Drop Dead Tired

I have been a bad blogger lately. B-B-B-B-B-bad (insert tacky 80s blues guitar riff here). I have not been reading blogs or responding to comments as I should.

Basically, it’s because I am cream crackered.

I am anaemic and a couple of weeks ago my iron levels took a dip. My doctor doesn’t know why. It could be stress. Could be hormones. Could be a bleed.

Could be a what?

There is something about hearing your doctor say you could have a bleed that makes the anaemics among us feel even more light-headed than usual.

A bleed could involve something in the uterus (sorry to mention the ‘U’ word, male readers) or the stomach. Like a bleeding ulcer. Ewww.

I had an ultrasound yesterday and it revealed nothing out of the ordinary. Blood tests have shown everything is in working order. But the iron levels have remained low.

Are you eating properly? asked the doc.

Well, that’s the problem, you see. When the iron levels drop so does the appetite and nausea sets in. Not conducive to munching on a burger, I can tell you.

Tomorrow I am getting a shot of iron. Up to now I’ve been on tablets and sometimes a tonic. I can’t imagine what having an injection of the stuff will be like. Maybe I’ll be able to lift up the front of cars with my bare hands. Or punch right through an elevator door. I mean, isn’t iron what the superheroes eat?

I hope the shot of iron works. Being drop dead tired is no fun.

I’m tired of not feeling myself.

He he he. *snicker* I think I made a funny.

33 thoughts on “Drop Dead Tired

  1. Hope the shot works. I felt dead tired for months last year – that kind of early pregnancy exhaustion when all you want to do is sleep whatever time of the day – and turns out I had a thyroid problem. Maybe check this out if the shot doesn’t help.


  2. Oh! Oh! You know what would be REALLY cool? If you got the shot, then went through security check points and set off the alarms. Yeah! And then? When they couldn’t find anything on you, then, um, ok, I kind of lost the point there. But, yeah…

    Anyway, hope the shot makes you feel better, but steer clear of refrigerator magnets for a while, ok? You know, just in case.


  3. “I’m tired of not feeling myself.
    He he he. *snicker* I think I made a funny”.

    Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more!

    I hope the shots work.


  4. Can ye no’ get Irn Bru in Sydney? 😀

    Seriously … Please get back to your usual self soon!


  5. hope the shots turn you into the Sydney superhero, fighting mediocrity and the cliques in our ‘hood. I’ll give you a list when you’re feeling better of places to wear that cape to….
    Get well!


  6. As long as your heart isn’t bleeding, Sel.

    I’ve also been all non-blogging of late. I have some things going on in my life (don’t we all) that kind of took my enthusiasm out of it all… but I do feel bad for not coming here to comment… along with Gypsy and Groovylady… you three are the only blogosphere friends I have and so I feel bad that I haven’t been to visit.

    Well I would feel bad but for Gypsy’s recent post about forgiveness… you see I’ve forgiven myself for not visiting you Sel, so that makes it all okay… right? Right.



  7. VIC:
    Well, I had it today and feel a little better. The doctor said it’ll take a few days to really kick in. But so far, so good!

    If given the option I would actually become a superhero. Saving people would be so cool. And I really like capes!

    EMPLOYEE 3699:
    ROFL 😆

    I remember those early months of pregnancy. Quite draining. I have had my thyroid checked and it is fine. Thanks for the suggestion. A lot of people don’t realise how much their thyroid can affect them.

    I would love that. A friend of mine actually set off the metal detectors at Sydney airport a while back. He has a metal plate in his arm from an accident and for some reason this one time he set the detectors off. He had a hell of a time trying to prove he didn’t have a weapon on him!

    Too funny. My son is watching Monty Python at the moment and is always saying ‘Nudge nudge wink wink.’ He loves that skit!

    I have tried Irn Bru but it’s just no strong enough, laddie. They sell it in one of the Delis in Leichhardt. It is a tasty drink!

    KATE B:
    Fighting mediocrity, eh? A mammoth task but I do feel it would be my calling in a way. Now I just need a theme tune!

    You never need to feel bad about that because I know how hard it is to find the time to visit everyone. You’re one of my mates and mates don’t need to show up every single day. I know you’re there and that’s what counts!

    Good one. I might start with fridges just to get my bearings!


  8. DANA:
    My hormones are a little out of whack, so that possibly has something to do with it. The big M is coming and there is no place to hide 😯


  9. I hope the shot works too Sel. Iron deficiency can be so draining. I’m glad all the tests came out well though, that’s a very good thing.

    I hate medical tests, its always a relief when the all clear comes. I only wish you weren’t still in the dark as to why your iron levels are low.

    Perhaps absorption problems? Sometimes that’s the case with some supplements. Sometimes iron binds with other minerals and is hard to actually assimilate. You’ve probably considered all of these already?

    Love the “cream crackered” term, oh that’s a goodie, Im going to file for later use. 😉

    Hugs Sel, G


  10. Hmm, I’m predicting the Iron injection is going to be intramuscular so it may hurt a little. Let me know if my guess is right or not (since I’m a lameass having a contest with myself).
    Feel better!


  11. I have been THE WORST BLOGGER and WORST FRIEND for the past two weeks as well.

    I surely hope you feel better soon. Being drop dead tired is NO FUN for anyone!



  12. I hope you feel better soon Selma. I have not been eating properly and it certainly affects my mood. The pile of paperbacks next to couch is a fine testament.


  13. Hope you feel better soon. Too bad you’re not staying with me, right now we have two choices of vegetables form the garden- tomatoes or spinach or a combination of the two.


  14. LMAO – yes sometimes we have to take things into our own hands!

    On a more serious note, I do hope the injections help. It’s no fun being tired all the time. I will keep you in my prayers.


  15. Selma, first eat lots of greens, liver and all that “good stuff” but also go for the iron shots. As I remember they hurt like you know what, but they help. It’s bad enough to be “drop-dead” when you’re nearing ninety, but when you’re ….? Whatever, you are too young.


  16. I have been fairly cream crackered myself lately. I never suspected it might be something with my uterus! I’m not even sure where to find mine, really.


  17. Oh I’ve had those shots and they are fab. I too suffer from recurrent anaemia and despite loads of tests they have never found a cause. I’ve had it for about 20 years and it has never got worse. You may find, like me you just have to live with it. I find if I stick to a reasonable diet and drink red wine at the weekends (OK – that bit is just kidding myself) mostly I can manage without supplements. But for one or two days each month I can’t stand – I’m OK if I keep moving but if I try to stand still the world goes all dotty and black and I fall to the ground.

    YOu’ll bounce like an india rubber ball after the injection! I’ve seen old men skip off after theirs!

    Take care of yourself.


  18. I haven’t been replying to other blogs or even writing in mine too often for that matter. You’re not alone.

    A few friends of mine have recurrent anemia, hope it gets better for you!! 🙂


  19. NANNA:
    The old British rhyming slang is great in these situations. Very descriptive!

    The funny thing is that my Mum has pernicious anaemia which is due to improper absorption. The doctors insist I don’t have that, but I wonder. It is very odd. I don’t understand why it doesn’t show up in the tests.

    You are right. YOWIEEE. In my right arm too. They said I had more muscle in my arms than on my butt. Er..what? How rude! That needle really hurt.

    We all need a little break from time to time. I have just been so busy lately and then when I do seem to get some free time I feel so tired I just watch TV. I am going to be more organised this week, I hope.

    It’s easy to do. I am very guilty of that. Still, if you were able to catch up on some reading that is not too bad a situation to be in. Hope you feel better soon!

    They are just about my favourite veggies. I love home grown tomatoes. Mine are almost ready. We had a lot of rain on the weekend, so they have really sprouted. And home grown spinach is to die for!


  20. CRICKET:
    Awww, you are so lovely. I really appreciate that!

    You’re right. At my age it is no good. The shot has really helped, although I could have done without the sore arm. I suppose you can’t have one without the other!

    Can you imagine if leaping tall buildings was possible? Yeehaa. Spinach really does help. And oily fish!

    I’ll draw you a diagram. LOL 😆

    I do feel a lot better. It is quite amazing. I have also had that dotty and black sensation and it is quite scary. My doctor said I should drink some kind of stout. And eat beetroot, which apparently is very high in iron. Looks like I’ll be having Borscht with a Guinness chaser!

    Hey. How are you going? Great to hear from you. It is hard to find the time for blogging on occasion. But now there are more things in my OUT tray than my IN – so let’s go!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind wishes. Lovely to meet you!


  21. ANTHONY:
    I hope your wife is experiencing less in the way of problems these days. It can get you down but the injections do seem to help. So far, so good!


  22. (((HUGS))) I’ve had this off and on through the yrs too. I’ll be in for something else and they’ll look at me and say, “You know you’re anemic, right?”

    Well, not that anyone has ever really TOLD me…. so I make sure I get plenty of iron in my diet and while most people run screaming from red meat that’s the only kind of fajita I’ll eat. Beef up on your beans – they’re mighty good for ya!

    I made a funny too. *crooked grin*


  23. GYPSY:
    I do feel a little better, but the doc said it will take a while for things to settle into some kind of equilibrium. If only I could sleep for a week….

    LOL. It’s true. Beef has much more iron than spinach. Apparently, spinach doesn’t absorb as well.

    I can relate to your experiences at the doctor. I get that too. It is amazing how much an iron deficiency can affect your health. And in ways you don’t expect too.

    Looks like we both need to keep beefing up on our beans ! 😆


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