Garlic. Oh, Garlic.

I have been sick all week. The flu. Blerch.

The good thing is that a virus never stays with me for long and I firmly believe it is due to the precious little immune system booster that is a regular part of my diet.

The humble clove of garlic.

I cook with fresh garlic. I put a little in most of my dishes. I also take garlic and horseradish tablets daily. I swear by them.

Then there is the fabulous dried organic garlic I found at the markets. Holy-keep-vampires-at-bay Batman, that stuff packs a punch. A little adds such flavour to soups and stews. You feel like you are eating goodness.

I have realised this week that one of my most prized possessions is my Rosle garlic press.

Certain members of my family (who shall remain nameless) had a go at me a few years ago for spending nearly fifty dollars on a garlic press.

HIM: You spent nearly fifty bucks on a garlic press?

ME: But it’s top of the range, it’ll last forever.

HIM: I could get you a garlic press from The Two Dollar Shop for well, um, two dollars.

ME: But it wouldn’t be cutting-edge, German, garlic-pressing technology, would it?

End of argument.

That certain family member has had to eat his words this week as the household has been subjected to a garlic pressing frenzy in an attempt to ward off the lurgy. And it has not failed us even once.

Thank you to the power of garlic.

Thank you highly esteemed Rosle Garlic Press. I salute you.

In honour of garlic I have penned a humbled poem.

{With a thousand apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning.}

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

I love thee in my soups, my sauces and stews

In the salads which you dress, I cannot lose

I could go on for hours and days.

I love thee to the level of adulation

Slicing, dicing and pressing

I love thee like your number one fan if I am confessing

I wish the purity of my love could be conveyed to the nation.

I love your flavour, your bite, your zing

I love your antibiotic properties

I love you more than just about anything

With passion and all my energies.

I have the T-shirt printed – ‘Garlic makes me sing’

I shall love thee even better if hell were to freeze.

ZOMG, that is bad. I should stick to fiction.

I must still be a little bit sick…..

25 thoughts on “Garlic. Oh, Garlic.

  1. By some strange coincidenc, my ‘Wednesday Dish’ was called ‘Extra Stinky Garlic’. I think you’ll like it.

    Get well soon, lassie … and remember what the French say:
    ‘If everyone eats garlic, nobody notices!’


  2. Sorry to hear about your lurgy.

    We all eat stacks of garlic too. My boys will eat almost anything as long as it is either part of a curry, covered in garlic or coated liberally in pesto.

    I love the look of that garlic press. In fact, I am seriously tempted to buy one. I love cool kitchen equipment. I have several expensive corkscrew things for wine but only a cheapo garlic press. I think that might be about to change.


    Great minds think alike, eh? The French are completely right. πŸ˜†

    Hi CHRIS:
    I completely agree. It’s as precious as gold.

    Hi LISSA:
    Not everyone likes the taste of garlic but the benefits are enormous. Glad you liked the poem. It was a bit of a laugh to write it!

    Hi RELUCS:
    That garlic press is amazing. It is just so easy to use. I love it. I would really recommend it.

    I am feeling better. It never stays around for long. Hail to thee O blessed garlic!


  4. Funny, I bought a ten dollar garlic press today. And I was disappointed with its first use, thinking it seemed cheap. Glad you’re feeling better. Loved the ode! The humble garlic deserves it, whatever would we do without it?


  5. Poems come from the heart – this one packed a punch. (bada bing.)

    I grew up with garlic. My mother would put it in the dog’s food – he hardly ever saw the inside of the vet’s office. We were subjected to garlic cocktails – the most gosh awful concoctions ever known to man. And got well.

    Redbeard’s got a story of garlic too. His little brother found his mom’s garlic pills and chewed them ALL. For weeks that kid would sweat stink. Ew!

    I wonder how Redbeard would feel if I bought a $50 garlic press? Hmmm….. me thinks he and your mysterious “Him” would get along famously. Bet they like the taste of crow about the same too. heehee

    Feel better soon, Selma!


  6. hahaha! nicely done.. loved the poem and i love garlic too!! dont know what i’d do with it in my food!


  7. I make a point of buying good Aussie Garlic because the cheap Chinese stuff is awful, it lakes flavour or body. I had to buy Mexican Garlic and I’ll let you know how it goes in the Chili Con Carne (ironically an appropriate dish to try it out in) that I’m making to night. That said I never use a garlic press preferring to chop it finely instead.


  8. I love the poem Selma! I know it’s not the most lady-friendly food but I love garlic πŸ™‚


  9. Loved the poem! I love garlic too. Interestingly enough, my friend’s ex girlfriend was allergic to garlic, and I felt so sorry for her.
    Oh, and I hope that you are feeling better soon!!!


  10. love the poem. hahaha…

    I have given up on garlic presses. I had a top of the line one but found that a lot of the clove was getting stuck inside the press and making a ripe fine old mess. I went back to using the flat end of my chef’s knife.


  11. I only started recently using “real” garlic, sad I know lol Biggest pet peeve about it is tryin to peel the damn stuff. I know it’s gonna sound like a dumb question but what is a garlic press for? If it’s to make chopping it easier, then I’m all fo it! Slippery little pains in the arse! lol


  12. Hi JENNIFER:
    I had a garlic press before that was ten dollars and it lasted for over ten years. I was drawn in by the shiny functionality of my new one, I must admit. And so far it hasn’t disappointed. Garlic really is awesome!

    Hi TEX:
    Hahaha. I’m sure they would get along famously. I’m not surprised your dog was so well – we put it in our dog’s food too and he was hale and hearty. Cats don’t like it much, though, they give you that disdainful look. Glad you liked my sad attempt at poetry πŸ˜€

    Hi SAN:
    Garlic rules and that’s the truth!

    Hi IAIN:
    I completely agree. The Aussie garlic really is the best. A wonderful, robust flavour. The Chinese garlic is not even worth bothering with – bland and shrivelled. I have tried Argentinian garlic and thought it was pretty good. Let me know how the Mexican one turns out!

    Hi LUA:
    It is tasty. I just can’t say no!

    Hi DAVID:
    Hahaha. I love how you describe it!

    It is amazing. You are kind to say that about a very bad piece of poetry.

    Hi MANOJ:
    I have a friend who is allergic to chili. Her lips swell up and her eyes stream. It is quite alarming. Thank goodness chili is not as widely used as garlic.

    Hi NAT:
    Now you can see why I don’t write poetry πŸ˜‰

    Aaaah – a purist. My husband is the same. Sadly, I don’t have the knife skills to pull that off. I wish I did. It looks so cool to use the knife to flatten it then chop it up. It does release the flavour a bit more too.

    Hi CATHY:
    It’s a fabulous invention. It presses the garlic clove as if it has been minced so you don’t have to chop it. Some of the presses also have attachments that peel the garlic for you. A modern wonder!


  13. Hi MELEAH:
    Garlic is the best. I even have it in salads. It adds so much flavour. I do feel a lot better now. Thank you πŸ˜€


  14. Selma
    the Mexican Garlic is OK nice big cloves with some purple colouring to the skin the falavor is good too but not a patch on the Aussie stuff !

    And a hint to Cathy about pealing the stuff : separate the cloves lay them on your cutting board and cover with the flat of your knife then deliver a blow to the side of your knife with your hand. It will split the skin and make them dead easy to peal. the trick is to use enough force to separate them from the skin with out totally crushing them a bit of practice and you will get the right amount of force to use. πŸ™‚


  15. Hi IAIN:
    Aussie garlic rules. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

    I didn’t know you were such a dab hand in the kitchen. I am impressed!


  16. Hi Selma
    I do all of the cooking here which is good because my wife has trouble boiling an egg!
    We do the role swap thing she works for money and I look after the kids


  17. Hi IAIN:
    Sorry for the late response. I am hopelessly disorganised at the moment. I think it is wonderful you do all the cooking and the role swap. I am sure you are fabulous!

    Hi JINGLE:
    Thank you for the awards. They are beautiful!


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