I’ve worked in record shops on and off at Christmas for about 20 years, either helping out my husband or just getting a casual job to get a bit of extra money.

I’ve worked in specialist shops, I’ve worked in big chains. In Sydney, in London, in San Francisco. My husband’s shop is one of the last independent stores in Australia and I’ve worked there too.

There is a link between all of these different stores at Christmas and that is one album. In my experience, it is the most popular Christmas album of all time.

No, it’s not Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. Or even the Elvis Christmas Album.


It’s got tracks by The Ronettes, The Crystals, Darlene Love, Bob B Soxx and the Blue Jeans and to me provides such a groovy, stylish rendering of Christmas classics that it is irresistible.

I used to be a big Phil Spector fan. He was a legendary music producer responsible for the revolutionary Wall of Sound. He produced hit after hit after hit. Who doesn’t love Be My Baby and You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ ?

But I went off him a bit when I found out he had murdered someone. For a few years there I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the album but it continued to sell and sell and sell.

And I discovered that I missed listening to it. So I decided not to think about Phil Spector’s personal life and his cruelty and weirdness and listen instead to the joy and genius in the music.

And guess what? It’s still there.

So for your listening pleasure – the bearded man is coming to town….


  1. I’m trying to watch out.
    I’m trying not to pout.
    I’m trying not to cry.
    That part is difficult,
    And I can’t tell you why…
    But …”Santa Claus is coming to town, yeah, Santa Claus is coming to town.”
    Great song Selma ! I love the horn section. Thanks for putting a smile on my face .


  2. Selma, that is so cool! I have never heard of this particular album or even phil Spector. I guess I am too young 😦 but I really loved that I was able to even watch the video on my iPod. That ipod is a little computer in itself if you make full use of it!
    My discovery this week end was that David Archuleta made a Christmas album, maybe that will put me in the Christmas spirit cuz I am definitely not feeling the spirit.


    I know what you mean. That photo of him with the enormous afro is just plain bizarre. What went wrong with him?

    Oh, I hope he doesn’t. It is a real feelgood album. Whenever we play it in the shop people start tapping their feet. We are guaranteed to sell at least ten copies there and then!

    It’s very groovy, isn’t it? Always brings a smile to my face!

    I know that you would really enjoy it. It’s just such good fun!

    It can be hard to get into the Christmas spirit. You’ve had such a tough year, I can’t really blame you for not feeling it. I am very impressed with your iPod. Can’t wait to steal Nick’s when he gets it for Christmas 😉


  4. I only knew of Phil the murderer, I didn’t know he also produced music. I’m not sure if I can get past the murder thing to be honest especially during the happy season.


  5. MELEAH:
    I know. The guy is a complete freak. It can be hard to get past it.

    Oh, absolutely. He has singlehandedly tainted the legacy of his music.


  6. I’ve never heard of him – although I love “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'”. Don’t know if it’s my age or just that I’ve never really paid much attn to the record industry. Now I am intrigued – I must click on your links to learn more. 😀


    I think I experienced music overload growing up. But completely in a good way. I am grateful my Dad taught me a lot about music. Without him I wouldn’t even know who Sinatra was or the Gershwins and so many others. I do love my music!


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