Watchtower Moon

There’s a watchtower moon tonight. I have never actually stood on a watchtower. Most of the castles that actually had watchtowers are probably protected from tourists clambering all over them these days, anyway; but often when I see a moon such as this one I think of a castle and a watchtower and how awe-inspiring it would be to see a moon of this size from one.

The Vikings or the Romans wouldn’t be able to do much sneaking around under such a moon. Everything would be illuminated under the clear white light. You would even be able to see the arc of an arrow or the hurl of a knife.

Such a moon rises slowly. Like a giant getting up from a late afternoon nap, still drowsy and hungry for his supper.

I think of Bob Dylan’s song All Along The Watchtower as I look at the moon. The Hendrix version, resonant with the breath and blood of the sixties, and as I remember the guitar soaring up and out as if played on the watchtower itself I wonder if Dylan saw a moon such as this when he wrote the song.

It would be fitting if he had.

If I had been a soldier on the battlements  keeping the view I would have been sacked for moongazing. Or I would have spent my nights recklessly daring anyone or anything to emerge from the shadows.

The clouds stream past the watchtower moon like veiled nuns. They are too wind-strewn to cover it. From this perspective it appears more indomitable than the earth beneath my feet.

I turn out the lights and watch, eyes wide as a child.

And dream.

*Image by Crystal Starr on DeviantART

16 thoughts on “Watchtower Moon

  1. Oh yes, I’d be the same. The enemy would be climbing over the battlements before I spotted them – my face would be tilted up to the moon and I’d be lost in another world.

    Moons and sunsets – both are so perfect and yet evoke such different feelings in me.

    Funny you should say about vinyl – I was just thinking the same the other week when I was trogging around the shopping centre. There is a real retro little shop there right on the top storey and it keeps going and whilst a few years ago it was mostly cds now it is largely vinyl and those music t-shirts we all used to wear! I’m glad he has found his niche – shame I never knew at the time or I would have popped into the shop. Mind you then I would have had to transport a load of vinyl home with me! So maybe it was just as well. Next time though. Oh and we must have coffee next time I am in Sydney – hopefully sometime soon.


  2. So funny. There you are saying, in my comment box, that blogging can be like a conversation and weirdly you left a comment on my blog at exactly the same moment I was writing one on yours. I think we were talking over each other on this occasion!

    Have a great weekend x


  3. I love the name “Watchtower Moon”. How romantic. You cannot keep from being transported to another place and time when gazing at it. …another place and time…yes, that is a romantic notion.


  4. Hi RELUCS:
    You are absolutely on for the coffee. It is so interesting to hear about the CD shop. We get a lot of requests for retro T-shirts too. We are thinking of stocking a lot of vintage music ones sometime later on in the year.

    I am hopeless when it comes to the moon. I would be one of those people walking along, humming a little song to myself, gazing upward, falling into manholes. It would be a bit like a Benny Hill skit!

    We had comment synchronicity. I think it means we are about to encounter some good luck 😀

    Hi STEPH:
    I often think how lovely it would be to be transported to another place or time. A place with castles and Kings and knights on steads. But no man-eating giants. That will ruin the fantasy!

    Aww, thanks, hon. That really means a lot to me!


  5. I love the full moon. It’s been raining cats and dogs last couple of days, because cyclone Olga has turned into a huge rain depression, and we’re copping the edge – which is a good thing but I can’t see the moon. Tessa and I like to walk on the beach and howl at the moon (just a mother/daughter thing – ha,ha). Lovely prose Selma – full of magical imagery.


    You are my kind of people. I love to howl at the moon but sadly, get to do it very rarely as I live in such a densely populated area and the men in the white coats would probably be called. Or the werewolf hunters. Howl with abandon for me, would you?


  7. Okay, you have such a better name for it! Over here, they’re calling it a “wolf moon” and I don’t like that saying that much. 🙂


  8. Hi HILLY:
    I know what you mean. I’m not sure I like the Wolf Moon either. Would be a great title for a horror film, mind you!

    Hi JASON:
    Aaaah. A fellow moon gazer. I knew you would be 😀


  9. A lovely piece Selma.

    I’m also particularly enamoured with the moon; of things worthy of gazing at, she’s pretty much number one for me. And she’s been magnificent these past several evenings.


  10. A long time ago, a woman once told me that when she stares at the moon, she thinks of the people that she loves, and wonders if they are staring at the moon too. I love to look at the moon, as it seems so peaceful and yet so full of wonder. Especially a full moon.
    When I first moved to Durham, I used to drive down Highway 54 to get home, and there have been a couple of summer evenings that a full moon has been just above the horizon as I have driven down that road. It took all my self control not to hit my brakes and stop in the middle of the road and just take it all in. Breathtaking!


  11. Hi MELEAH:
    I just love that song. I Play the Hendrix version all the time. I am sure my neighbours are sick of it 😀

    Hasn’t she been stunning? I could gaze for hours at her beautiful, luminous face *sigh*

    Hi MANOJ:
    I love that story. That is beautiful. It sort of links everyone who is separated by distance.

    It does make you do a double take when it comes on you like. That has happened to me too. It is just so big!


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