How Quickly They Grow Up

My son is 14 today.

I remember when his favourite things were Matchbox cars, Postman Pat and Hanson.

Now he is in training for the impending zombie apocalypse.


I don’t know what I’d do without your ability to make me laugh any place, any time.

Love you.

14 thoughts on “How Quickly They Grow Up

  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Selma’s boy, happy birthday to you. Hip hip Hoorayayayayayayayayay!!!!!! And congrats Selma on getting him to the zombie apocalypse stage – ha,ha.


  2. Hi NAT:
    Awww. Thank you.

    Yes. The zombie apocalypse stage is a very important one in human development. I feel proud to have got him to this stage πŸ˜†


  3. My grandson went through the zombie (Goth) phase at about the same age: THEN,
    He heard what a great time his twin sister was having in the Air Training Corps
    He decided he wanted to join, too,
    They told him he must have his hair cut, first.
    So. he’s not a Goth any more!

    Happy birthday, Nick!


    They nipped the Goth in the bud, eh? That is a cool story. You must be very proud that both your grandchildren are in the Air Training Corps. A chip off the old block, I can see.

    Hi TEX:
    He is a laugh a minute. Cheers me up no end. It is such a blessing!


  5. >>the Air Training Corps. A chip off the old block,<<

    Yes, I was a Cadet-Sergeant in the Air Training Corps … main advantage over the Scouts was we got to wear long trousers, and got issued with our uniforms, & didn't have to buy them.

    My children were a great disappointment, though … they both joined the Army Cadet Force. Talk about letting the side down.


  6. Sending my belated congratulations on your son’s birthday, I wish you the love, respect and recognition that a mother deserves.


  7. Hi DAOINE:
    Aww. So nice of you to remember the boy!

    That is funny about the long trousers. LOL.

    Hi MANOJ:
    When the zombies come we will be very well-prepared. it’s a comforting thought. Thanks for your kind wishes!

    Hi SHIONA:
    You are very kind too. Thank you!!

    Hi MELEAH:
    He’s getting old now. Soon he’ll be driving. Yikes. I can’t cope!


  8. Hope he had a lovely birthday! They grow up too quickly and then you can’t remember what they were like at 2, 5 and 7. And all too soon they’ll be gone and won’t realise quite how much you gave up for them until they have their own kids to look after.


  9. Hi KATE:
    You are so right. They grow up before we know it. It goes by in a flash. It ‘s important to enjoy it while we can, I think!


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