Why Writers Need To Read

You can find me over at A Novel Place today talking about writers and reading.

Did you know a lot of people studying writing don’t read any fiction at all?

That’s shocking to me.

I talk about that over there.

I also talk a bit about The Catcher In The Rye because sometimes I like to pretend I’m a bit literary.


Hope to see you there.

3 thoughts on “Why Writers Need To Read

  1. I’ll be over in a bit. Love that you’re doing a writing blog. I am not a very good blogging friend right now… or blogger. Bah – life. Keep moving forward, right? 🙂




    Hi AINE:
    I have been a bit slapdash with my blogging too. Time just slips away from me. We’ll get there in the end – don’t worry!


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