Newtown Street Art

I really like street art. Not that horrible graffiti tagging stuff but proper graffiti art done by proper artists.

There’s a lot of good stuff around the streets of Sydney covering up grotty old warehouses and factories.

A lot of people don’t like it but it always makes me smile.

Big City Freaks rule!

11 thoughts on “Newtown Street Art

  1. I would have no problem viewing this on the streets or in a gallery. The problem is I live just shy of the south side of Chicago where gangs are too prevalent. The artwork I’m privy to has nothing to do with art and a lot to do with territory.


  2. We had some of this in Houston (no way in Idaho) – I always wanted to see the underwater paintings done on the buildings in Florida…

    I like some of it. Some of it is too off the wall for me, and I guess that’s the objection to art on buildings… if you don’t like it, you still have to look at it. I confess I don’t understand the art you have pictured here, but I love the city with the sun part. What is all that yellow???

    And I agree with Employee No. 3699 – we saw a lot of gang work in Houston too – it was more frightening than pleasing, because you knew you were on someone’s “turf” to view it. Hard to get the warm fuzzies.


  3. I like it too – there are some once dreary and decrepit alleys in Toronto that are covered with it. Once, on the side of a freight train car, I saw a painting of a sleeping man’s head, sideways as if he were laying down. It was gorgeous, and told a story to me as I watched the train go by.


  4. Hi PUNATIK:
    There is a lot of really good street art around my area including a fantastic mural of Martin Luther King which I will try to photograph. Only thing is, the mural is enormous and I am a crap photographer – so we shall see. I’m really glad you like the art. I have had the opportunity to hang out with a few crews of graffiti artists over the years – they actually decorated the interior of one of my husband’s shops back in the day – and I can tell you that you need some mad skills to paint well with a spray can. It is not easy. I have a lot of respect for them.

    Hi EMPLOYEE 3699:
    That’s a shame. We are fortunate in Sydney that we don’t have gang problems like that. There are gangs, but not to the extent you would find in the U.S. In fact, most of the street art is commissioned. I really like that – it encourages young artists.

    Some of them are amazing. We used to have a record shop in Oxford St in Sydney. It was a huge area with metal walls. We got these graffiti artists to paint the interior so that it looked like the inside of a submarine. It was so real looking people would come in just to look at the walls. Sadly, the developers tore it down about ten years later. I really wish now that I had kept even a small part of the walls. I would’ve hung it in my kitchen.

    Hi TEX;
    I can understand how the gang element would spoil the enjoyment of the art. Such a shame.Street art definitely isn’t for everyone. It is very urban and if you don’t like that kind of vibe then you won’t like it. I have always really liked it – I have seen some amazing stuff over the years.

    Those underwater pics are amazing. WOW.

    I can’t believe you missed all that amazing art. I really have to go to Barcelona now so I can see it. I really love that kind of thing. It probably won’t be long until you’re in Barcelona again so you can check it out again. I’ll enjoy it vicariously through you!

    Hi MELEAH:
    It is cool. I like it too!

    That sounds amazing. I would have loved to have seen the sleeping man. That’s the kind of stuff that really inspires me. Awesome.


  5. I wonder what that wall would look like with the sun setting behind it – I think that it would set off that orange background just perfectly!


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