Messing About In Boats

Why I love Sundays in the park –

I enjoy seeing people messing about in boats.

12 thoughts on “Messing About In Boats

  1. Hi JINGLE:
    I do like watching boats. That must mean I’m a boatspotter!

    Hi TIPOTA:
    I know the song very well. Going off to listen to the song now!


  2. I love the pics!!! You must live pretty close to the harbor then! We have the old port here, which is about an hour away by public transportation… I was meaning to go there this summer but just never seemed to get around to it… If we end up having a warm day I may just take a trip there and take tons of pics!


  3. I am a beach person (landlocked waaaay to much of the time) being around water always makes me feel better, calmer. I understand your interest.

    hugs my friend, G 🙂


  4. Hi TBALL:
    I live close to one of the Harbour tributaries. Literally a 5 minute walk. It is awesome. There is so much to see. The park is right on the water. It is one of my favourite places to visit!

    Water really is incredibly soothing. I agree. I feel very focused after I visit the park. It is as if the water captures all the negative energy and flings it out to sea. I am always better afterwards. 😀

    Hi SUE:
    I am so glad to have transported you to the sea for a moment. I love it too. To live in a little cottage by the beach is one of my dreams!


  5. Great photos Selma! I love watching boats, but they are a mystery to me as far as operating one – in fact boaty type people are a mystery to me (though I have great respect for their talents). I got some good photos of some boats when Michael and I stayed near Dockside in Brisbane the other day – will blog them when downloaded.


    Old, wooden ones are the best. You don’t that many of them these days. I really want to get one. I’d go over to the Fish Markets in it. I think I need a license though. That seems crazy. It’s like a 5 minute trip.

    Hi MELEAH:
    So glad you liked ’em!!

    My hubby used to have a boat when I first met him. It was a speedboat and made me incredibly seasick. Too fast for my stomach. I like kayaking and rowing, though. It is a lot of fun. Sailing is hard, however. Getting the sails up is a feat and a half. And I will never in a million years master all the knots…


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