes I will read an interesting comment and go to that person’s site. I like how you have picked out a post and added a description of it and the blog. Mahalo.


  7. What an honor, to receive mention from way down in Sydney. Thank you, Selma. The thought that you’ve encouraged some Aussies (and worldwide readers of your blog) to think about mountaintop removal mining is inspiring, and encourages me to write more about things that really, really matter.


  8. JOANNA:
    They really are priceless, aren’t they? I laugh and laugh when I read their posts. Absolute gems!

    I think it’s very important to spread the love in the blogosphere. Chances are something I read that I like might also appeal to some of my readers. There are an incredible amount of great, passionate writers out there. I think it’s good to spread the word!


  9. JULIE:
    It is an absolute pleasure to have you visit. It has made my day. The love you have for the birds (and other animals) you have in your local environment gives me a lot of hope. You do make a difference. My son and I were very inspired by the way you helped the injured hummingbird recover. That gave me such joy. Thank you for your kindness. You have made me realise that many, many people care about issues such as conservation. Your posts really matter to me and I am sure they matter to many others as well!

    I just like to give other bloggers a bit of acknowledgement. It’s important. Hope you enjoy some of the posts!

    It was my pleasure, hon. I was nodding all the way through your post. You got it in one!

    There are some goodies on there. Hope you like ’em!


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