Send Me A Sign

Won't someone please send me a sign? Like mauve light, dreamy and silken, filling my room, filling my eyes with wishes. Or a south wind at sea, longing for land great and wide, then finding it in fields of yellow flowers. Or even rain, gentle as fingertips, cleansing and feeding and rippling down glass. A... Continue Reading →


Missing You Already

Yesterday I bade farewell to my dear friend Jules and her family as they flew off to live in jolly old England. I have kept a stiff upper lip throughout the process of her move and I have to say that stoicism sucks. I was all  - It's going to be amazing I love England... Continue Reading →


This is the visual prompt from Magpie Tales this week. Here is my story..... It had been a glimpse. So quick it might not have happened. Her mother's face a white triangle in the dining room mirror. Caught like a ghost as she ran out of the French doors and into the garden. Hannah saw... Continue Reading →

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