And because I like corny jokes so much, here are some Easter ones for you –

What do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?

Hot cross bunnies!

Why did the easter egg hide?

He was a little chicken!

Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg a joke?

It might crack up!

How can you tell where the Easter Bunny has been?

Eggs marks the spot!

How do you catch the Easter Bunny?

Hide in a bush and make a noise like a carrot!

What do you call a rabbit that tells good jokes?

A funny bunny!

What’s the best way to send a letter to the Easter Bunny?

Hare mail!

What did the rabbit say to the carrot?

It’s been nice gnawing you!

What kinds of books do bunnies like?

Ones with hoppy endings!

19 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER

  1. I’ve been wracking my brain for a corny joke to give back to you – but nothing. Were you the one who twittered the joke about Tigger looking in the toilet? If you were – Michael and Tessa loved it. Have a good one.


  2. Corny jokes are fun, Selma. I love the cute illustration, has that olde world charm about it. Hope you are having a splendid weekend. We’re relaxing and enjoying the break.


  3. Hoppy endings are good. I think I was a bunny in a previous life because those are the books I like too.

    Happy Easter.


  4. Can’t think of any corny Easter jokes, but I have a nice story.

    In Saloisbury, a couple of years ago, a beared, turbanned Sikh was waiting for a bus with a gigantic chocolate egg under his arm. Someone said to him, I didn’t think you people celebrated Easter.

    With a gentle smile it seems that only a Sikh can give, he replied:

    ‘We don’t, but my children like chocolate!’


  5. CUTE JOKES! I will share some of them with the kids. 😀

    Happy Easter to you too – I’ve been thinking about you, although I haven’t been allowing myself online due to the fact that I am way too easily distracted. But I wanted to pop over and wish you a day full of fun, lots of chocolate, peace and tranquillity. =)


    I asked the Easter Bunny for Richard Armitage in my basket but alas, he is not as dilligent as Santa Clause. heehee – Redbeard said that was MY Easter joke this year. 😀


  6. Hi JONAS:
    Hope you are having a restful and peaceful Easter weekend.

    Hi VIC:
    I don’t know how people do stand-up. It must be terrifying. Hope you and the little ones are enjoying Easter!

    Hi GEL:
    Hope you are having an eggs-traordinary Easter!


    Yes, the Tigger joke was mine. Nick loves corny jokes. He’s always coming up with some. I steal most of my material from him. Hope you and your family are having a lovely Easter!

    Hi TERESA:
    You are very welcome. Thanks for visiting. Hope your Easter is eggs-citing!

    Hi ROWE:
    We’re just relaxing too. It’s been nice because the weather’s been cooler. We were going to go to the Show but decided against it – too many people, although I did want to see the racing pigs. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  8. Hi DANA:
    There is nothing like a hoppy ending.. I may have been a bunny in a previous life too because I eat a lot of carrots. I eat raw carrots the way people eat apples and oranges. Tasty…

    Hi LISSA:
    The jokes are silly, but fun. They always put a smile on my face. Hope your Easter is nice and relaxing!

    I really like that story. And why shouldn’t his children have an egg? There’s nothing wrong with getting into the spirit of things.

    Hi BEAR:
    I have had a good Easter. Eggs-actly what I needed. Hope yours has been eggs-tra special!

    Hi TEX:
    That Richard Armitage is a dreamboat. He ….. got distracted there for a moment. Hope you and the clan are having a wonderful Easter.


  9. I smiled at these jokes because it reminded me that as a child, I was determined to learn how to be funny, so I repeatedly checked out books full of jokes (not unlike these!) from the local library and read them over and over again, trying to memorize the jokes in hopes of making myself into a funny person. I eventually gave up that strategy and, decades later, joined Twitter.

    Happy Easter, Selma. I hope you had a great one.


  10. Hi IRON FIST:
    All those joke books worked because you are a truly funny guy. You have a top sense of humour. Love your tweets! Hope you had a good Easter too.

    Hi GYPSY:
    They are shockers, aren’t they? So bad you have to laugh. Hope your Easter was good too, hon.

    Hi MELEAH:
    It’s never too late to say’ HAPPY EASTER.’ Hope you had a good one.

    Hope they gave your kids a chuckle. I told them to the little girl across the road who is four and she killed herself laughing. It was really cute. Hope you and the family had a great Easter!


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