Here is the fabulous Imelda May singing Johnny Got A Boom Boom.

Guaranteed to get your toes a-tappin’.

7 thoughts on “SUNDAY BEAT: Imelda May

  1. Wow,Selma, that sure was some hip,hep,and happening, real gone jumpin’jive. Thanks for posting it.

    I hear that she (Imelda May)toured the US with The Brian Setzer Orchestra last year. Hopefully, they both make to Australia. Thanks again and cheers,DavidM

    Here’s Brian Setzer singing ‘You’re the Boss’ with Gwen Stafani.

    And the Elvis and Ann Margaret Version.


  2. What a great way to start the day, Sel! I will be bopping around while doing my mundane Sunday chores thanks to you! Lots of fun!


  3. Hi DAVID:
    I adore Ann Margret and Elvis. ‘Viva Las Vegas’ is one of my favourite movies. I am also a big fan of Brian Setzer. If he and Imelda May were to tour here I would be beside myself. Thanks for the great clip!

    Hi STEPH:
    I like to bop around to groovy music while doing my household chores as well. It’s so much fun!


  4. Excellent choice. I was watching a squirrel nut zipper vid. and the banjo player looked like her. It wasn’t “Hell” is a good tune of theirs.


  5. Hi MELEAH:
    It is a groovy number. Love it!

    I’ll need to check them out. I love a bit of banjo. My sister is an excellent banjo player. It’s such a cool instrument.

    Hi TEX:
    They seem to have been cutting the embeds on YouTube a lot lately as well as taking a lot of the videos off completely. Maybe it’s a copyright thing.


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