Just Like The Good Old Days

I don’t know if barf has the same meaning in other countries as it does in Australia, but here it means to puke your guts out – usually after too much booze or a dodgy chicken curry.

When I was at Sydney University today (taking in the paperwork for my Master’s Degree next year. Yes, I am insane….) I noticed this street sign. I thought it was a highly appropriate street name for a university campus considering all the barfing I did when I was a student.

I asked a random student if there was still as much barfing going on as there was in my day and he concurred. He waxed lyrical about his love for cider and cheap cask wine, admitting, however, that the consumption of either (or both) often resulted in the aforementioned barfing.

Good to know things haven’t changed then.

18 thoughts on “Just Like The Good Old Days

  1. LOLLLLLL! πŸ˜‰ In Canada there is a lot of barfing going on too.

    Oh, how thrilling you are going for your next degree, I’m so happy and so proud for you Sel.

    Hugs my friend, G


  2. Well, let’s see: There’s
    1. Chundering
    2. Producing a Technicolor Yawn
    3. Calling Hughie on the Big White Telephone
    4. Recycling your Breakfast

    So, why do you need to import Americanisms? πŸ˜€

    I like the 17th Century expression ‘S**tting Through Your Teeth’


  3. Barfing is all around the world, although it’s a word less used here in India. But yeah,we drink ourselves silly and then barf all over town.


  4. Hi,
    I also must send my Congrats on going for your masters, good on you.
    I wonder who come up with the idea for the name, 10 out 10 for that one.


  5. selma, you make me laugh again ha ha, “aforementioned barfing” got me to laugh out loud. wonderful stuff you are doing too with the masters, congrats on that, and as a returning university student you will be able to witness the barffiology of undergrads as compared with grad students which i predict may be quite different ie some things do change πŸ™‚


  6. Your tales of Barf made me Larf!

    Barff road. I wonder if it and ‘barfing’ were named after the same person.
    Verily, I envisage a ye olde scene from yore whereupons the portly Lord of Barff , in the resplendent dining hall of his stately Manor, dines with the Earl of Sandwich, John Crapper, and General Joseph Hooker. And then, as befits his name, the Lord begins to barff ala Mr Creosote *

    Best of luck with the Master’s degree I’d like to hear more about your it. Was there much of a gap (time wise) between this and your undergrad degree?

    *Mr Creosote – Monty Python reference (Meaning of Life)


  7. Hi RACHEL:
    I like the extra ‘f’. Very classy πŸ˜†

    Barfing – one of the universal experiences. Hahaha.

    I’m mad to be doing a Master’s at my age but I would like to teach at tertiary level and having a Master’s is the only way I can get a job in that area. The course outline looks so challenging. But I am doing a film option, so I am very excited about that. It’ll be hard work but worth it in the end (I hope.)

    Those 17th century wits really had a flair for language, didn’t they? That is gross. Funny, but gross.

    I do like chunder. It is a very Australian expression that really fits the bill. One of my favourites.

    Hi CATHY:
    Oh, absolutely. It’s just too funny!

    That extra ‘f’ is hilarious. There is something very olde worlde about it!

    Hi ROSHAN:
    Hahaha. The all over town part cracked me up!


  8. Hi AINE:
    Oh, me too. Such fun!

    Hi LAURI:
    Haha. I am a little nervous about studying after 20 years. Hopefully, my old brain will handle it!

    Hi MAGS:
    Thanks so much.

    I’ll research the name. Poor Mr. Barff is probably some great scientist or other academic who did wonderful things and here I am making fun of him. I am bad.

    Hi BEAR:
    YOU’RE BACK!!!!! I’m so excited. How have ya been, mate? So good to see you. YAY.

    And yeah, students and dodgy chicken curry – I can’t see the connection, either….

    Hi TIPOTA:
    You make a very important and very funny point. I actually feel it is now my duty to set up a research study comparing the incidence of undergraduate barfing versus that of postgraduate barfing. It’s the least I can do. πŸ˜†

    Hi DAVID:
    Very funny. What would we do without our Monty Python references? Now I have Nick doing it. His friends don’t know what he’s talking about.

    I graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Education. It seems like a lifetime ago. I’ll be doing a Master of Arts majoring in English. My aim is to get a job in the university system. I majored in English and Education when I was doing my Bachelor’s and was accepted into a Master’s program a few years later but didn’t start due to illness. I haven’t finalised all my subjects yet but will let you know when I do. It is scary stuff. The great thing is I get a library card and get to use the fantastic Fisher Library. They say it is one of the largest libraries in the world. Awesome!


  9. Lurve this: “The great thing is I get a library card and get to use the fantastic Fisher Library.”
    last time around it would have been “I get to use the union bar!’

    That’s one reason lecturers so love mature age students.
    Congratulations… and thanks for comments.
    If you care to contact my e-mail, I would like to send you something re Abbott and refugees.


    Hahaha. How times change. It’s true, years ago I would have been more excited about the cheap beer than going to the library. But you should see the English texts they have in that library. Unbelievable. I am already drooling.

    I will email you shortly.


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