On A Misty, Moisty Morning

Was feeling a bit irate, overwrought this morning until I went for a walk and saw one of my favourite trees. Oh, you beautiful Moreton Bay Fig standing there with arms outstretched, how you make my heart soar. I feel safe in the breadth of your branches.

Then I saw the Aussie flag on the peak of the Anzac Bridge. It made me smile. I didn’t think I was particularly patriotic, but it made me smile. Seeing it fluttering there in the breeze, valiant and proud gave me a sense of belonging. That’s important on a gloomy morning.

Then I saw this cute little guy enjoying the sights at the marina. And it made me happy to know he was there.

The wattle was glorious, resplendent. Just look at the colour. It is like the autumn gown of the goddess of the forest. If you saw that gown walking down the catwalk in Paris you couldn’t help but get to your feet and cheer.

But the garbage on the harbour foreshore pisses me off. We spend so much time fighting about environmental issues that we continue to let the plastic waste build up and up.

I went for a stomp after that. I was angry.


It’s funny what can put you in a bad mood and what can snap you out of one.

In my case it was three in a row

Three phallic symbols in a row.

Ooooh, Mama.

Looks like my local park has something for everyone.

17 thoughts on “On A Misty, Moisty Morning

  1. Oh Selma, you’re so right. It can take something a simple as a cool breeze under a tree to change our moods from miserable to happy. Seeing that plastic waste like that would have upset me too. UGH!!


  2. Hi MELEAH:
    The plastic does get to me. We have such a beautiful Harbour here in Sydney and it is such a shame to see it spoiled by rubbish. If I had a boat I would go out every morning and scoop it up.

    I know. He is one of my heroes right now. I know there are a lot of environmental ratbags out there but there are some people who give a damn too. It gives me hope that we can clean up our act!


  3. Nature is always there to snap us out of our bad mood! She offers so much and asks so little in returnโ€ฆ Then again, humans and what we do to nature can always put us in a bad mood, until we take another walkโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love that tree Selma, I can totally understand why it would make you smile!


  4. I love your description of the wattle. How incredibly beautiful this is. I LOVE THE COLOR! And I agree, garbage stinks, in all ways. Some people are so disrespectful. How do we cope in a world gone mad? I wonder some days. It’s just like my current problem trying to cope with all the news stories about the explosion of animal cruelty in the world. Where is the humanity? Where are laws that really protect these innocent creatures? It gives me nightmares, so many many nights. I never forget the images….

    Sorry, didn’t mean to go off in such a distressing direction. You already know Sel, and care. I know.

    Hugs and yes it really was a great post, G ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. PS: Thanks for your blog picks of the week. I visit quite a few of them, based on your recommendation. Yesterday I stopped by Louise’s place, what fun.

    Hugs again, G


  6. There’s nothing like a nature walk. Love this little walk to the park and the amazing photos..hate the garbage. when will we ever learn..:)


  7. Hi LUA:
    Some of the trees in that park are 200 years old. There are creatures of magic in their branches, I am convinced of it. I can’t help but be cheered up whenever I see them. Nature is the great restorer!

    You can leave as many comments as you like. I LOVE it!
    I hear you about animal rights. It is one of my issues. I’d better not get started or I’ll be here all day. Please take comfort in the fact that I feel what you are feeling. Many other people do too.

    I am really glad you read some of those posts of the week. I read some FAB blogs out there and not all of them are listed on my blogrolls above. It is important to share good writing and photography and art, don’t you think? Boy, there are some talented people out there!

    I’ll go and read Sandy’s post shortly. Thanks for the link. And G’Day to you too!

    Hi DENISE:
    I know. The garbage does ruin it. I would seriously pick it all up every day for free. Hey, Sydney City Council I need a boat and a big scoop. I’ll clean up the Harbour for you ๐Ÿ˜†
    Really nice to meet you, Denise!


  8. Three phallic symbols in a row … I wonder what that means. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    How close do you live to that marina? That picture certainly lifted my mood. We live near a lake and no matter the season, I get really happy inside every time I drive or walk by it.


  9. Hi KATE:
    Nothing at all – nudge nudge wink wink ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Truth is, I have an exceedingly dirty mind. I live about a 5 minute walk away from the marina. It is a very small one but I like the vibe of it. It really is a very nice part of Sydney, guaranteed to lift your mood every time.


  10. It’s amazing what thoughtless littering can do to ruin a place! Redbeard an I differ sometimes to the extent of how “green” we should be, but one thing we both agree on – littering ain’t cool. He often volunteers to clean up the roadsides and I am always cleaning up the parks when I’m there. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  11. Hi TEX:
    That’s the thing. You don’t need to be a full on environmentalist to care about littering. To me littering is mostly about human selfishness – it’s as if someone is saying my mess is now your problem. That is unacceptable to me. It takes very little effort to pick up rubbish and put it in the bin. I wish more people would do it.


  12. Great photos Selma. It’s the garbage one that stands out though – we humans are messing up our planet way too much. I live near these open land area where the idiots have dumped way too much rubbish. Rats the size of puppies haunt that area and gorge themselves on the stuff that is dumped there. I’m afraid that a snake or two will come out from there one night as I walk on by. The world has become disgusting. We may have to start loading all garbage onto huge space shuttled and dump them on Mars or Neptune or one of the moons in this solar system.


  13. Hi ROSHAN:
    Garbage really is a problem. It needn’t be, though. There is plenty of technology available to dispose of it in an efficient, eco-friendly way. The powers that be just choose to ignore it. Many politicians see it as a non-issue. That’s what frustrates me the most. They should build all government departments on landfill. That might make them take notice. Those rats sound scary. Yikes!


  14. Can’t give a Fig, no way.
    The Old Moreton Bay fig gives its all and so majestically. Does your soul and belly good to see it thrive despite the fact of where it’s rooted and what it’s rooted in.
    You see the beauty marvellous to behold and so often we are the custodians of their survival yet what is good for them may not be what we always see as beautifull. Behold beauty I can feel, smell it?


  15. Hi DENISE:
    Absolutely. I love the fig trees. They are just about my favourites besides river red gums and paperbarks. Too gorgeous!


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