Glad To Be Alive Monday

Scattered Monday thoughts can mean only one thing – BULLET POINTS.

Yay, I love a bit of free form thinking, slightly random,  even more slightly interrelated.

Here we go –

* A friend of mine has just won a contract to ghostwrite the autobiography of a well-known Aussie soccer player. However, he is not very forthcoming about details of his life and the few pages of notes he has provided are pretty much indecipherable. Once I got over the irony of my friend working with one of the people she has scathingly referred to for years as the inarticulate pretty boy sporty types (and stopped laughing uncontrollably) I offered my help.

Here is the opening paragraph I came up with:

Whenever a ball comes into contact with  a surface that has friction, the ball’s parallel velocity is changed and a torque is applied to the ball by the off-center force.  When the foot comes into contact with the ball, the upward and forward swing of the leg’s stroke gives the ball topspin.

Topspin changed my life.

My friend prefers the dumbed down version:

I kicked a ball when I was a kid. It went really far along the road. It was a good kick. That’s when I knew.

I had fun with the opening paragraph but can you imagine writing a whole book in that vein? It’d drive you crazy.

* Is it ever alright to flirt with a man when you’re married? A friend of my husband’s is absolutely hot and I flirt with him and he flirts with me whenever I see him. Our flirting is indulging a little frisson that exists between us and I am worried that it is inappropriate. Do you think that people who are both very much spoken for consider flirting to be safe and harmless and that it is in fact, safe and harmless? Did I mention that he is ten years younger than me? I am officially a cougar. Yay me!

* My son has an uncanny ear for accents. We were watching Bridezillas the other night (Hey! we always watch something tacky on Friday nights) and there was a bride on there from Staten Island, New York. By the end of the show he had mastered her accent. He has been doing it all weekend. He even rang one of his friends and they didn’t know who he was. I would love to be able to do that!

* Do you ever do something mundane like turn on the lights in the evening and suddenly become overwhelmed by the brilliance of the invention? Sometimes I am blown away by inventors – even over a hundred years later. Thank you, Thomas Edison.

* Speaking of giving thanks, I met a man at Baker’s Delight (local bread shop) today who had lost both of his arms in a fire. He was a former firefighter and had been trapped in a building. His arms were so badly burned they had to amputate what remained of them. You would expect a man who had endured such horror to be embittered, but he was incredibly happy just to be alive. I was humbled and inspired by his attitude. He had hooks for arms that were electronically controlled. I’m not sure exactly how it worked but it seemed to be that he could control them by thought. It was amazing. A little boy eating a cheese and bacon roll couldn’t take his eyes off him and asked him in a squeaky voice if he was a robot. He got down to the little boy’s level and took the time to explain to him how his hands worked. Such goodness always makes me teary. That little boy will remember that experience for a long time.

I am pleased to have met that man.

It makes me glad to be alive.

Hope your Monday is a good one.

30 thoughts on “Glad To Be Alive Monday

  1. I think Mondays are good for bullet points, but then it’s probably Tuesday when posted this, ha, I can never get used to different time zones

    It’s so nice to hear people like the man you mentioned, it’s rare to go through such awful thing and come out happy, I’m always amaze by people’s strength and their ability to carry one even when those in their situation wouldn’t have been in such good spirit

    & oh, I love to be able to do accents like your son 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Firefighter-what an incredible human being! Moments like these are gifts from the Universe we should treasure forever! Happy Monday, Selma 🙂


  3. And how glad we are that you ARE alive Sel!!! 🙂 I enjoyed your list. As for flirting, I think it can be just good fun as long as both parties understand, that’s as far as it can go. Keeps the blood pumpin’ 😉 As for noticing and marvelling at “simple” inventions, I hear ya, I do that all the time. We do live in a world full of amazing things and people. The bad stuff, not the right direction to dwell on.

    Hugs and thanks for a great post here, G 🙂


  4. Flirting is totally OK! Just because you are taken doesn’t mean it’s not fun to be playful with someone else, or that you don’t want to be seen as attractive. As long as you’re not planning to do anything past that, you get my full seal of approval.

    I’d love to be able to do good accents, too, though a Staten Island accent probably isn’t the first one I’d choose. 😉


  5. How do you open a conversation like the one with the firefighter? Or did the conversation only really happen because of the little boy’s question? Yay for children. Maybe my son will be the one to lead me into interesting chats with other people. I have always been intrigued by the experiences you’ve recounted.


    Lovely to see you. Yes, there are reminders everywhere of how good it is to be alive. I love when those reminders come along unexpectedly as they did yesterday.

    Hi LISSA:
    Nick does some fantastic accents. His Russian one is unbelievably good.

    I was in awe of the fire fighter. It really put my life in perspective. I have nothing to complain about.

    I completely agree. If we are open to moments like those they can be so enriching. They often restore my sense of hope.

    It is there. I was inspired by the way he just got on with things. And he was incredibly charismatic. People were drawn to him. Just amazing!

    ‘Keeps the blood pumpin’ Hahaha. You crack me up. God knows, I need that at my age. 😆

    Inventions never cease to amaze me. What about taps and washing machines and even the humble shoelace? We couldn’t get by without them!

    Hi KATE:
    I guess I feel a little bad about the flirting. It is not usually my thing but as you say, it can be fun to be playful with someone else.

    I would love to master the accents. It’s all about your ear. Nick is a great singer and has perfect pitch so that’s probably why he can pick up accents so quickly. It really is amazing!

    Hi DAOINE:
    I asked the firefighter if he needed some help with his bags and that’s how the conversation began. What a guy. It was quite an experience to meet him!


  7. What a fabulous post Selma.
    Glad to be alive ? Hell yeah !!!!!!
    Flirting ? Why not ?
    Accents ? I have had to employ them in the past . Mostly in Spanish, so that others don’t know where I’m from. I’d love to sit down with you son and carry on a conversation using our accents. I think it would be hilarious.
    When the wind blows , I often think of the variance in pressure that creates it.Not an in vention but fun to think about. As is the means in which we communicate. Binary encoded pulses of light that generates words and oictures…that’s trippy.
    Man with no arms…He is probably thinking how fortunate he is to have legs…among other things.
    I am having a wonderful Monday. And, it has been made that much better because of your post. Just can’t wait for Tuesday!!!


  8. Sorry about the spelling…I never proof read comments .Well, almost never. “Words and oictures…”I hit the O instead of the P.
    Should have an R after you in “you son.” Oh well, minor imperfections are a trademark of my work. Ooops…just saw “in ventions” Jeez…I must learn to type…or re read my comment before I hit the tab. Sorry 🙂


  9. Your opening paragraph for the soccer book is superb – but no-one would believe a soccer player would write it – ha,ha. My boy Michael has always been good with accents – when he was really young he always spoke with the accents from shows on tv (did a really good Italian one from Fireman Sam). Records and cd’s etc. are my top invention – I’m amazed they can get the music on there. I’m glad to be alive! Thanks Selma.


  10. * Good luck helping your friend – I liked YOUR version much better!

    *I think flirting is natural and OKAY -as long as you don’t take things too far!

    *My son also loves to master accents! Its fun and I liked the show Bridezillas – it makes me laugh!

    *Yes, I am easily amazed by the simplest of inventions!

    *Meeting people like that are TRULY inspirational – and remind us ALL not to take LIFE for granted!


  11. Hi PUNATIK:
    You should see my spelling sometimes. Absolutely shocking. I’m sure my son would enjoy exchanging quips with you in Spanish. Accents are cool!

    Wind, light, reflection, refraction – it’s all fascinating stuff. I could go on about it for days. Glad you’re feeling so good. YAY!

    I have just realised how hard it would be to be a ghostwriter. All that work and you are not necessarily credited for it. I don’t have the discipline to do it. Nick picked up a lot of accents from Fireman Sam too. I used to love watching all of those shows. They were the best!

    Hi MELEAH:
    Boys and their accents. They all seem to enjoy it. I am addicted to Bridezillas. I just can’t believe how atrociously they behave. I wouldn’t marry any of them!


  12. Too funny about the soccer player… writing at a grade 3 level would make me mental though…

    On losing your arms: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many folks who’ve been through great adversity like that (losing arms, going blind or getting paralyzed), they are either (1) incredibly bitter at their lot in life (and that usually bring about more misery and drama in their lives) or (2) they work to make the most of it, and embrace life. Strange and amazing creatures we are…


  13. I think it would be terrible to have to write a ghost book when the ghosted person is unwilling to hand over the information. Not sure about flirting. I know we should be able to be free, but I prefer black and white on these things. I too easily get lost in the grey.

    Daoine- you’re going to love how your son introduces you to people. My son is odd, a bit unsocialable in his own group- he has friends but he can live without them too and prefers his own company. But he has an odd way of hooking up with interesting adults, especially when we travel. We have met such wonderful people because of him.


  14. I had a friend who lost an ear in a car accident … his first words when he came round were ‘How the hell am I going to keep my specs on?’ We’ve all been laughing about it for years.

    It’s Tuesday night here, and the ‘feelgood’ points:

    1. My daughter’s on her way home from Italy
    2. The flight ban’s been lifted
    3. Labour are way down in the opinion polls
    4. I got invited on a river cruise this weekend.

    If these things had happened yesterday, I’d have felt more like getting up! 😀


  15. Hi NAT:
    It would be hard to write at that level for an entire book. The ghostwriter’s lot is a difficult one.

    I’ve met a couple of people too who have become paraplegics or something similar and are incredibly bitter. I don’t blame them at all for feeling that way but it must be exhausting after a while. The firefighter was a breath of fresh air.

    Hi LAURI:
    I agree. What’s the point of hiring a ghostwriter if you’re not going to tell them anything?

    I’m not sure about the flirting. I like the fun of it but maybe I should just grow up. I mean, really.

    I love that. He sounds like an absolute character. but seriously – how does he keep his glasses on?

    Your list of things sound great. Definitely lots of reasons to get up in the morning!

    Hi DAOINE:
    Maybe the three of us should go on safari to Botswana. I’ve always wanted to go to Africa, plus I look really good in khaki 😆


  16. >> how does he keep his glasses on?<<

    After many experiments with headbands and double-sided tape, he now uses contact lenses, with a pince-nez as back-up.


  17. One of these days, Daoine. You’ll hear a knock on your door and there we will be and you’ll wonder if it’s nice to get the things one wishes for! HA!!


  18. Good luck to your friend with the book, sounds like a tough gig – I kicked a ball when I was a kid – oh dear. But then again, who am I to talk?
    Is it ever alright to flirt when you’re married – probably not but how many do?
    I was just thinking earlier this evening what an incredible invention is the humble light-bulb.
    How beautiful was that man in his response to the curious kid. Love what the little people so innocently say.


    I can see that contacts would be much easier. Good on him for giving the glasses a go!

    Hi LAURI:
    😆 😆

    Hi ROWE:
    The firefighter was a truly beautiful soul. Meeting him made my entire week!


  20. I love this post, Sel. I would have to say that your writing talent would be wasted on the footie player. What a wonderful story about the baker. Those people are the true angels among us.


  21. Hi STEPH:
    I would find it hard to help a footy player write his memoirs unless it was Danny Carter from the New Zealand All Blacks (rugby union) because he is, in one word – HOTTTT! He sizzles. I could write anything, anytime for him….

    And yes, people like the firefighter are the true angels here on earth.


  22. I think flirting can be exciting and inspiring, but what worries me is that often people get carried away. I’m the type who gets involved in intense long-term relationships and I don’t want trouble.
    As for the man whose arms were amputated, I’ve always wondered how people with disabilities manage to find the strength and will to live a fulfilling life. Some will make a big fuss of a minor inconvenience and they have to put up with difficulties that most people can hardly imagine. Which again makes me think of the numerous things we take for granted when we should be infinitely grateful.


  23. Hi SHIONA:
    You’re right about the flirting. I have seen it get out of hand with other people. I think I’d better stop.

    I don’t know how the firefighter managed to have such a positive outlook. He really was a ray of light!


  24. Hi Selma,

    You needn’t stop as long as everything is control and both parties know what they are doing. 🙂


  25. I envy Russell Peters and his ability to do Chinese, Vietnamese, Guyanese, Hispanic & Indian accents with such easy and aplomb. That ability is killer.


  26. Let me tackle these one by one:

    * Flirting is natural as along as both people understand that’s all that it is – nothing more! Unfortunately, people not involved in “the flirt” rarely see it that way 🙂
    * All I can think of to say in response to your cougar comment, is “you go, girl!”
    * Accents are awesome – I constantly call my cousin back in Glasgow using different accents and pretending to be different people – I have even had her call me out once, but managed to stave off my impending laughter long enough for her to stop and wonder if she had made a mistake 🙂
    * Sometimes you have to meet those folks who have the uncanny ability to keep a positive outlook regardless of the unforgiving hand that life has dealt them. They shame us for complaining for the slightest drop in our current standard of living, and make us appreciate what we have that much more!


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