Written In The Stars

Do you think the planets, the moon, the Universe play a part in human behaviour?

I don’t mean that someone on Perseus 812 zero 5 in a far-flung galaxy is pressing buttons that determine whether we fail or succeed, or even if we live or die; I just wonder if all the energy being flung around out there affects us in some measure.

Take this week. Saturn is moving into Libra. This move is meant to impact on relationships. Challenges will arise. There will be a need to re-establish boundaries. Saturn’s move signifies the chance to bring harmony and balance into the world for the next three years, but there may be political and social unrest as a result.

If you want to read a good article on this go and visit my favourite astrologer Anne Ortelee who lives in New York.

I have, on occasion, been skeptical about astrology.

But this move of Saturn into Libra really seems to be shaking things up out there.

I’ve had friends and work colleagues announce they’re just not going to take it anymore. Loyalties have been questioned, incompetence has been highlighted.

A situation at work that has been bothering my husband for over a year was addressed (not without a little bit of aggro) and sorted out.

Nick reported several incidents at school where bullied kids turned on their bully and BOP, POW, WHAM – made it clear that enough was enough. These are quiet kids who normally wouldn’t resort to violence.

Then there was the milk incident. I visit my local cafe several mornings a week. I know the owners quite well and often have a chat to them. On Tuesday morning the owners – a husband and wife – had a terrible argument. I know where you really go when you say you’re going out for milk, she said. I know you’re not discussing the merits of skim versus full cream.Why do you go out for milk so much?

Let’s just say that we were all agog over our lattes. Sounds like they should get their milk delivered in the future.

I cleared the air a bit with my sister. I needed to do it. I am tired of the drama that continues to arise. I just can’t cope with it anymore. I am happy to help her if there is a genuine problem, but I’m not going to become embroiled in imaginary problems from now on.

She accepted my point of view. Was sorry she hadn’t seen it before. She didn’t cry or protest. It almost seemed too easy; made me wonder if perhaps this whole Saturn in Libra thing has some truth to it.

Maybe the planets have as much influence over us as the cycles of the moon do.

I wonder if somebody on Perseus 812 zero 5 is actually pulling the strings.

Or is the course of our days just written in the stars?

15 thoughts on “Written In The Stars

  1. I’m not sure what I think about all of this BUT I do get my horoscope everyday. The moon has such an effect on us why not the stars?


  2. I would say that all is one and therefore all have effect on the all. Makes sense to me that the planets would have some impact on us. I do not believe that it plays to the date someone was born.


  3. Someone once offered to ‘cast a horoscope’ for me, said she needed the EXACT time and place I was born. I didn’t take her up on it … she wanted me to cross her palm with too much silver.

    Anyway … if anyone’s future can be told in the stars, I think I’d prefer not to know.

    BUT … could sidereal influence maybe be an explanation of why ‘things usually happen in threes’?


  4. The full moon effect can be seen in emergency room records and arrest reports.After all , where did the word “Lunacy” originate ? Years ago, I traded some work for a 30 some odd page astrological chart. It was very accurate. Seems I’ll be successful later in life. I’m still waiting. I think the stars do have an effect on our moods and sometimes , our actions. How much, I think depends on us.


  5. The usual theory of astrology assumes causation, that the alignments are causing things to happen, and that is what makes it seem ridiculous. However, if one assumes that everything is cyclical and rhythmic, the orbits of planetary bodies, human emotions, life cycles and so on, one can see that there might be confluence of astological phemenon and events on the planet that does not require causation, cycles within cycles.


  6. HILLY:
    There is definitely something in the air. Could be the stars or it could just be an end of year thing. Either way, cleaning out the closet is a great feeling!

    That’s what I think. The moon has a huge effect on me, so why not the stars? It certainly bears thinking about!

    I’m pretty much with you on that in that what I’ve seen there tends to be a general influence rather than an influence specific to date of birth and so on. Very interesting stuff.

    I wonder about the things happening in threes as well. It does seem to happen that way. Maybe I’ve fallen too deeply into superstition with that one but it does seem to be the case. I think they also believe it in cricket. Look at the hat trick!

    There is no doubt of the influence of the moon. It’s interesting about your chart and I think you make a very good point – our charts can be accurate to a point. The rest depends on us!

    You are right. I guess that’s why I’ve struggled with astrology in the past, but if it can be explained as part of the cycle then I am more prone to accept it. Thanks, Paul!


  7. I used to be totally skeptical and bash astrology, but then I began having ESP dreams…and listening to them. So, that said, I am open to alternative happenings. I don’t read my horoscope or such, but I do wonder about the influences because I’m scientific minded and there is gravity, tides, energy, etc that is inexplicable…for now. Interesting post.


  8. Hi GEL,
    It’s the science that has swayed me. You can’t argue with the moon and the tides. I hope you write a post one day about your ESP dreams. Fascinating stuff!


  9. Oh Sel, I can’t believe how this post hit home with me today. I am soooo in tune with what you are saying. So that’s why I’m feeling so empowered in the past few days. Ahhhaaaa!!!! TaaaDaaaa!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks hon, you’ve shed the light.


  10. I got married the last time Saturn was in Libra. Yesterday it returned to that sign. So far, I’m still married to that same man! So – I guess that’s one little piece of evidence in favour of Saturn in Libra’s positive reputation for committment and staying power.


  11. Just left a comment on the staying power of Saturn in Libra – got married the last time, still married this time: but your filter didn’t like it and knocked me back! Thanks for the post – thought provoking.


    It’s affected me too. I feel good. I don’t know why because nothing in particular has happened, I just feel better able to cope. Yay for Saturn in Libra!

    So nice of you to drop by. That filter of mine does seem to have a mind of its own sometimes. Sorry about that.

    It is brilliant to hear of your personal experience regarding Saturn and Libra. That is so good. Wishing you many more happy years together!


  13. I have no opinion to this – it’s too unknown to me. I have never found my horoscope in the paper to be “right on” – but fortune cookies… ah, now those people know what they’re doing! ๐Ÿ˜€


  14. Hi TEX,
    I laughed when I read about the fortune cookies. That is so funny because I have had many fortune cookies that have held quite accurate predictions. Who knew?


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