A Point Here, A Point There

*I’ve been writing all week and have been meaning to blog every day but have run out of time. I also wonder if it’s possible to overwrite the way  marathon runners can overtrain. I think you get to a point where the words become muddled in your head and you need a rest.

* Even though I live in Australia I love to watch American Idol. I am already addicted to it. I was worried about Ellen Degeneres being one of the judges as I thought she might be too soft, but she is quite straightforward, which I like. It amazes me still how many people who so obviously cannot sing think they can. Can’t figure that one out.

* It has been raining so heavily that the bushes at the front of my house are completely bent over as if a row of elephants have been sitting on them overnight.

* Even though it is raining so heavily the humidity is still up at around 95%. That is far too much moisture in the air for my liking. Instead of doing a rain dance I am trying to figure out how to do a wind dance to blow all that humidity away.

* We are all looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics. I absolutely love anything to do with skating as well as those crazy maniacs who throw themselves down the luge track. They must have nerves of steel. Canada is such a beautiful country. I have to travel there one day.

* Why do so many places that sell veggie burgers just have patties made of mashed pumpkin? I love mashed pumpkin but I don’t really want it on a bun. Can’t they throw in some chickpeas and lentils or something?

* If I catch the guy who is letting his enormous dog poop in front of my garage door every night I will rub his nose in it. I know this falls into the TMI category but why do people give big dogs sloppy food? Ewww.

* There is a spider outside the kitchen window who stays in his web in the rain. He is still alive. I checked. Perhaps he likes watching the patterns the raindrops make in his gossamer web.

* My eczema is finally improving and I am getting some sleep. As my Aunt Jo says: It is relief beyond belief.

Hope you have all had a good week.

26 thoughts on “A Point Here, A Point There

  1. you have some points there…

    still trying to decide if I will ever like veggie burgers, only had one and it was good….

    I love watching skating as well and it always amazes me when one of the ladies do a back flip, always….


  2. Hi LISSA:
    I just love the skating. I wish I could do it. I used to ice skate when I was a kid and know how hard it is to get to a really good level. I have such respect for pro ice skaters. They are awesome.

    Sometimes the week seems to go by in points, you know? Woooossh and it’s over. Sometimes I think if I blink I’ll miss it 😀

    Hi NAT:
    I’ll get there one day. I am dying to see it. Such a beautiful place!


  3. Poor little spider. As you know, I love Ellen DeGeneres. She so dang quick witted. Although I don’t watch American Idol – yes, I’m the one person who doesn’t watch it – I’ve no doubt she’ll prove to be a great addition. I am sooooo happy you’re finding relief from the itching! Here’s to several sound nights sleep in a row!! You have a terrific week, too, Miss Sel.


  4. Good for you with the writing! I suppose there is a point at which it’s just as important to just walk away for a little while – and get some distance.
    Happy to hear the ecxema is improving!
    Ditto for me re: my part of Canada.


  5. I have posts saved on my hard drive (even my new one) that date back for a very long time. They never got posted, either because I was too chicken, decided to write from a different angle, or, um, whatever. Lots of times they never get posted because they are drivel.

    This post was perfect. Nice insight to your world. Not an iota of drivel to be seen.


  6. Skating is my favorite event in the Olympics.

    Rain and writing. Sounds heavenly.

    When you rub the guy’s nose in the dog poop, you MUST write about that. I MUST know the look of grossed out wonder that was on his face. heehee

    And I’m soooo happy you’re getting sleep! Whee!


  7. >>I absolutely love anything to do with skating <> veggie burgers<>dog poop in front of my garage door every night <<

    It's illegal here now; if your dog dumps within 1km. of any human habitation, you MUST pick up. Not much point really; cats can still crap where they like. And, we had to laugh at the Man from the Council, who went around sticking cards in piles of DS on the Old Coach Road, and 'carded' at least three fox scats.


  8. >>>>I absolutely love anything to do with skating

    Looks like you’re only allowed to comment on one quotation at once!

    You’d love our TV show ‘Dancing on Ice’. We watch religiously every Sunday night and are cheering for Hayley Tammadon (an actress in one of our favourite soaps) to win; she always looks as if she’s really enjoying herself.

    And, of course, there are the ‘resident experts’, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. They must be pushing 50 by now, but still as great as ever.


  9. Hi STEPH:
    Ellen has a great sense of humour. I really like her too. I can’t believe that spider – he is still there in his web. Maybe he’s a special kind of rain spider.

    If I ever make it to Canada (and I hope I do) I will definitely have to catch up with all the bloggers I know. That would be so much fun.

    Hi KAREN:
    I like a bit of drivel. It is often very entertaining. 😀

    Hi TEX:
    When I catch that guy he better have his running shoes on. It is gross.

    I just love the skating. It’s on today. I can’t wait!

    Torvill and Dean were incredible back in the day, weren’t they? That TV show sounds good. I hope they end up playing it here.

    I wish the dog poop situation was better here. You can get fined, I think but there is never anyone from the Council around to enforce it. I believe in dog poo karma. What I step in, you will step in very soon. Only bigger and squishier!

    Hi MAMA ZEN:
    Oh, he has it coming all right. I’ll get him if it’s the last thing I do.


  10. I also wonder if it’s possible to overwrite the way marathon runners can overtrain.

    Yes it is. Especially if you write quality stuff like you do.

    I can’t stand humidity! It kills me.

    The spider -is it a golden orb?

    Good points, great post.



  11. I tried getting back into American Idol but there’s not much rock music in it and I get bored easily by tv these days. I wish it would rain here – it’s getting so hot that living with an air-conditioner is getting harder and harder. I have never liked the veggie burgers that we get here – tastes like mush – and so I avoid them.

    And when you’re going to Canada take me along with you.


  12. I tend not to watch American Idol – while there are some good singers, and some really odd people, I just feel bad when I see someone with so much energy come in to audition – when they really have no business being there – and then watch as all that positive energy gets sucked out of them when they are ridiculed on national television. It’s bad enough for them being there, but to have your moment of seemingly no common sense broadcast to the country seems to be something that I would like to avoid. I have no issues with those that love the show – more power to you :o) – It’s just not my cup of tea.
    On a side note, I do think that Ellen will be a good addition – I think that she is a funny woman! I don’t know if you get her makeup commercials in Australia, but they are really funny!
    We had some snow again on Friday night and into Saturday. Unlike the last few instances, it was actually just snow, and while it made everything look beautiful, it didn’t stick to the ground and so didn’t cause too many problems. Other than those folks that seem to be blissfully indifferent to the fact that whether you have 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive, if you slam on your breaks on a slippery road, you will slide and more than likely cause some damage!
    I have been ignoring the Winter Olympics so far – will try and catch up with them this week if I can. I love Canada too, even though I’ve only been there once. I am hoping to get back up to Toronto, and maybe even over to Vancouver in the next year or so! Canadians are very friendly people too!
    When I first moved to the US back in 2001, either McDonalds or Burger King had a veggie burger which was basically the same as a cheeseburger without the meat! There are more choices these days, which I think helps. The tastiest vegetarian dish that I have eaten (from a restaurant) is the chilli tofu that my local indo-chinese restaurant serves. I normally classify eating tofu as eating wet cardboard, as it has the same consistency and taste. However, the way that they prepare it at Pao Lim makes it extremely tasty! (PS I am not a vegetarian).
    With regards to the phantom pooper, I would tape a sign to your garage door that says something along the lines of “If you let your dog poop here one more time, I will be returning the favour outside your front door. Yes, I have recorded your transgression and I now know where you live!”
    Too strong?
    How about “Please stop letting your dog poop in front of my garage.” Simple, conveys the message, and there it is not confrontational in the least.
    Raindrops dripping on a spiders web is another example of nature’s own art. Something that can’t be reproduced by hand. Glad to hear that your eczema is getting better. Have a great week!


  13. Hi Selma, I’m feeling silly,So, I’m back to let you know that your post’s heading: “A Point Here, A Point There” made me think, a point here, a point there, everywhere a point, point -which made me think of the poem ‘Pointy Birds’ by Steve Martin from The Man With Two Brains:

    “Pointy birds
    Oh pointy pointy
    Anoint my head
    Anointy nointy”



  14. Ugh- The dog poop- hope that stops.
    Glad the eczema is better. I also suffer from that and need to use cortisone cream for it. Enjoy your “warm stew of thoughts” posts.


  15. I think you should visit Canada ~ I would love to meet
    you. Am missing you on Twitter (although I am slowing
    down on it to start blogging again. It finally has sunk in
    that Twitter affects my writing. I am tired on thinking
    in short sentences when I really want to write

    Humidity makes me droop just like the bushes in warm weather.
    ButI’d definitely put up with it if it meant that the temperature
    was above freezing and there was no snow.

    And on the subject of big dog poo, well it irks me no
    end when people don’t pick up after their dogs. I’ve
    noticed a big improvement in our local park since signs
    were posted.

    It is exciting to have the Olympics here. I love watching
    figure skating too, but my favourite sport is ice hockey.
    It must be in my genes.


  16. Hi DAVID:
    Thank you for your lovely comment re. the quality of my writing. That is debatable at the moment but I really thank you for saying it.

    I think it may be a golden orb, although it has a smaller body than I’m used to seeing on the orbs. If I remember rightly, they don’t mind the rain.

    Hi ROSHAN:
    I agree with you about the lack of rock on Idol. I guess I just like to see people possibly living their dream – there is so little of that these days. That would be fun to go to Canada together. Maybe one day….

    Hi MANOJ:
    I know what you mean about Idol. That aspect of it can be hard to take. I haven’t seen Ellen’s commercials. I can imagine they would be hilarious.

    I watched the figure skating today. I thought the Chinese team was fantastic. They made it look so effortless. Thanks for all your great suggestions.

    Hi DAVID:
    I had forgotten about that. Love ‘The Man With Two Brains.’ Thanks for the reminder.


  17. Hi GEL:
    So great to hear from you. Hope you’ve been well. I really like how you describe it as a ‘warm stew of thoughts.’ That is just brilliant!

    Hi KATE:
    Two old friends visiting in one day! I am so pleased to hear from you. Awww, I miss you too. So much. I just don’t have the time to be on Twitter at the moment.

    I watched the hockey game between Russia and Finland. That was one tough game. I wouldn’t want to meet any of those ladies in a dark alley, I can tell you. So great to hear from you XX


  18. I have often thought about why people who do not possess any skills or talents should opt to disgrace themselves publicly in shows like American Idol.
    I observed a similar type of behavior when I used to teach students in their late teens. Some were significantly below average level, but they truly believed they were performing excellently. They would stubbornly ignore their grades, other students’ performance and teachers’ advice firmly convinced that it’s not them, it’s everyone else who is wrong. They would often claim that teachers hated them and classmates envied them for their exceptional qualities, that they were continuously misunderstood and purposefully underestimated by the rest of us narrow-minded people and so on and so on. They would never admit that they were not good enough. But the saddest thing was, being so sure that they were exceptionally good, prevented them from trying harder and improving their skills. I have no other explanation for this phenomenon except that it is some fault in the personality itself. Some false self-confidence instilled by overambitious parents perhaps which led to lack of self-criticism and objectivity. It’s a pity because such people often become a laughing stock.


  19. I absolutely ADORE Ellen DeGeneres. She is hilarious. Unfortunately we don’t have Foxtel or I would probably tune in to American Idol just to see Ellen.

    I am so pleased to see that your eczema is starting to clear up at long last. You must feel like a new woman.

    I would love to go to Canada too Sel and enjoy watching the ice skating. I keep meaning to watch the Olympics but somehow I don’t seem to get around to it.


  20. Hi SHIONA:
    I saw it when I was teaching too. It was one of the reasons I quit. These kids who thought they knew it all, who came from families where self-delusion was the order of the day. It is almost impossible to teach someone who thinks he already knows everything. I believe we never stop learning right up until the end. I look forward to learning a new thing every day – and I usually do.

    Hi GYPSY:
    Ellen is a card. She cracks me up too. Trouble is I can’t watch her show because of all the screaming from the audience. They scream about everything. Drives me mad. 🙄

    If you get the chance you should check out some of the Olympics. I watched the figure skating today and it was amazing. I actually cried at some of the routines. I am becoming so sentimental these days!


  21. Torville and Dean did come here for Dancing on Ice. It was the only Reality TV show I’ve ever watched. Dermot Brereton tore his bicep lifting his partner and Michael Slater needed stitches when his partner skated over his hand. Lara Bingle was in it too. And Jules Lund, from Getaway, who was hilarious.


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