Sunday Beat

I’ve got a bit of southern fried gypsy jazz in my soul tonight.

Here is Amy LaVere singing That Beat

Happy Sunday, everyone!!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Beat

  1. Hi STEPH:
    I had a great day although it was very humid here. Our temperatures haven’t been too high but the humidity seems to have increased. Just as well I ‘glisten’ and don’t sweat.


  2. Hi MELEAH:
    Hope you had a great weekend!!

    Hi BEAR:
    Oh, me too.You can’t beat a good gypsy!

    Hi DAVID:
    Who doesn’t love Django Reinhardt and Grappelli together? A match made in heaven. Thanks for the clip!

    Hi KATE:
    Of course they would be. I didn’t think of that. Hope you are well.

    Don’t worry about that. It is easy to put comments in the wrong spot. I really appreciate your kind comment. You have a very romantic sensibility.


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