Shadow Light


There are days when angels can be found in unexpected places. We would expect to see them basking in beams of sunlight, cavorting beneath blue skies, not clinging to the sides of buildings, draped like black cloth in shadow light.

Sometimes the weariness of the world descends, clinging to hair, clothes and skin like wet leaves and it is natural to retreat under cherry trees or the farthest corner of the verandah where the dimness droops.

It is comforting to sit in the cool where our eyes are not strained by the heat, where bands of ash slant across our fingers, where stone grows rich as amber.

The faces are there. Those who seek to guide us. If you listen very carefully you can hear the rustling of their wings, such a delicate sound it could be mistaken for trees flexing their leaves in the wind.

The shadow light offers solace without being asked. It covers our skin with such gentleness. Airborne, suspended, yet resting. And for the briefest of moments we sit, dreaming of different days, enfolded in the arms of an angel.

[Image by cichutko at Deviant Art.]
Inspired by the Carry On Tuesday prompt in the arms of an angel.

18 thoughts on “Shadow Light

  1. Lately, I’ve a lot of free time. I’ll often take a while and just sit and let the angels speak through the breeze, the trees, and the birdsong. Deciphering, is another matter. Amazing how alive the world is if we can just take the time to observe. Thank you for the post Selma.


  2. I loved reading this beautiful, delicate work Sel. And I do agree, the angels in our lives show up in unexpected places and usually when we don’t expect them to be there.

    Hugs friend, G


  3. “It is comforting to sit in the cool where our eyes are not strained by the heat, where bands of ash slant across our fingers, where stone grows rich as amber.”

    Just wow!


  4. Hi JONAS,
    I know. What was I thinking? It’s the unexpected places we have found them all along!

    It is so alive. It is so nice to take the time just to sit and listen to the world around us. I love doing that!

    Hi MAMA ZEN,
    Aww. What a lovely way of putting it!

    It is nice to know that sometimes on the dark days they will appear. It is a comfort!

    Hi MELEAH,
    Aww. Thank you. Great to see you blogging again!

    Hi STEPH,
    If I have helped you decompress then my work here is done. Awesome!

    Thanks so much. Great to see you!!


  5. NAT:
    Days like those are remarkable. Glad you experienced one!

    Now THAT is good news. YAY!!

    Your comment has made me think of chocolate. Now that’s got to be a good thing. Rich, velvety nourishment. I really like that. Mhmmmm….


  6. Beautiful imagery Sel and as you know, my love of Angels is the cornerstone of my belief system. It’s the one thing I truly do believe in.


  7. Selma, I may not believe in angels, but I recognize a lovely piece of writing when reading it, and, that was one, most lovely written work of art. Thanks for inviting me into your world!


  8. Perfection. Sheer perfection. Been there, many times. I have felt them hold my hands as I walk along, comforting my troubled heart.

    So glad to see you’ve met them too. 😉


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