It’s been a tumultuous week. There was a  spectacular storm a few nights ago. The wind and rain actually lashed the house. Lashed. For a bit there I thought I was in the throes of that scene from The Omen where the priest is running to get to the safety of the church and all the elements are against him. The sky was black. The rain was like daggers. The wind felt strong enough to pick up the house and fling it down the road.

My neighbour’s gum tree, five metres tall and a beautiful thing, was uprooted. It fell at an elegant angle landing on the little studio room we have at the back of the house. Luckily, there was no damage, just a slight indentation on the flashing that runs around the side of the house.

My other neighbour has a two storey garage at the back of the house. Every window in it was smashed by the force of the storm. There was glass everywhere. It felt a bit like Armageddon. I idly considered looking for the numbers of Bruce Willis or Will Smith on Google. It appeared to be a situation that required a superhero type.

It was the aftermath of the storm that was the worst. It was as if all that weird, zinging electrical energy rewired the brains of everyone around.

My neighbour with the fallen gum tree called my landlord before he had even looked to see if our house was damaged and she panicked, sending the agent round to promptly have a go at me for not alerting her immediately.  I sulked which is what I used to do when I was a kid when I felt I had been wrongfully accused. ‘I don’t care if the whole house collapses in a heap,’ I sniped.

My neighbour with the broken windows inexplicably swept all of the broken glass into the laneway. A little boy kicking his ball fell on it and slashed up his hand. I heard the wailing from the garden and went out to see what was going on. I may have let it slip that it was my neighbour’s glass and the little boy’s Dad marched round and started shouting what for at my neighbour.

‘Who sweeps broken glass into the road?’ he shouted.

My thoughts exactly.

Then tonight there was a kerfuffle in the school behind my house. Bottles and eggs were thrown and there was a lot of shouting and carrying on. This was at 11PM. When I heard a couple of girls screaming I called the police. I spoke to one of the policewomen afterwards and she said they made four arrests. Not only had the teenagers smashed bottles and eggs, they had a crowbar and other tools which suggested they were going to try and break into the school buildings rather than just mess about in the grounds.

I felt momentarily proud of myself for doing my civic duty until I remembered my internet was playing up and that Nick had been in a very strange mood all day. He actually told me to SHUT UP. Me, his dear old mother.

Something shifted with that storm. It’s as if my part of the world is half-in, half-out of a parallel universe.

Hope it shifts back soon.

I feel like one of the actors in a particularly bad B-grade action/end of the world movie.

I just want a quiet life.

19 thoughts on “TUMULT

  1. Sounds like a wild and wicked night. I love a good storm but not when things get out of hand. I wish we could all hand-pick our neighbours, we always end up with “nutters” it seems. Yours sound like they aren’t the best either, based on this and other comments you’ve made about them.

    A quiet, tranquil life…can I come too?

    Hugs Sel, G


  2. PS: If you get a chance, stop by Veggies…I just finished a craft project that I’m mighty proud of, wanted to know what you thought too. 🙂 G


  3. I love the way you’ve described the storm – it seems so real through the computer on the other side of the world.


  4. We don’t get many storms here- heavy rains but no storms… So the way you told it created a very surrealistic picture in my mind Selma!
    I sometimes seek for that sound of silence as well, it helps me hear better 🙂


    I have nice neighbours further down the street but my immediate next door neighbours are f**kwits. Sorry to be so crude, but it’s the only way to describe them. I dislike them both so much it makes me want to brawl in the street.

    I loved your shawl, by the way.

    Hi VIC:
    It was a crazy, wild old night, that’s for sure!

    Hi LUA:
    Surreal is a good way of putting it. It didn’t quite feel like it was happening. Mother Nature exercising her wrath.

    Hi SUE:
    I know what you mean. They can be exciting to watch to a point but when you fear for life and limb, that’s a different story!


  6. you know we had a small 5-on-the-Rictor scale earthquake here a while back. I swear it made everyone off kilter for a few days.

    I hope things sort themselves out soon.


  7. PS: Your reference is perfect, that’s what we’ve got too. I’ve known people who’ve managed TWO wonderful neighbours, how does that happen? I’d like Emily Bishop as a neighbour, I bet you know who that is?

    Glad you liked the shawl. I am in creative craft mode right now, must make the most of it. 🙂


  8. We had a wild windstorm a few years ago that left most of western Washington in a daze for a while. It knocked out power in places for over two weeks, ravaged a large forested area near the coast, and scared the socks off just about everyone. For a while after that, every time the tiniest gust of wind wandered through, everyone would cower and cringe until it was gone.

    I’m glad you’re all ok, despite your nitwit neighbors (and yeah, bizarre weather really does rewire the brain, doesn’t it?)


  9. What a week! Storms really scare me – my old house in Brisbane was hit by lightning twice (so that old saying is wrong for starters), the first time it caused me to levitate in my bed, blew up my tv and scared the bejeezus out of my brother and me . I’m glad you are Ok 🙂


  10. Hi NAT:
    I’m not surprised it threw everyone off kilter after experiencing this storm. It’s a very interesting phenomenon. Think I might research it for a story. Thanks for the idea!

    LOL. I didn’t pick you as a Coronation Street watcher. Oh, that tickles me. Too funny.

    Go for it with all your crafty stiff while the urge is on you. I hope you sell heaps!

    Hi KAREN:
    WOW. That is incredible about the storm. How freaky. Glad you were OK. I am hoping that if another storm comes along it will pick up both the houses of my neighbours and land on them a la the Wicked Witch of the East. I wouldn’t mind that at all *evil snigger*

    I know someone who was hit by lightning twice. It’s a ranger friend of mine who works in the National Park. He wasn’t hurt too badly but interestingly enough feels a little zing when he turns on light switches and stuff. I am intrigued by how much energy must be in his body. Wow. There’s another story idea!


  11. Wow! And here’s me moaning about a couple of days’ drizzle in the so-called ‘Sunshine State’. But, it turned out quite nice for our visits to Rainbow Beach and the Gold Coast.

    As for the glass — words fail me! Surely, the thing to do is shovel it into a stout cardboard box or something, seal it up, write GLASS all over it and take it down the dump.

    If you just put it into the dustbin, and one of the Refuse Disposal Operatives cuts himself on it, you’ve really got grief!


    The glass has caused a lot of problems. They are being true to type though. Remember all that oil that was dumped in the laneway a while back? Well, they were the ones who dumped it. The EPA fined them, apparently, but it still hasn’t stopped them. Some people really don’t give a hoot about anyone else.

    They play it on cable TV here. I must admit I don’t watch it but I know the characters through my Mum. I am an Eastenders fan. I have watched that show for over 20 years. It’s still good!


  13. Oh it’s true – storms do transmit some sort of electricity – I can always feel it. It seems as though that storm sent the electrical currents in your neighbourhood right out of whack!


  14. Hi JENNIFER:
    It was a really weird kind of energy. Very strange. Glad things have returned to normal now!

    You are so right. We try but it just isn’t possible!


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