Bibs And Bobs

I have been so tired this week that I just haven’t got around to blogging. I feel like I could quite easily sleep for a week. It’s been an incredibly busy year.

So, by way of a catch-up, I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on in point form:

* we have been growing tomatoes. They are growing really well and the ones that have ripened are delicious. However, the other day we noticed that a few were missing. Last night I discovered a mother possum and a baby possum munching on them. They were both so cute I couldn’t disturb them by taking a picture, so they munched away for all they were worth. Boy, oh, boy, do they love their tomatoes!

*an enormous flock of white cockatoos flew over the garden this morning. There were about a hundred of them. Their squawking was so loud they drowned out the din of the school recorder group practicing. I am all for kids learning a musical instrument but Three Blind Mice played 45 times in a row, out of time and out of tune is not good for the soul. At all. So thank you, cockatoos.

* someone was handing out free chocolate at the shops today. I have been to a wine tasting before but not a chocolate tasting. It was a little sweeter than I like, but it was free. A world where chocolate is free…can you imagine the bliss of it?

* my dearest boy did really well in his end of year school report. He got a Faculty Award in English and an award for Academic Excellence in Science. I am really pleased for him because he has had it tough this year. In further good news the karmic wheel is beginning to turn. Two of the kids who were bullying him are repeating the year (I already feel sorry for their future classmates) and another has been expelled. It is good to see that they didn’t get away with their atrocious behaviour, but you do wonder what sort of future they will have with such a bad attitude at only 13.

* I am watching Agatha Christie’s The Secret Adversary on the telly. Agatha is still one of the best murder-mystery writers ever. I had all her books when I was a kid. I think I might read them all again. I love it when people die in the drawing room with the smell of almonds on their breath and the only clue is an overturned Queen Anne sidetable. And the butler has received a blow to the head which has given him amnesia. Brilliant.

* While watching The Secret Adversary it occurred to me that people don’t send telegrams any more.

Come at once stop Urgent stop All will be revealed in due course stop.

It is also becoming rarer and rarer to receive handwritten notes. I kind of miss that.

* My cousins planted a tree for me for Christmas. I am absolutely thrilled with it. It is probably the best present I have ever had. I wish that tree a happy, long life. One day I hope to go and visit it.

* It is good to be so tired that you actually sleep right through the night. Like a baby. I don’t know where that expression came from, where sleeping well is described as sleeping like a baby because every baby I have ever known had trouble with sleep.

* Even though I know it is impossible I still dream of white Christmases. There is a brief moment where I wake up on Christmas morning where I have convinced myself while sleeping that there is snow on the ground. I do it every year. Sadly, it is never going to happen while I am living in Sydney.

Hope you are all well.

Have a great weekend!

22 thoughts on “Bibs And Bobs

  1. My favorite home-grown vegetables (although tomato is a fruit, I know) are tomatoes. When they are ripe and fresh, they taste sooo amazing.

    Although, I bet free chocolate tastes amazing too!


  2. Oh yum. I am pining for fresh tomatoes right now – store bought ones at this time of year don’t taste or SMELL like tomatoes!

    And good oh for your son! Science, huh? Sigh – not my forte in school – which is funny considering my career choice.

    And I’ll leave you with a story to think of whilst listening to recorder group practice. When my son was in sixth grade he decided to take an instrument and chose a TRUMPET to learn. We lived in a tiny mobile home at the time. Gah!


  3. I completely understand being tired. I’ve fallen disgracefully behind in my comments on blogs I love (I’ve been reading, just too tired to say anything).

    The cockatoos drowning out the sound of the recorders cracked me up. When Spawn was young, she tried playing the clarinet. I made her practice outside because the squeak was driving us all crazy.

    Yay for your boy (and I’m not surprised he’s doing so well, look who he has for a mum!). Give him a cheer for me.

    I agree, Dame Agatha is/was marvelous, but I’m also a huge fan of Ngaio Marsh.

    As for the white Christmas… It’s been so dang cold here in the mornings and we’ve not gotten above freezing in days. But, no snow. I’ve not experienced too many snowy Christmases, but the one’s I’ve had were pretty.


  4. I never rec’d a telegram–but I would LOVE to get real letters again. Even the Xmas cards are waning in favor of e-cards!!!! How sweet you let the creatures be and chomp on the tomatoes–few would.


  5. Oh god recorders! Is there anyone on earth who can make that horrid instrument produce a sound anywhere near the definition of music? I don’t think so.
    Congrats to your lovely son and yeah for the bullies getting their just desserts. I am a fan of revenge- sorry.
    Free chocolate? Where do I sign up?
    I hated snow when I had it, I don’t think I long for it now… perhaps…sometimes…maybe…
    And you, my dear Selma, sleep, sleep and dream the dreams of angels.


  6. Selma I could sleep for the next month I am so tired. I am reading your blog then going to sleep LOL. You should come here we are snowed in it is bone chilling cold as they say and tons of snow we got close to 40 km the day before. You gave me a chocolate craving if it wasn’t so bloody cold I would take a walk with mica and buy a chocolate bar. And wow you have a really smart son there!


  7. Zooming in to give you a hug, from someone who has had 9 months of sleeping like a baby (ie, semi awake while the baby’s sleeping and awake when he’s awake), and misses cold, white xmas desperately…

    Have a wonderful, restful end of the year.



  8. I can completely relate….. my fatigue factor is maxed, and yet its 4:40 am and I’m AWAKE! I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks off…. to recharge and reboot and refocus.
    Like you, this year has been so darn busy, but good things have come of it.
    How about we start a new revolution Selma. Let’s enact a global Random Acts of Chocolate giving…….. you in Oz and me in the Great White North. πŸ™‚


  9. I love bibs and bobs posts πŸ™‚

    I am so proud of Nick for his academnic achievements. Tell him well done from me. It is good to see these bullies getting their comeupance but it does also make you wonder where they will end up in the world.

    The thing with Agatha Christie’s mysteries was I never could work out whodunnit. She was so good at what she did.

    On the tiredness thing….my new medication is really wiping me out but it does help me sleep which is a true blessing. I can hardly remember what it’s like to sleep through the whole night.

    Finally, what shops were giving out free chocolate because that’s where I need to go.

    Now go and have yourself a Nanna nap and I hope you get your energy back soon.


  10. What a great post! I loved reading all of these. And hooray that the bullies are paying some of their dues, I like that a lot. Congrats to your son on his achievements, well done. Oh, and a white Christmas, is there anything prettier? We are waiting for one too. πŸ˜‰

    Hugs Sel, G


  11. Oooo, I do love this. Life is full of bibs and bobs, aren’t they? Alone they aren’t much, but put together they make a rich whole.

    So glad your boy is doing well. Maybe the other boys will learn – we can always hope. πŸ˜‰

    I relate to you and sleep. I wish the twins still took naps. Then I could too. πŸ˜€


  12. HILLY:
    Free chocolate is the best. You are so right about the home-grown tomatoes. They taste the way tomatoes used to taste. Those mass-produced ones are just so bland.

    With the amount of torture I have had from those recorder players, I think I would actually prefer trumpet. There is one kid who, no matter what the song is, plays the same note over and over. It is a nightmare πŸ˜†

    It is a tiring time of year for us all. I loved Ngaio Marsh too (although the name is one of those you can never learn to spell no matter how hard you try). I’ll try and find some of her books in the library this week!

    My waistline wouldn’t agree, either. But boy, would I be happy πŸ˜€


    A few years back I got 200 handwritten cards at Christmas, last year I got 20. I like email cards too but they’re just not the same as one you can open and keep. *wistful sigh*

    Isn’t it awful? I also like a spot of revenge. It just makes me feel better. The image of dreaming of angels is something I find very soothing. Sounds like an idea for a story to me!

    Agatha was such a great writer. No matter how many of her books I read I could never work out who had done it. She was just too good!

    My copy of ‘Sparkling Cyanide’ is tattered and mouldy too, but I love it. It is one of those books I can read over and over again. The scene is set so well!

    WOW. That is a lot of snow. I’d like to see snow again but maybe not all that much at once. Enjoy your nap!

    The perfect telegram. Thank you. I think I mastered the art of sleeping with one eye open when Nick was a bubba. In fact, I got so good at it that I think I would be a good spy. I wonder if MI-5 has any openings….


  14. DANA:
    That is just such a fantastic idea. Do you read Postsecret? Some of the people there put secrets in books in bookstores. Maybe we could leave chocolates on shelves in shops and set up a website for people to share their Random Acts of Free Chocolate experiences. I really like it. The world would be a better place with more chocolate giving!

    I wonder what will happen to the bullies. I think it’s going to be a long, hard road for them. Sorry to hear your medication is making you so tired – but at least you can sleep. That is always a good thing in my book. The free chocolate came from a deli near where I live. I hope it drummed up extra business for them because the chocolate was really good!

    I hope you get a white Christmas. That would be so pretty. It is good when things start to work out. I am really glad for Nick. He has worked very hard. I hope this leads to a stress free 2010!

    You know what has been the hardest thing about the bully situation for me? Actually feeling empathy for the boys who have caused my son so much misery. Maybe they have no one who cares about them. That is so sad to think about. I would like things to improve for them too.

    Daytime naps were the best. I have no excuse to have one now. I suppose I could say I’m getting old….

    I LOVE The Ronettes. Be My Baby is one of my fave songs of all time. It is so catchy. I just love everything about it!


  15. Selma, I just realized I had written 40 km oops, that is what sleep deprivation does to me I babble. It was cm I should have taken pictures but I was so discouraged and frozen. Today it is – 24 c with the windchill! I am going to hibernate all winter and think of chocolate!


  16. MELEAH:
    Especially from people with beautiful writing. My Scottish grandmother was known for her exquisite handwriting. Her friends used to get her to write all their letters. I still have every letter she ever sent to me. Letter writing was an art in those days!


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