Dreaming of Blue Nights

I would definitely have been at home in the 1960s because lately my dreams have been very psychedelic and dare I say it, trippy (totally LSD free, I can assure you). When I am not dreaming about random events from my life that seem totally unrelated to the present day, I dream in images that look very much like fractals. These images seem to stay in my head all day so consequently, I have been playing around with fractals in Photoshop in an attempt to move things out of my head.

My fractal dreams are usually blue with gold or yellow and cloud-like formations. There is a lot of space within them and around them that is layered with shadows. This one is very close to the one I dreamt of last night.

I am really pleased about the fractal dreams because they prove two things.

Number one – that I am actually getting some good old-fashioned sleep.

Number two – that I dream in colour.

For the longest time I was convinced I dreamed in black and white. I don’t know why dreaming in colour seems better, but it does. More like real life, I suppose.

I am looking forward to more snoozing tonight and hope more fractals come along.

So how have your dreams been treating you lately?

24 thoughts on “Dreaming of Blue Nights

  1. Wow, dreaming in fractals, how wonderful, but bizarre too, I wonder why? and what it means? I am sure it has a message, dreams usually do.

    Those are some beautiful colours in your image and your dreams.

    I don’t often remember my dreams but last nights was very vivid. . . I fell in love! 🙂


  2. How fascinating. I am always interested in dreams.

    Dreaming in colour is amazing. I can’t even see colour in my head if I close my eyes. I only remember colours (say of someone’s dress) if I actively give it a label (say “blue dress” over and over) at the time I see it. Otherwise I can never remember. People say to me “what colour are your curtains?” and I have no idea at all!

    Glad you are sleeping better too.


  3. Seems like a lovely image to sleep to! One time I half-woke to sort of fractal, swirling images above my head. I actually attributed it to a ghost we had in that house – I had changed my bedroom around and the head of my bed was on the wall where the ghost hung out. While most of the ghost encounters were not scary – that one was! Maybe he wasn’t pleased I was in his space!


  4. Dark moon periods usually provide the the most intense dreams for me. When I don’t eat for a few days , I can see different shapes and figures of many colors on the back of my eyelids when gazing towards the sun. In the forest, fractals are everywhere. That’s why I enjoy walking so much. Cool image…Blue is a royal color.


    What a wonderful dream. You fell in love. WOW. I have never had a dream like that. If you’re not already in love perhaps it’s a prophecy. I wish I could interpret dreams. I would love to know what most of them mean.

    Hi RELUCS:
    The colour is different in the dreams. It is either really dark like the blue in the fractal or a pale sepia like in an old photo. Quite freaky. It probably means I’m as mad as a cut snake. 😆

    What an incredible story. You have to write a post about that (if it’s not too scary for you to do so). That is truly amazing!

    That is the question, isn’t it? Perhaps I am about to be sucked into a black hole (or a blue one). It’s anybody’s guess!

    Oh, I know what you mean. Walking in the bush here throws up a lot of fractals.
    It is a fantastic sight. Trust me to dream of a royal colour – perhaps I have delusions of grandeur 🙄


  6. I love fractals! Very interesting you dreaming about them – I have no idea what that signifies. Apparently everyone dreams in colour. In fact it would be very weird to dream in black and white. This week I had a dream about a big black bear standing on two legs and dancing in the backyard (that would be Squires – ha,ha). When I was younger I had a recurring dream that I was a werewolf eating people. My brother used to dream he was being attacked by a werewolf. One night my sister woke up and I was attacking her leg (I used to sleep walk a lot).


  7. How fascinating Selma! I bet the fractals are an indication of your amazing and colorful imagination 🙂
    Lately my dreams feel too life-like, they feel so real it takes me a moment or two to realize that I was actually dreaming when I wake up.


  8. These fractal dreams seem similar to the geometric patterns and shapes I see in my own. They usually occur when the dream is about to shift or end. Your dreams sound very cool!


  9. Now, which Arthur C Clarke book did fractals feature in? ‘The Ghost from the Grand Banks’, was it? And, something about Mandelbrot sets?

    But, the whackiest dream I remember …

    I was at the controls of a C-130; my friend Robbie was in the co-pilot’s seat (and, in real life, he’s a brewery rep, and couldn’t tell a C-130 from a Cessna). And, we were shooting flamingoes with pistols through the open side windows.


  10. I have never dreamed in B&W. Hmmm….

    I think I prefer your dreams to mine, which of late have been of the freakiest nature. I told my sister mE one of them and she said, “What on earth are you watching lately?” I guess dreaming about dinosaurs in the Walmart parking lot isn’t normal… 😀

    The ones that disturbed me the most were when I was having dreams about drowning my own child – it was a different one each time with weird stuff attached… finally found out it signified my subconscious trying to drown a childlike part/belief of myself. Once I figured it out, they stopped – much to my relief. I still get freaked out thinking about it, so forgive me if I don’t expound.

    I wish I was more like Redbeard, who insists he either doesn’t dream, or else he just flat doesn’t remember them. I think that would be cool. And I think I’d be better rested, which is always a good thing. 🙂


    I am fascinated by your werewolf dream. I know I shouldn’t think that’s cool but I do because I love werewolves. Must have been scary as a kid, though. Funny you should dream about Squires. Doesn’t everybody?? 😆

    Hi LUA:
    I’d like to think it’s an imagination thing but it’s probably something much weirder. I’ve had so many life-like dreams lately too. It is a little disconcerting!

    Hi WENDY:
    How interesting. I’ll need to pay attention to the timing of the dream. I wonder if I see the fractals towards the end of the dream too. Thanks so much for stopping by. You have given me a lot to think about!

    Now that is an odd dream. Especially the part about shooting the flamingoes. Very Lewis Carroll!

    Hi TEX:
    Your drowning dream would have been quite distressing. I would have dreaded that. I’m glad you figured out where that one came from. As for the dinosaurs in the parking lot – you’ve got me on that one. Hilarious 😀


  12. Finally I’m back here commenting. It seems like eons since I’ve done so, but life just has a way of interrupting. Anyhooha, here I am.

    I had to Google ‘fractals’ though I thought I got the jest from this post. I must say that I’ve never dreamt of any of these images that I can remember, but I have had them flash across my closed eyes as I try to surrender to sleep. It is not often, but when it happens I will question myself, ‘did I have caffeine before bed because why is my mind so alert with such abstract images?” For me they seem to flit across my closed eyes one after another along with real life images, but with no agenda.

    I usually dream quite vividly and remember a good part when I awaken. That I occasionally have things like fractals, mixed with other images, cross my mind while I’m on the verge of sleep is fascinating to me. What does it mean? Do dreams convey messages to us that we should pay attention to? Do semi-dreams carry these same messages?

    As far as dreaming in color…do we actually ‘see’ in color in our dreams or do we ‘feel’ in color? I can wake from a dream and remember it vividly for a while and the thing that stays with me is the ‘feeling’. As I’m waking I’m trying to remember what I felt…and sometimes I try to fall back asleep to continue that feeling. For myself I can’t say that I dream in color, but maybe the emotions are so real and surreal at the same time that the only way to describe them is ‘in color’.


  13. How beautiful. Also happy you’re getting sleep. I hardly ever remember my dreams sadly. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong.


  14. Hi EMPLOYEE 3699:
    So great to see you. Oh, that has made my day. I love your point about feeling in colour. I really think you are on to something there. The more I think about it, the more I realise that I might feel the colour too. You have given me something to think about!!

    Hi MAMA ZEN:
    I have weird dreams. The images are way out. Sometimes it is exhausting 😀

    Hi LAURI:
    It probably just means you are sleeping very deeply. That is a good thing. Sleep is wonderful!!


  15. The image that accompanies this post was, for me, very difficult to look at directly. After two attempts of about one to two seconds each, I had to avert my eyes. Read your entire post and scanned the many comments. My perception didn’t seem to be a commonly mentioned response.

    Interesting to work out your dream notes in Photoshop, though. Maybe commenting here about that intense image will help move it out of my head



  16. the colour blue is figuring prominently in my dreams as well in my creative writing thinking. I have story generating speed in my head right now and it involves a blue angel. I have no idea why………..

    as for my dreams………… to get to sleep most nights, I try to begin the dream before i fall asleep. Often it includes really great kissing. 🙂

    I can’t remember my dreams lately. My sleeping has been “fractal” so often by the time I do fall asleep (after all that kissing), I’m dead to the world. I look forward to walking up remembering them again…….


  17. Hi QWKDRW:
    I’m sorry it affected you like that. Some fractals have affected me like that too but they tend to be in brighter colours. It could be something to do with the layering effects. I do apologise if it hurt your eyes. Hope the image is long gone 😀

    Hi MELEAH:
    Sleep is good. Almost as good as chocolate. Now if I could dream of chocolate I might never wake up!

    Hi DANA:
    Hahaha. YAY for erotic dreams. That is cool. I will look forward to your story of the blue angel. I also have a couple of dream sequences I refer to when trying to fall asleep. Usually they work!


  18. Very interesting dreams you are having. Very cool. My dreams have been wild! I will be sharing a recent dream in tomorrow’s post.

    Interesting that we not only dream in color that we also can see and sense light in our dream even though we physically are in a dark room with our eyes closed.


  19. Hi TOBEME:
    Yes. I see the light changing too. Isn’t that incredible? The dream world is often just as vivid as the waking one. I look forward to reading about your dream.


  20. I’ve always dreamt in colour, and had some really nice ones of late. At least I felt that I did. Unfortunately, in the morning when I woke, the dream world stripped me of those wonderful memories, keeping them on the fringe of my conscious mind, taunting me as they disappear forever!


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